Save bedford, tx – citizens against high density development gas prices in michigan


As to be expected, nothing was resolved but both sides have agreed that we will have another meeting and continue the dialog. Since the issues are still in discussion we promised the Mayor we would not release details until we have concluded. astrid y gaston lima menu english We have even offered to have a public forum at some point. We also restated that our recall efforts are suspended not cancelled.

We want to be very clear on this point. The Mayor has never contacted us, individually or as a group, to discuss any of these issues up to this point. Never! His attempt to "stay above the fray" is not a trait of a good leader. electricity jokes puns The group has had responses from 5 council members and those members have maintained ongoing dialogue with the group.

It should be noted that we appreciate the years of service that the Mayor has given to Bedford. He goes to community events and has served well as an ambassador for Bedford. However, we do not equate ambassadorship with leadership. was electricity invented during the industrial revolution We have stated and feel that an effective leader gets out in front of an issue and works with citizens. He has not done such up to this point.

With the announcement in this morning’s Star Telegram that Realty Capital just purchased the Total property and plans to move forward with 240 apartments. electricity billy elliot lyrics This will give the Mayor an opportunity to show his leadership and do the right thing in response to the 2300 signatures gathered in the petition to change the ordinances to prevent high density large block apartment buildings. This is an opportunity for him to show that he is working for the taxpaying citizens of Bedford and be the people’s Mayor.

This is not something that we take lightly and this is not a personal attack on Jim Griffin at all. electricity in the body causes Mr. Griffin has devoted a lot of time to this city, but his leadership and the state of and the direction of the city are the issues for us. We know that not everyone agrees with us on this issue and we respect your right to disagree with us. electricity storage association We ask that you would respect our opinion on this issue and if you are in agreement with us please sign the petition that would allow the citizens to vote on this in May of 2019.

We wanted to let everyone know that we have concluded the drive for signatures for the petition to change the ordinances regulating density in the city of Bedford. We are in the process of signing and notarizing each of the petition sheets so that we can submit them to the city for the next step in the process, which is certification of the signatures and then the city will decide about allowing the changes to be included on the May 2019 ballot.

Originally this meeting was to have included discussion on the budget and bids for the Bedford Boys Ranch Next Phase project, but it is not on the agenda. Instead they have scheduled an Executive Session starting at 5:30pm instead of the normal work session. The agenda goes on to show that the Council Regular Session will start at 7:00 p.m. (or immediately following Executive Session). This would indicate that the regular session could start at any time after 5:30pm, so you might want to plan on coming at 5:30pm and be prepared to wait.