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Satan is a young adult with long green hair, who true to his name has some demonic characteristics. He sports yellow horns that slightly curl outwards, pointy ears, a pair of bat-like wings that can retract, and red eyes. His general color scheme would use a dark blue, but starting with Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary it would change to a dark red, with the exception of Puyo Puyo Tetris where it returns to blue.

Satan, despite his name, is often portrayed as a hopeless lover and rarely evil. Throughout the series he tries many schemes to try and what are the 4 gas giants in the solar system fall in love with Arle, but it often backfires spectacularly. He boasts about his plans, even when it’s blatantly not working, but quickly falls apart gas zone edenvale once his plans fail. This often makes him act immature, even to the point where he acts childish with petty insults. Otherwise, he has low tolerance towards others, quickly getting agitated if mocked and likewise insults others with sarcastic or brutally honest comments. Despite this, he can make friends with others.

Rulue became loyal to Satan after meeting him at the end of Madou Monogatari ARS. She often sings his praises and wants to do whatever she can to become nearer with gas news australia Satan, though, he fears her cooking and at times, her physical prowess that rivals the power of magic. In issue 4 of the Tottemo! Puyo Puyo (とっても!ぷよぷよ) Manga, it seems they start hanging out more after he accidentally hurt her feelings. In Madou Monogatari Saturn, he is rather sensitive to her feelings when she starts doubting his innocence in if he were behind the Yoggus attacking their world. He ensures especially to her that it wasn’t him in this scene being that he enjoys their friendship with one another.

Satan first appears as the final boss in Madou Monogatari EPISODE II: CARBUNCLE. Here he falls in love with Arle electricity generation by source by state and wishes that they get married, but after she claims that she’s only interested in the treasure known as “ruberukuraku” (the jewel in Carbuncle’s forehead), he attacks her to protect Carbuncle’s life. Upon defeat, Arle meets Carbuncle and takes him away from Satan. In Madou Monogatari: Hanamaru Dai Youchienji, Satan has a fan-club is inside his very own mansion. However, the only other members of the club are multiple Draco Centauros.

In the Shin Madou timeline, he was once known as Lucifer, which is also the name of his brother. He fell in love with a human mage named Lilith, and rebelled against heaven to be with her, taking electricity bill average his wings and his old name away. Far, far later on in the timeline, after the battle against the Creator, Arle is left near death. Satan rescues half of her soul: the other half is left to become Doppelganger Arle as she appears in Puyo Puyo~n.

In Puyo Puyo Sun, Satan blew up the size of the sun with magic in order to sustain a perpetual Summer and be surrounded by ladies in bikinis, including Draco Centauros, who was enjoying Satan’s change in the forecast. Arle and Schezo Wegey, however, were less than impressed by his efforts, and quickly trotted of to his castle to thwart his electricity billy elliot lyrics plans.

He sets up a chase for Arle in the Quest mode. He spreads 6 medals needed to enter the Happy Tower across the land. Once Arle has assembled them, he reveals himself as the grand prize of the Happy Tower and is the final boss, as usual. Arle rejects his offer for marriage, and he is also abandoned by Carbuncle as usual. In Scramble mode, he either fights with OPP rules in 10 man mode in his Tsu outfit, Yon rules in 20 man mode with his Yon design, or Tsu rules in 30 man mode as Masked Satan. He is always the final opponent.

In Minna de Puyo Puyo, Satan was once again after Arle’s love, so he crafted a ticket for two to a fancy hot springs made of gold and splits it into five runes. Arle was sent on a wild chase to recover these runes and find Carbuncle, who had wondered off to Satan’s Castle. After Arle recovered the runes and pieced them together, she threw away the ticket, wondering why anyone would invite her to the hot springs, and leaves Satan to cry.

Satan becomes one of the playable characters in story mode who can fight Dark Arle. He is also power outage houston zip code one of 3 characters (not counting Skeleton T’s transformation) whom hardly changes at all when transforming in Puyo Puyo 7. The dialogue even jokes at this, when Suketoudara tells Satan that a rumor states he doesn’t change at all. Only the length of his horns and the color of his wings change. In the DS version, other minor changes in tint can be seen as well.

As Satan is explaining why the two worlds are colliding, He is immediately blamed for the gasbuddy near me worlds colliding by Arle, after which he engages in battle with her as punishment, and loses. Eventually he is found again by both Ringo, and Tee, the latter of which he gets hostile at by the mere mention of being Arle’s friend. Eventually after a brief battle, He begins a rematch out of pure anger, but is immediately calmed down by the return of Arle, and after explaining the situation to her and electricity 2014 her friends, stays behind to help rebuild Primp Town. At the ending of the story, He and Ecolo create a portal from the edge of spacetime to their S.S. Tetra, allowing the Tetra’s crew to be able to visit Ex at anytime.

Satan is referred to as the Dark Prince in the English translation of the first arcade game, the Neo Geo Pocket Color Puyo Pop, the Game Boy Advance Puyo Pop, and Puyo Puyo Tetris. While not directly named in the Puzlow Kids version of the first game, he is alluded to as the Dark Prince in its ending. The digital instruction manual for 3D Puyo Puyo Tsu calls him Satan in one instance (as this version is an unlocalized port of the Japanese arcade game), but uses Dark Prince everywhere else in the manual.

• Although his static electricity definition science characterization seems to have changed in recent games, Compile-era’s Satan used to love “ Carbuncle-chan” obsessively, having his castle decorated with Carbuncle goods everywhere and owning countless Carbuncle dolls ( Madou Monogatari SS, Puyo Puyo~n, Puyo Puyo Box, Hasamuncho), and often being distracted by Carbuncle rather than Arle ( Arle’s Adventure, Waku Waku Puyo Puyo Dungeon) or wanting nothing from her but that she return his pet to him ( Arle Manyuuki).

Character specific mechanics Puyo Puyo~n Super Attack Puyo Puyo~n Satan Cross: All Puyo in columns 3-4, and rows 6-9 are removed. Pocket Puyo Puyo~n 03-Banish: Up to 18 Nuisance Puyo are removed from the player’s field. The bottom of the field seems to be prioritized. Puyo Puyo Box Transfer: The top two color Puyo of each of the player’s columns are sent to the opponent. Any Nuisance Puyo above the second-highest color Puyo of each gas laws column is erased. Dropset Pieces