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Our client provides software that is used heavily on a daily basis by their clients to complete their core responsibilities and missions. With a strong historical track record of near 100% customer retention, they have built a strong reputation in their sector as an industry-leading solution provider. To meet the demands of the next chapter of their growth, they are seeking a multi-talented, highly motivated individual with a strong growth mindset who is ready for big responsibilities. This candidate will report directly to the CEO in a pivotal role for the next stage of growth at their company. This is a high impact role with tremendous potential for professional growth as their company scales.

• Highly intelligent, analytically driven, and quick learner – our SaaS solutions support a highly complex web of business processes and logic across a matrix of stakeholders. The candidate must be able to quickly learn the business workflow and constraints that different user types operate under. Precision and attention-to-detail are key as different words may imply very different business processes for end users.

• Technically savvy – Bachelor of Science, Computer Science or Engineering backgrounds preferred. Implementation of our software solutions often involve custom integrations and developments that require a base level of technical knowledge. This requirement can be met with sufficient hands-on experience or exposure to technical implementation / development.

• Highly adaptable problem solver – as a growing company, we are often faced with new problems for the first time. This candidate will be a key driver in solving new interesting problems, and calls for an appetite that relishes jumping in with sleeves rolled up

• Highly efficient, time-line driven and good at juggling multiple priorities – Given the range of different responsibilities and customer projects at any given time, the candidate must able to prioritize their time effectively, and execute with high efficiency and quality

• Must have: minimum 5 years of work experience in enterprise SaaS as a sales engineer / implementation lead / sales lead / customer success lead. The ideal candidate will have functional experience in one or several of the following areas: Sales / Sales Engineer / Implementation / Business Development / Product / Technology Consultant

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