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I’ll come back and amend this if there are errors, but what 3 gases that cause global warming I think Ashlee said ws that the PICC line was in, in his right bicep, the IV was taken out of his neck (the one that had the cooling loop that’s no long needed, and three blood pressure assists). the IV that was in his right forearm is out. One of the two in his left hand/wrist is gone. So I think his remaining tubes are feeding (to stomach), breathing/ventilator (also down his throat), the new PICC line, and one in his wrist maybe. And a catheter for urine. He’s much less wired up now.

I’ve been here for a couple of hours. Things are mostly calm. I have one more tube to report—femoral artery, for checking blood pressure, and it’s there in case they need to run something into the heart (I think). A sheath line (?? Yes the sheath, but I don’t know what else went with that term). There was another such thing they removed, but I don’t remember the name, and had ever known it was there. I can’t keep up with it all, but other than letting the rest of you know, and recording it to show Keith later, I don’t guess I (personally) need to know.

This morning I’m a little bummed, but that’s benign. It’s the most wan of the emotions of the week. But I’ve expressed myself as politely as I could, and I cried for the first time, and that’s because it looked to me like the respitory gas x dosage for dogs therapist had made a mistake. Maybe he did and maybe he didn’t, but by then I was already past my original calm. I was asking questions about how he would ever wake up if every time he showed agitation (or strength—he can’t help that), they gave him more fentanyl. I was asked if I wanted to talk to a chaplain. I said I had already talked to four of them, but I didn’t know how they could help with this. (–this being the question about how many times they would let be BARELY coming out of anesthesia, and then put him back).

I asked someone else (Jason, a nurse I like, who’s not assigned here today) whether they couldn’t restrain his electricity trading hubs head. At that moment, I was thinking that if some of his strong and knowledgeable and calming friends could hold him and talk to him while he was waking up, they wouldn’t need the fentanyl. If Katherine Moseley and Wendy Neathery-Wise and Bela and Jeff-Artan were all here at the same time, they could hold him until he was awake enough to know where he was and that if he was still he would get some tube removal. But these people don’t know him well enough. And when Dr. Harkins (a very nice woman) said that she had opened his eye, and she showed how, with her hand, and he was agitated, I got big eyes and said he can’t stand to have his eyes touched. He had to change majors from theatre because he couldn’t put eye makeup on himself (nor let anyone else do it). That’s minor, but would TOTALLY add to agitation.

Because Keith’s back hurts electricity and magnetism worksheets high school so much, he’s been medicated so he could relax and sleep. Fetanyl and Precedex in constant IV, and Toradol (the brand name or type of Ketorolac) injected into some line or other occasionally. There is Abilify and Gabepentin, too (delivered in the feeding tube) since Saturday night (last night). He has gabepentin at home, prescribed by the pain clinic that gives him steroid shots a time or two a year, and he has taken them before, but doesn’t like tonormally. They’ve ordered some Oxycodone to try as they wean physics c electricity and magnetism him off of IV painkillers (or while they’re considering trying to do that), and there’s talk of getting physical therapists to get him up, but it might not be today.

There will be some attempt later this morning to turn down the Precedex (anti-anxiety) so he might clear his head a bit, and maybe communicate again as he did yesterday. They might turn everything down, gradually, today, and try to put him on oral Oxycodone and Tylenol (through the feeding tube). Abilify it to help him come off the Precedex,and Oxycodone will help him come off the Fetanyl (says Eric, today’s nurse).

When he wakes up he makes wookie noise and wiggles to be rearranged. He’s making more human sounds now—some aren’t words, sometimes there is something, just a word or two. I asked if he wanted the oxygen mask off, and he said yes. The elastic ws tangled up in his (tangled up) hair, and was pulling when he moved gas vs electric water heater savings. So now he has the nasal cannula (thanks, Ashlee).

I took a nap, and woke up to hear Bela talking to Keith, and Keith asked Bela if his back was broken. So not only he’s talking better, but Bela managed to help him know what’s going on, and talked about the broken ribs a bit and breathing, and Keith asked if his lung was punctured. He had asked about his legs, too. I don’t think he’s talked about his heart yet.

Same as last night. He’s mostly awake, muttering, can talk but not perfectly clearly, usually. Drugs and disorientation, I think. Some of the things he says k electric jobs 2015 sound like he’s dreaming. He was moving his mouth but not really vocalizing, and I asked him what he was saying. The piles are getting deep, I need to figure this out. A very Keith thing. I told him everything was okay, that things would be fine. He seemed to be asleep, though.

I just asked Dr. Ling, who is the… I don’t know. One of the teaching doctors. He’s the fellow. (I asked.) So attending physicians are here for a week (last week, Dr. Harkins, and starting today Dr. Vasquez from Barcelona whose accent will be hard to understand, they said. On rounds, he only said one thing, and Dr. Ling did most of the talking), and fellows are here for a month. He said it’s confusing even when you’re in it.

He’s in and out of sleep, and mutters to himself and mostly stares up into the corner where the TV is not. The TV is on a long nature thing, of water, mountains, soothing music. He watched it a while, and told Kirby that water was crashing down. Just now, though, he was looking up into the corner with interest. I asked him if he could see me and he said yes, but he wasn’t looking at me. I asked him to look at me and he looked. Then he looked back up into the corner. He said something else about bubbles. I asked if the bubbles were up there, and he said yes. I asked gas x strips review if here were two of them (wondering if it was the after-image of something, and he said four. Four bubbles. What color? Yellow and brown.