Samsung, apple back in court here’s what at stake gas up yr hearse


Samsung attorney John Quinn held up components to the jury, emphasizing that each was its own article of manufacture and that there are "hundreds of articles of manufacture inside a phone". The retrial of this patent violation has begun and Apple has demanded $1 billion in damages from its rival.

After a round of appeals, Koh lopped $405 million off the jury’s original damages award, ordering Samsung to pay up to the tune of $548 million. Morrison & Foerster partner Harold McElhinny, who once played the leading role for Apple, has retired and partner Rachel Krevans, who also represented the Cupertino, California-based company died a year ago.

Apple released the iPhone 4 eight years ago in 2010. Specifically, Apple’s rounded cornered phone design, the rim of the front face, and the grid view icons at the front are the main copied designs! Apple told jurors that Samsung should hand over all the profit it made on four devices that were heavily inspired by the iPhone. "They were trying to rip off part of the iconic nature and say, ‘We’re cool, too, ‘" he said.

According to the BBC, retrial judge Lucy Koh has said she intends to apply a "Groundhog Day" rule, whereby through referencing the 1993 movie, she will restrict the two companies to only presenting new evidence rather than regurgitating previous evidence.

The seven-year-long patent infringement battle Apple v. Samsung kicked off it’s third trial Tuesday morning in San Jose, with opening statements from lawyers on both sides of the seemingly never-ending dispute. Apple originally sought $2.75 billion in damages.

The U.S. Supreme Court, which took up the Apple-Samsung patent fight in 2016 after a series of appeals, ruled on a narrow aspect of the case by finding juries and judges can look at discrete articles of manufacture, or components of a product, when assessing damages.

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