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Among the Island’s swamp-based threats, Sarcosuchus excubitor is a lot like what you might expect from a giant crocodile: a patient killing machine. It spends much of its days lazily waiting in the water for prey to walk near. That said, it is not opposed to scurrying onto land and pressing the issue when hungry.

A good tactic for escaping many predators is to jump into the water, as most are slow swimmers. This is a bad tactic for escaping a Sarcosuchus, obviously, as they are actually faster in the water than they are on land. Whether in land or water, it utilizes a well-rounded arsenal of attacks to display its prowess as a hunter. If it desires to grab a predator and spin into a death roll, quickly lunge forward for a surprise attack, target a foe directly behind it, its able to do so with extreme ease.

Sarcosuchus excubitor is a highly aggressive species and will attack with its massive enlongated jaws, like most modern crocodiles. They lie perfectly still in their river habitats, seeking the perfect moment to ambush their unsuspecting prey. Occasionally, they will scurry onto land to kill prey (including humans.) While they lack the health of a Megalodon, they are quicker, have more stamina, and are capable of land-based locomotion. They’re always highly alert, and always immensely dangerous. They have also been known to jump on boats. They are excellent hunters due to their power and health that in packs can take on the famous Tyrannosaurus which makes them excellent guards as well.

Sarcosuchus are a very large species of crocodylomorph, exceeding lengths of forty five feet. They have massive skulls for their size, of which end in a large and bulbous nose, lined with spiky "teeth" and a small horn on each side of its nostrils. They are usually a greenish-brown color, and are covered in dark patches of black. As most modern crocodilians do, Sarcosuchus have spiky osteoderm-lined backs, serving as a defense against competing predators, not excluding other Sarcosuchus. They have long and powerful tails, useful for propelling themselves through the rivers they inhabit.

The Sarco lives in the water and in the swamps. Keep this in mind when maneuvering within these environments. If on land, simply avoid these areas. If the Sarco decides to attack it will have to clamber out of the water to get you. Make sure you are prepared to fend if off, or kill/tame it at this time.

Travel – Sarco can be easily one of the best scouts out there because of its maneuverability through land/water . In water it is fairly fast and doesn’t need any oxygen so its an easy way to cover far distances. Piranha flees if it sees a tamed Sarco swimming nearby, making it a useful aid to traverse on hostile sea environment. On land, it is an amazing climber, as it can go up most of the mountains in the game without problems (Level up in Movement Speed and Stamina).

Amphibious Mount – The Sarco can walk on land and swim very quickly in water. This is good for land-locked tribes who aren’t close to the water, but still want to reach the Ocean quickly, as the Island’s rivers can be used as "highways" with the Sarco. The rider should beware, however, that while the Sarco has decent health and damage-per-attack, its actual DPS is low because of poor attack speed, and its attacks have a poor area of effect, making it difficult to fight in the water (where most enemies will be slightly above or below you); it’s also very difficult to engage aerial targets, so the Sarco rider should use extreme caution when considering combat and care when engaging in it; always make certain there is an avenue of retreat available. (Level up in Health and Melee Damage). Note: it is possible to use weapons while mounted on the Sarco.

Diver – Sarco is one of the best divers due to its quick rising to the surface and diving; It also doesn’t surface when dismounting underwater, even if it’s not set to follow you. Though, beware of the creatures of the deep as the Sarco isn’t recommended for fighting them but can easily outrun them. Bring along an opposite gender Sarco along for a mate boost to make killing Megalodons and taking more hits easy from deep sea creatures. If you are taming something near an underwater cave, you can put your Sarco in the cave too (Level Health, Melee Damage, and Stamina).

• Due to its frontal attack and lack of turning speed the ‘Sarco’ finds it hard to fight back against the creatures of the deep. It is recommended when deep sea diving to take an escort such as a following megalodon or fellow sarco to help defend yourself against attackers.

• Sarcosuchus imperator (the real world equivalent of S. excubitor) had a more gracile snout, and smaller teeth than other crocodilians comparable in size, suggesting that it lived on a diet largely composed of fish, and other aquatic creatures. [2]