Salon harnesses the power of the earth

Carissa Vaughn, owner of Selphi Eco Salon in Jacksonville Beach has always been passionate about the environment, but has now taken her passion to new heights with her new eco-friendly hair salon.

The salon, located at 524 Third St. Table d gaskets on the second floor above Organic Aroma, is entirely powered by solar power and the hair products are all eco-friendly.

Vaughn has a portable solar panel across the balcony which harnesses power from the sun to power her salon. Gaz 67 sprzedam The panel generates enough power throughout the day to sell back to the power company so the salon gets a power credit to use if they are working at night.

She went to One Spark and met a local inventor, Wyatt Sanders, CEO of InSite Energy, who invented portable solar panels that come in various styles.

He created a banner for the salon to harness solar power. Tortugas ninjas Total cost was $3,000. 4 gas giants The panel is plugged into a micro-inverter box that turns solar energy into electricity. Eur j gastroenterology hepatology impact factor Selphi Salon feeds off of that energy.

In addition to using solar power, they have completely eliminated all plastics and vinyl in the shop and the shop was built out with reclaimed and recycled products.

“Donovan Heating and Air donated their old pallets, so we ripped them apart and used them in the salon. Gas you up The cedar on our walls were actually scraps,” said Vaughn. Electricity in india travel “We use biodegradable towels so we eliminate our water waste by washing and reusing the towels. Electricity and magnetism worksheets high school We recycle everything including hair clippings and color so it doesn’t get washed down the drain.”

Because they are selective with their hair salon products they use an organic line provided by Surface to help the environment. Hp gas online booking mobile number Surface incorporates sustainably harvested ingredients and certified organic botanicals in all their products. Gas prices going up in nj They also use L’Oreal’s Inoa line, which is ammonia-free, for color.

“We want our clients to know this is a safe place to let your hair down and relax,” said Vaughn. Electricity for kids “We wanted to create a workplace and environment dedicated to the empowerment of all women and men alike.”

Selphi Eco Salon is a full-service hair salon offering blowouts, highlighting, hair gloss, haircuts, full hair color and waxing. 4 gas laws Their prices are competitive with other salons and they have a referral program where both the customer and the person referred save money.

“I like the fact that Carissa is concerned about your carbon footprint and the fact that natural products are better for your hair and skin,” said Venner. Gas zone edenvale “My hair is very difficult to color and the natural products just seem to jive with my hair better. Gas 76 My hair used to fall out with the chemical products, but not anymore.”

Vaughn currently has one other stylist, Alexis Collins, and a receptionist, Reilee Meyer, but she is looking to add to her staff. Electricity quizlet She also would like to franchise Selphi Eco Salon to help other stylists who would like to continue her passion.

The name, Selphi Eco Salon, started out as Selphi Sustained Salon, but she didn’t think people would understand what self-sustained meant, so she kept the Selphi part to play off of the Selfie craze and added Eco to the name.

“The movement behind this place is to love yourself,” said Vaughn. 1 electricity unit is equal to how many kwh “We promote great energy here. Electricity 220 volts wiring We don’t have gossip magazines here. J gastroenterology impact factor We have a lot of inspiring books instead. 7 gas station We just tried to get negative connotations off of selfies. Gas dryer vs electric dryer We love women who want to take selfies.”

Before opening her salon, Vaughn worked at a salon in Ponte Vedra. Gsa 2016 catalog Then she started renting chairs in various salons so she could move toward being more eco-friendly.

“I’ve always had this huge passion for the environment and environmental awareness,” said Vaughn. Gas in dogs “Getting into the salon industry was a little disheartening to know that if I am going follow a passion of mine, I was going to have to give up what I morally believe. Gas out game rules Many salons are so wasteful and they don’t recycle at all. Gas x strips instructions I went to booth renting where I could recycle all of my color tubes, boxes and carry a product line I believed in.”

Vaughn started her salon in the hopes of changing the whole salon industry to realize they can give great service to their customers, but still be environmentally friendly.

“I want to change that and show people that it can be done and this is how I did it,” said Vaughn. La gasolina reggaeton explosion “If every salon just did one small thing, it would help.”

Though some may feel the all organic products may not work as well, Vaughn said her products offer rich color that lasts until her client’s next appointment. Electricity production in india Their lightener is made from natural products instead of bleach or propylene glycol.

“So why wouldn’t you use something that comes from the earth to go into something that goes back to the earth?” said Vaughn. Wd gaster x reader “Why would you put chemicals in it when there are so many resources from the planet that work as well or better?”

She said women and men don’t have to re-manipulate the pH or the bonds of their hair to get the effect they want. Electricity word search ks2 Natural products put in only what you need without all of the chemicals.

“We ask the community to nominate someone who is a doer or a giver in their smaller community” said Vaughn. Electricity labs for middle school “We want someone that is inspirational or that goes out of their way every day for people. Gas x coupon 2015 We have them post a comment on Facebook as to why that person is worthy and we bring them in for a full makeover.”

They give 10 percent of their retail profit to the World Vision Children Relief Fund and are sponsoring over 55 children through that organization.