San francisco public utilities commission project review committee gas 85 octane


All proposed projects and activities on SFPUC lands must be reviewed by the SFPUC to determine whether a proposal is compatible with SFPUC adopted plans and policies prior to obtaining written authorization from the SFPUC. gas in michigan The Project Review Committee (Committee) reviews proposals that involve any type of disturbance to the existing environment, including, but not limited to: construction or construction staging; digging or earth moving; clearing; installation; the use of hazardous materials; vegetation management; any other disturbance to SFPUC lands; or the issuance of a new or revised authorization document (lease, license, consent letter or permit) for a proposed new use or change to an existing use on SFPUC lands.

During Project Review, the Committee may require modifications to the proposal and/or require implementation of avoidance and minimization measures to reduce negative impacts and to ensure that the proposal conforms to applicable plans and policies. Therefore, it is important to schedule projects for review at the earliest opportunity to address any potential project issues. electricity journal Project Review Committee meeting agendas fill quickly and wait times for the next available meeting can be up to 2 months during seasonal peaks (ex. Projects within a dry creek bed in the summer; or vegetation management outside of bird nesting season).

To initiate the Project Review process, please download a copy of the current Project Review application PDF from the link below. gas in oil causes Once the application PDF is completed, digitally sign and save your edited application and email it, along with supporting attachments (project description, maps, drawings and/or plans), to one of the following Project Review Coordinators:

Completed applications with required attachments are scheduled in the order they are received for the next available Project Review Committee meeting date. To ensure your project proceeds on time, please provide detailed and complete information. After submitting the application and/or participating in the Project Review Committee meeting, you may need to submit additional documents and obtain multi-departmental approvals prior to written authorization. electricity word search puzzle SFPUC staff will guide your proposal through the review and authorization process. gas kansas Please note that obtaining approval of a lease or license agreement may take several months and require Commission or Board of Supervisors approval. Please plan your project accordingly.

If your project is located near SFPUC infrastructure, please click on the SFPUC-WSTD Land Engineering link below to receive information about requesting SFPUC pipeline drawings or about requesting authorization to pothole SFPUC pipelines. gas pump heaven Once you obtain the SFPUC infrastructure drawings and you pothole the SFPUC pipelines, please incorporate the SFPUC infrastructure drawings (including the SFPUC property boundary, pipelines and appurtenances) and potholing data into your construction drawings or plan set to show the proposed project or activity relative to SFPUC property and infrastructure. Then submit your revised plans to the appropriate Project Review Coordinator above.