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Write for oneself. The only audience you are obligated to please is yourself. Do not think about the pleas or request of others. If yourself find no emotion or excitement of those words you wrote, how can you expect others to feel what you did not? Write something that’s fun write something that you enjoy. Grammar, Punctuation, story structure. those are all afterthoughts. As long as you can be proud of that work you created, its a good story.

Well, I’m a primarily To Aru fic writer. Don’t know if ill ever dabble into other cannons but I’m comfortable where I am right now. If I read something, I’ll review it. Giving a writer feedback is good and motivates them to write more. Point out something good they did, or maybe something that seemed out of place. Even if you don’t write yourself it’s good to know where we stand in relation to or readers. I’ll put more here when I think of more relevant info to put.

I also love to support my fellow writers! I’m not the best myself but if you want me to give an opinion on something I’ll be glad to leave a review. Don’t get discouraged because you didn’t get a lot of reviews. Keep writing. Eventually someone is bound to take notice of your genius and creativity!(At least that what I keep telling myself)

Understandably so since I made it primarily to bring some focus on an underused character(In my personal opinion) I thought some constant and slight changes would be sufficient enough to make up for it but then I realized It might be an issue for someone to go back and read a previous chapter just for an extra paragraph or two of dialogue and interactions. So EVENTUALLY I’m going to take down A Certain Unexplainable Gemstone, rewrite it, and post all the chapters to the conclusion of the Blood Night arc and beginning of the BRUTUS arc.

I love humorous stories and original ideas! OC stories are good for me as long as the OC doesn’t curbstomb everything! I like action/adventure and the building of characters and relationships! Not much of a Horror, tragedy, Angst, Hurt/Comfort kind of guy… I usually end up sulking or crying(Or both) As a twenty-something year old male, it’s slightly embarrassing. Gore is no problem for me, though I haven’t read a gory story before but it can’t be any worse than movies. I can’t make a good romance story even if my life depended on it! Like to read some as long as the romance is progressive and not the driving force of the story(VERY few exceptions)

(ONGOING) A Certain Unexplainable Gemstone – My first Fanfic and currently my most successful. My main reason for joining Fanfiction in the first place was because I wanted to read a good Gunha fic. I soon realized that there were few and still had that urge to read more about him. So I created my own Fic! It’s not the best, but I’m very proud of this work since I put a lot of effort into it! With some good reviews and some great feedback, I’ll continue to make chapters so others with a certain itch to read a Gutsy fic will have a cure!

(COMPLETED) The Rising Sun – My second fic that directly ties to my first one. What’s special about this one is that it’s OC focused with Gunha as a secondary character. It’s also my only 3rd person fic! I was inspired by Rev Theory along with the story The Fake Hero by D3vilNeverCry . Not much else to say.

(Cancelled/Dead) A Certain Ten Year Anniversary Celebration Why am I the only person who did this!? It’s probably the one crack story with great expectations! There’s so much promise with bringing the ToAru cast together! It’s not even a priority for me and it’s one of my more well received fics! What the hell guys? I even said don’t expect much, or even updates for that matter! It’s just a bunch of nonsense thrown together!… Chapter 8 is up.

(COMPLETED) A Certain Dark And White World -Yet another One-shot that will fade into the myriad of mediocre fanfics. It’s more of a general idea rather than a self-contained story. There’s no plot or character development or any of those silly things needed for a coherent story. It’s more of a what-if idea pertaining to a certain character within the ToAru verse that I would actually like to see more of. If you found me due to this, Surprise! This is the outlier and don’t expect any more brooding or dark themes from me again!

(COMPLETED) The Sun and The Flower- So this actually saw the light of day. Mostly due to how fun the other crack pairings were so I decided to put a foot in the waters that is romance. Not sure if you can call it romance but it is a one-shot. Which means I will never expand upon this idea… like ever.

(PLANNED) The Failure and The Apprentice- This one is going to be more of a pool of scrapped ideas and arcs that didn’t make it into Gemstone. Which means this will be another Gunha fic. When will I stop? When he becomes a relevant character in the series, that’s when I’ll stop! Not sure if it’s going to be a one-shot or not… We will see.

(PLANNED) The Original Seven- This time a series of one-shots! At this rate Gemstone will never be completed… Nonetheless I want to try using the Level 5s in a certain scenario. Not going into details here, you’ll have to wait until I post something about it!

Now for my stories! Click one if it catches your fancy, Or maybe you want to see what I like to read while I’m here? Favorite stories tab is there. Or maybe you want to look at the Authors that I follow for one reason or another? That’s here too!