Sauter vision center 6.1 universal building management – simple and fit for the future la gasolina in english


With its intuitive design and user-friendliness, the new version 6.1 of the BACnet-certified SAUTER Vision Center does not fail to impress. electricity jewels This building management software is suitable for all project sizes, can be flexibly extended at any time according to customer requirements and project sizes and can be operated trouble-free by users with no prior experience.

Everyone, from service staff to facility and energy managers, can customise the software’s user interface to their preferences and area of responsibility. Integration of detailed realtime values is also possible including, if required, weather data via SAUTER Meteo Services. The menus assigned to the individual duties give users a clear overview of the visualization and operating functions which they need. These can be accessed with just a few clicks or touches on the touchscreen.

The current version of SAUTER Vision Center combines many additional operational applications that, previously, were managed separately. Schedules in the management solution can now activate both BACnet and SAUTER novaNet devices simultaneously. Furthermore, special higher-level schedules allow applications to be controlled that encompass multiple stations. SAUTER has also revised handling of all supported schedules, with adjustments made following user requests.

BACnet, SAUTER novaNet and OPC-UA are supported, enabling protocols such as M-Bus, ModBus and LON to be incorporated. gas news today This gives SAUTER Vision Center maximum flexibility. Using OPC and API interfaces, even third-party non-HVAC systems – fire protection, video monitoring and lift control, for example – and industry-specific applications can be seamlessly connected to SAUTER Vision Center. Step-by-step migration of existing SAUTER novaNet installations into the system need not be expensive. 101 gas station This is because previous generations of SAUTER automation stations are also supported.

The modular combination of building, energy and maintenance management in one software package brings with it many advantages. SAUTER Vision Center is fully compatible with the HTML5 standard. It therefore supports almost all internet browsers and can run on any operating system – Linux, Unix, iOS, Android or Windows. In contrast to some solutions, installation of additional apps or plug-ins is not required.

Bundling previously stand-alone applications in one integrated solution provides the ultimate in operation and visualization of building management systems. e payment electricity bill mp The software fits easily into a company’s process landscape and workflows, which of course is all to the benefit of the building’s users. The result is leaner processes and satisfied users at every level. The energy efficiency of buildings is also optimised, therefore making them more sustainable.

As a leading provider of solutions for building automation technology in Green Buildings, SAUTER provides pleasant conditions and a sense of well-being in sustainable environments. SAUTER is a specialist in developing, producing and marketing products and systems for energy-efficient total solutions, and offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure the energy-optimised operation of buildings. z gas tijuana telefono Our products, solutions and services enable high energy efficiency throughout the entire life-cycle of a building, from planning and construction through to operation, in office and administrative buildings, research and educational facilities, hospitals, industrial buildings and laboratories, airports, leisure facilities, hotels and data centres. With over 100 years’ experience and a track record of technological expertise, SAUTER is a proven system integrator that stands for continuous innovation and Swiss quality. SAUTER provides users and operators with an overview of energy flows and consumption, and of the development of the costs involved.