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Sang was summoned by Quain’tana along with the other devesses in preparation for the coming war with the Sharen clan. When she learned of Quain’tana’s new heir, she showed curiosity regarding how such a thing could be possible, as the Ill’haress was known to be barren. electricity deregulation map Sang appeared to be supportive of the news, asking Quain if she had been healed of her old wound. The conversation was halted by the sudden appearance of Syphile at the foot of the stairs, beaten and bloody, and presumably after being defeated by Quain’s new heir Ariel.

Sang commanded a large number of troops in the assault on the Vel’Sharen slaver district, including Ariel Val’Sarghress and the scattered homeguard volunteers that joined her. Under her leadership, Ariel was put in charge of a risky volunteer mission to sabotage the Vel’Sharen defenses. The district was successfully taken and the slave army was absorbed into the ranks of the Sarghress.

Sang again joined the devesses as they strategized how to respond to Zala’ess Vel’Sharen’s offer of an alliance. She remained mostly silent during the debate; after the other devesses had given their opinions, she advised Quain’tana to make the call, and that they would follow her lead. [2] The meeting was soon interrupted by the invasion of the Demon God and numerous nether demons.

At Quain’tana’s order, Sang was given command of two hundred Home Guard troops in order to assault Snadhya’rune’s personal tower in Chel. Sil’lice, Nishi’kanta and the remaining members of Sil’lice’s bloodline accompanied them, hoping to eliminate the First Daughter once and for all. The assault on the tower quickly turned into a trap, however, as a portion of the building was discovered to be a gigantic glutton demon. While Snadhya’rune herself was absent from the building, there were several of her close followers present, including Quain’tana’s eldest daughter Mel’arnach.

Along with Mel’arnach, the Sul trio of Mae’rali, Sae’rali and Bae’rali were present. electricity storage cost per kwh The sisters used their empathy to lock the Sarghress troops into a massive illusion, disorienting them as a nether gate opened and a large armor golem joined the fight. Sang was among the drow able to throw off the illusion with some help from the Sarghress’ own empaths, and ordered Kadara Val’Sharen to locate the summoner. electricity word search answer key As Sil’lice led a small team to find and stop the empaths, Sang took on the massive golem by herself to buy time while her troops recovered.

The next day, Sang was notified of Laele’elle’s escape from her quarters. Summoning Ariel to assist her, she took Ariel’s suggestions about Laele’s behavior, and then told her that her current duty was to remain close to the commander’s side and assist her. After leading her to the Nizzre barracks, Sang began to question Ariel, hoping to find out what her intentions were should Quain’tana fall, and whether or not she would try to follow in the Ill’haress’ footsteps. She then recounted her experiences as a prisoner of the Sharen, as well as the previous attempt on Quain’tana’s life by Empress Diva’ratrika. When Ariel questioned her about the strange conversation, Sang admitted to her that she and the rest of Quain’tana’s bloodline were in danger, as the healers had told her that Quain’tana would die within several days. In order to secure the Ill’haress’ bloodline, Ariel and the heirs were to be brought to their current location to be kept safe from an unspecified enemy. [4]

Commander Sang’s legion and the Fallen Legion were tasked with hunting down traitors to the Alliance – specifically, Ariel and the Machike remnants, following the failed attempt by the Feldian Nidraa’chal to subdue them. electricity word search printable The order for Sang’s legion had been given far in advance however, as scouts were sent to track the stolen airship’s movement across the Rim colonies. It became known that Ariel’s rebels would land in the Kyorl’solenurn colony Shikomei, and the Legion troops moved into position. Sang and her son Kor’maril themselves appeared in the colony, behind the wolf vanguard [6].

As the colonists and Ariel’s followers began their retreat towards the commandeered airship, Sang ordered the Sarghress artillery forces to fire on the vessel. The renegades managed to break their anchor, and lifted off for a hasty escape; in order to bait them into returning, the commander ordered her troops to round up the remaining colonists who hadn’t managed to escape and bring them forward, along with their cannons. [7] Unexpectedly, the airship turned, however, and began to fire on the legions despite the presence of the colonist hostages, destroying the colony before flying away.

Continuing their pursuit of the renegades, Sang and her troops marched to the underworld city of Felde, arriving to find the city under attack. To the Legion’s surprise, instead of being received as fellow members of the Alliance, the Feldian defenders turned their artillery cannons on the approaching vanguard, destroying the bridge that would allow them entrance to the city. [8] Confused by the hostile welcome, Sang and her officers confronted Adira, the Felde City Watch Commander, ordering them to stop firing at their allies.

The commanders quickly discussed the situation, and were able to de-escalate the attack on Sang’s forces once it was realized that the assault was a ploy to turn the allies against each other. Taking charge of the situation, the Sarghress commander called out to Ariel and her allies, ordering all Sarghress to report to the beach, or be considered a traitor – the penalty for disobeying would be death. [9]

When the rogue forces refused to leave the embattled central tower, a bridge crossing the lake was rebuilt, allowing the Sarghress legions access to continue their pursuit. gas dryer vs electric dryer hookups Sang personally led the Legion to battle against Kel’noz and the rebel forces, luring them into a pincer by pushing the enemy through the tower’s main hall and into a trap. Sang offered them one last chance to surrender, and informed Kel’noz that if only he had kept in contact with the clan, they wouldn’t have been in the situation. If he and Ariel stayed in Chel, the clan wouldn’t be forced to hunt them down. g gas lol Koil’dorath was dead, and Sang was all that was left to lead the clan into a new era, utterly free of Vals [10].

Mablevi attacks Kel’noz once more–with Sang declaring the end of the Val’Sarghress line–though is only stopped by Kyo’nne’s spellsong compelling everyone to turn and consider her words. She questioned why clan attacked their own, and the breakdown of unity that led to them; the Commander is unmoved by the sentiment. Kyo’nne once more used her spellsong to suddenly declare that Kel’noz challenged Sang for control of the clan–while Sang couldn’t believe the ridiculousness, some of the Sarghress warriors looked upon her expectedly. Mablevi encouraged her to accept, because it was what was expected in clan tradition– Myo’na and Jiv’kyn explained that it was what the people expected, and that Quain’tana never turn down

Sang accepted, but before they could engage, the airship exploded. Part of the tower came down on everyone, and Kel’noz used the opportunity to retreat to more favorable ground. Sang taunted him as she followed; his earth sorcery not enough to slow her strikes. [12] Her metal manipulation struck the several times–until, demons began to flow into the balcony they stood on. electricity billy elliot karaoke with lyrics One flew into her right arm, disabling the mana that controlled the prosthetic, but Sang did not relent in her attacks. Kel’noz’s wounded reopened as he fought, and as gravely injured as he was, Sang could not keep up with the demons eating away at her mana.

Her call for sealers went unanswered due to her opponent blocking the exit with more earth sorcery. Sang became anxious to finish him off, but her time was too short–even more demons swarmed the area. Kel’noz had thrown his last foci at the Commander, guiding the nether beings to drain and infest Sang into a crippling position. [13] As she struggled, Sang cursed the man, asking how he would lead the clan who so hated the Val clans. For she too had sought revenge against the Sharen for what they did to her.

"Let me tell you a story. Of what would happen to those who were taken prisoner by the Sharen, back before you were born. m gasol They would cut you into pieces, limb by limb. Once you gave htem the information they wanted, they would send your dismembered body back home. Then your family would have the horrible duty of finishing you off, most of the time. See, this is about sending a message to those who would rebel. And if you refused to provide intel, well, let’s just say there is one more body part they can cut…slowly." – To Ariel, telling the younger drow about her experiences as a Sharen prisoner. [14] Character Concept