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You can find a copy of a letter that I wrote and mailed to the CEO of Duke Energy posted on this website by typing the words DUKE ENERGY into the search space on the top right of the home page of this website. The article is titled: ” A Cordial Letter To Duke Energy Corporation.” Click go after typing in the key words and the article will appear.

And indeed it was a very cordial letter which pointed out to Duke Energy that tree branches, tree limbs, vines, and other vegetation had grown over my fence from their property. As a mild mannered and gentle hearted individual, I pointed out to Ms. Lynn Good, CEO that this situation should be completely resolved by July 26, 2017. This was more than fair, from my view, since I wrote the letter one month earlier on June 26, 2017. Additionally, I added: ” In a few instances when a cordial approach was rejected, I have never hesitated to employ a forceful legal approach.”

I was greeted ever so kindly and Ms. Good “kicked” my letter down the bureaucracy of Duke Energy until it finally ended up with a person called an ” herbal specialist.” But along the way, I politely pointed out to Duke that their deadline was July 26, 2017. On July 27, 2017, I called Duke Energy again and stated that their time was up and they had not kept their promise to resolve this minor matter. Sorry Duke Energy said, we are going to have to put this off due to other problems. ” You are sure this is what you want to do? ” I said. “Yes” Duke replied.

So I picked up my phone and contacted the Florida Public Service Commission. For those of you who do not know, the PSC is a public commission that regulates all monopolistic utilities in the State Of Florida. I asked and received a copy of all of Duke Energy’s proposals that were scheduled for a vote before the PSC. Then I called back Duke Energy and politely told them that since they were too busy to cut some vines and tree limbs from their property that were growing into my yard, I must assume that these eleven projects that were pending before the PSC should be denied. I even told them that I planned to send each PSC Commissioner a certified letter stating my reasons for requesting a denial of each of their projects.

Now today, in 2018, I have been informed that Duke Energy wishes to construct a Solar Farm in the natural forest behind my house. electricity magnetism After I attended a meeting with Duke Energy at the DeBary City Hall, I requested that Jeff Hart, the representative that I worked with contact me by phone about all future meetings regarding the Solar Farm. Of course he did not do this. At a December 5, 2018, meeting in DeBary City Hall, I spoke with Mr. Justin LaRoche. LaRoche seems to have a Pecksniffian, arrogant, and supercilious attitude and wanted to apologize to me. I do not want an apology, but if I meet with LaRoche, I would like an explanation of why the bureaucracy of Duke Energy simply could not contact me as I requested since they have my phone number. If Duke Energy is not competent to make a simple phone call and leave a voice mail, why would I trust them to build a solar farm behind my house?

Also, any residents in DeBary who wish to contact Ms. Lynn Good in Charlotte, NC, can reach her at 704-594-6200. Her address is at the top of my article in case you would like to place your concerns in writing. Justin LaRoche has a cell listed as 704-564-6747. Give both a call and let me know if you are treated with anything other than the greatest respect.

R. Van Conoley ( In my view, Duke Energy has done a very poor job of maintaining their forest. There are a number of dead trees that should have been removed. Also, Duke has both a moral and legal obligation to remove some underbrush to prevent fires in the dry season. I also pointed this out to the Fire Chief of our joint Orange City-DeBary fire department. The Chief was kind enough to investigate the situation. gas news australia Having served on the DeBary City Council, I always tried to contact, on my time, individuals in DeBary whenever a project was before the Council that would effect them. Apparently not one individual on the DeBary Council took the time to contact any of the residents whose land has a common border with the forest. Being a responsible Council Member requires more than showing up at Council meetings. )

Joseph McCarthy ( 1908-1957 ) was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1946, and served in the Senate from 1947 until his death in 1957. The word ” McCarthyism ” was coined in 1950 to describe how Senator McCarthy was misusing his power as a U.S. Senator. With the end of World War II, Japan, Germany, and Italy and the horror of Nazism were no longer a threat to the U.S. However, the guns of World War II had barely cooled when the U.S. targeted a new enemy known as Communism. Suddenly our Russian ally in World War II became a new enemy for the U.S. to fear and fight if necessary.

McCarthy sincerely feared world Communism and believed that some Americans supported this doctrine. McCarthy often asked this question of individuals subpoenaed before a congressional committee: ” Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party? ” McCarthy’s anti-Communist activities were referred to as ” witch hunts.” Senator Margaret Chase Smith, without mentioning Senator McCarthy by name, delivered a ” Declaration of Conscience ” in 1950 which was designed to keep individuals in positions of power from using smear tactics to promote their views. Finally Senator McCarthy was censured by the U.S. Senate.

Today, Robert Mueller is the Special Counsel tasked with investigating and determining if the Russian Government interfered with the 2016 election. Mueller was appointed by Rod Rosenstein who was deputy Attorney General. It has become extremely apparent that Mueller and his seventeen associates have greatly abused their power and are targeting Donald Trump. The Mueller team has, in my view, greatly abused their power and have targeted and harassed a number of individuals mainly because they were associated with Donald Trump in some way. I believe that the Mueller Witch Hunt has become the greatest misuse of Federal Governmental power in my lifetime. It is far more vile and reprehensible than the McCarthy Witch Hunts. Armed with Hillary Clinton supporters and Donald Trump haters the Mueller investigation has become very political and extremely unjust. gas in babies at night In a Constitutional Republic like the U.S., the Mueller witch hunt has become a serious threat to our country.

Many Americans remain silent about the Mueller witch hunt out of fear that the Federal Government will attack them in some manner. Additionally, there are some prominent U.S. Citizens that dislike President Trump so much that they actively encourage the immoral actions of the Mueller investigations. Courage comes in many forms and all law abiding Americans, regardless of party affiliation, must take a strong stand against government abuse of Americans for political purposes.

Finally, there is a need for a fair and unbiased special counsel to justly and fairly investigate the activities of both political parties in the 2016 election. The U.S. has always avoided “secret trials. ” In recent years, our government has created a secret court known as the FISA Court. There are numerous allegations that one political party misused their power and brought false documents to the FISA Court to obtain warrants to tap phones and to spy on Americans for political purposes. If these allegations are true, Americans are now living in a police state where our citizens have lost their freedom and their liberty.

So in 2015, after serving a corrupt Obama, Hillary announced her candidacy for President in 2016. If Hillary had not used corrupt and even criminal tactics, Bernie Sanders would have won the nomination. But Hillary did indeed use the power of her husband, the wealth of the extremely corrupt Clinton Foundation, and the powerful connections of Obama to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders.

But Hillary was not going to make mistakes in 2016 and lose the election to Republican Donald Trump. Hence, Hillary with help from a group of Washington criminals and a corrupt mainstream press organized a group to destroy Donald Trump. Hillary and Obama criminalized the FBI and the U.S. la gasolina cancion Justice Department and with help from a corrupt mainstream media began to believe their own propaganda that Hillary would be the next president.

Greg Jarrett’s book titled: ” The Russia Hoax” made my blood run cold because it was extremely factual and not one sentence has ever been refuted. It was extremely well researched and extremely well written. This book exposes the illicit scheme to clear Hillary Clinton of criminal acts and shows how Donald Trump was framed. The criminalization of the U.S. Justice Department and the criminalization of the FBI by Clinton and Obama are extensively detailed.

As editor of this website, I have published numerous articles about the rampant public corruption of Broward County Florida. My wife and I, after our marriage, lived in Broward County for many years and I was able to observe firsthand the fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement, Nepotism, racism, and total corruption that characterized all aspects of Broward County government.

On November 6, 2018, Rick Scott won a statewide election for the U.S. Senate. However, Broward County once again did not complete the legal task of counting and reporting their election results as required by state law. Florida, the third largest state in the U.S. by population, has 67 Counties. Of the 67 counties, 65 complied with state law and reported the results as required. I expected Broward County to be non compliant, but now Palm Beach County has joined them.

Miriam Oliphant was elected Supervisor of Elections of Broward County and assumed office in January, 2001. Fraud, waste, and gross mismanagement characterized the Office. The abuse was so great that Governor Jeb Bush suspended her on November 3, 2003. Ms. Oliphant claimed that she was treated unfairly because she was Black and Jeb Bush was racist. Oliphant forgot to mention that she was not even able to open the polls on time in many districts and appointed many of her friends who were grossly unqualified among many other charges.

On November 6, 2018, I cast my vote for Rick Scott. Now Bill Nelson and a group of alleged Broward County crooks are attempting to steal the election from Rick Scott. gas zauberberg 1 Surprisingly, I hope the alleged Democrat crooks succeed in stealing the election. Rick Scott was Governor from 2011 through 2018. If Scott did not have the common sense to remove Snipes as Supervisor of Election for Broward after it was established that she destroyed ballots in a previous elections, then Scott does not have the brains nor the “balls” to be a U.S. Senator.

When will members of the Republican Party ever learn that Republican candidates must be as tough and as ruthless as the Nazi style Democrat thugs ? The Democrat crooks have clearly shown that they are totally corrupt, reprehensible, and violent political psychopaths of the worst sort. The Republicans must engage fully in the War started by the Democrat Nazis.

Finally, a word about Pam Bondi. Bondi is the Attorney General of Florida. Recently Bondi and her gentleman friend were driven out of a public restaurant by a loud, vulgar, and violent group of Democrat Nazis. Florida is a state that allows citizens the right to carry concealed guns if qualified. I would certainly think that the AG would have at least one concealed gun on her person. If Bondi had the courage to draw a gun, if in fear of her life which I believe she was, possibly she could have demanded that the thugs disperse. If the mob continued to move toward her in a threatening way and she had fear for her life, she would have been justified in shooting the terrorists to defend herself and others. However, Bondi was a wimp and she did not even file criminal charges against the thugs. I will never vote for Bondi for any public office ever again and I believe that President Trump has already had his share of incompetent Attorney Generals.

The Democrat terrorists will continue to break laws, threaten people, incite violence, and throw rocks and bricks at police officers while wearing masks at public events all in the incorrect name of free speech. Please refer to an article about Marshall Law that was published on this website on May 11, 2017. President Trump may have to declare Marshall Law in the U.S. to prevent an underground Civil War strongly encouraged by the fake news media.