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Are you tired of the regular occurrence of power failures or power-cuts in your neighbourhood? Maybe you already plan to buy apower backup for situations like these. A great and reliable backup is The Inverter.A lot electricity deregulation of Indians have started using inverters extensively. They are efficient and reliable power backups. These days, people want to run all their home appliances including refrigerators, televisions and air conditioners for their comfort. This makes the inverter an easy option.

Solar Power Support: Nowadays, inverters support solar power systems. They convert direct current power generated by the solar panels and store this power in batteries. Inverters use this power to run home appliances. However this kind of inverter is usually expensive and is not advisable for individual households. INVERTERS OR GENERATORS?

Inverters are great power alternatives for running appliances under 1000W. However, it is only ideal for small home appliances like fan, light, TV, laptop, etc. Generators on the other hand are a better option for high load home appliances like air conditioning units, washing machines, refrigerators, etc that consume power of 2000 W and static electricity in the body above. INVERTERS VS UPS

The inverter and UPS both act as backup when there is a power failure/outage. For the UPS, power switch is instant whereas there is usually a lag in the switch in the case of inverters. A UPS shifts to battery power within 2-5 milliseconds unlike an inverter that might take up to 100 milliseconds before a similar switch occurs. Therefore, UPS is preferable for running critical appliances like computers. Inverters work best for home appliances like light, fan, etc. Inverters are usually cheaper than the UPS.

The major advantage of sine wave inverters is that all of the appliances and equipment sold in the market can work on them. Sine wave inverters guarantee that appliances work to their full specifications. Appliances like microwave ovens, motors and refrigerators will produce full power when on a pure sine wave inverter only. Some appliances like battery chargers, sandwich makers and light dimmers require pure sine wave inverters to even work at all.

Tubular batteries are the best choice for any inverter. Though they are a little bit more expensive than the other battery types, tubular batteries have a longer life span (up to 6-8 years) than other battery types (usually for 4-5 years). All you need to is top up the battery regularly with distilled water for it to run well. Which type of inverter do you need: sine wave, square wave and electricity usage by country modified sine wave?

Having considered all the above points and different buyer reviews, I selected 15 of the best inverter brands in India. This list only contains inverters. For the battery for inverters, just keep reading. My favourite inverters on the list are the Luminous HKVA 2 KVA Sine Cruze Wave Home UPS and the Luminous Zelio+ 1700VA Sine Wave Home UPS; hence I took my time to list their full specifications; you can check Amazon or Flipkart for these home inverters price list. However, you are free to choose the inverter that best fit your needs and requirements. Luminous HKVA 2 KVA Sine Cruze Wave Home UPS

This sinewave inverter model from Amaron is a really affordable inverter and it supports a wide range of home appliances. It is totally noiseless/ soundless and it switches to battery mode automatically immediately it senses any power failure. This inverter provides a great power backup for every single appliance in your home. It comes with several visual pointers and an important overload alarm. Hence, power outage can become a thing of the past in your home.

The Crompton brand recently gained popularity in the gaz 67 for sale Indian market because of the extensive range of electronic products they now manufacture. This Sine wave UPS for has a smart and elegant design that makes it very attractive. It comes with an amazing feature that protects the battery from deep discharging and high charging. The inverter also has an automatic sense intelligent control smart charger.

This 1500VA home-UPS/Inverter from APC is a very dependable power backup during power failure. APC designed this model particularly for poor Indian power conditions. This inverter delivers pure sine wave standby power for household appliances like home theatres, TV sets, gaming consoles, audio systems, lighting and fans. Hence, it is the perfect solution when you are experiencing power-cuts.

This Exide ECO Home UPS/Inverter is a very compact/portable, yet powerful inverter that is an effective power backup at the time of power failures which frequently occurs in India. This inverter works using the Modified Sine Wave Technology, which helps it to provide power supply to sensitive home appliances. It comprises of the PFC technology and an Automatic Charging Selection Technology that helps to save energy using an inbuilt energy-saver.

Luminous is a brand that has long been popular within the Indian market for its products such as Inverters, UPS, batteries, etc. From its selection of inverters comes the Luminous Rapid Charge 1650 UPS that offers you the best performance along with an amazing array of features. It comes with the effective RBC technology that helps in providing 60 percent faster charging along with an intelligent output load optimization feature. There is a 2-year warranty on the gas ks product.

Inverters need batteries to store the electricity. Batteries are very important in any inverter. There are many reputable companies that produce quality and reliable batteries for their customers.Buying the best battery for inverter is as important as buying the best inverter itself. You need to find out which is the best inverter battery for home use.So, always check battery specifications too before gas oil ratio chainsaw you decide on the particular one you want to buy. The main propertiesto look out for in a battery before buying are its size, storage power, capacity and quality.

Exide is one of the most reputable manufacturers of batteries for cars, bikes and trucks. They are also the producers of some high-quality inverter batteries. This particular battery from Exide can store up to 150ah power. It is available in 2 colours; white and red. This inverter battery also comes in a compatible size and weighs about 6614 grams.

Microtek is another leading manufacturer of Inverters and inverter batteries in india. This is a tubular battery that has the storage power of up to 150ah. It is one of the inverter batteries that last long during power failures. It is a longer backup option and has a good performance. Microtek TT 2450 uses quick recharge formulation methods and its water level indicator is ceramic.