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One of my favorite roadside freebies is a solid wood bureau with a matching vanity featuring a small drawer and an oval mirror to go on top. The drawer bottoms are plywood, but everything else is made from proper stick and plank wood. hp gas online booking no Not a speck of particle board on it. It’s missing a brass drawer pull, but otherwise is in excellent condition. I use it for general storage. It’s beautiful and it easily would have run near a grand if I’d wanted one new just for not being made of sawdust and epoxy. electricity magnetism and light I’m pretty sure I could stand on it.

On a walk with my dad years ago, we found a trail of vicadin on the sidewalk like some sort of sinister breadcrumb trail from the addict version of Hansel and Gretel. We alternated on destroying these street drugs in passing, crushing them beneath our canes as neither of us was so afflicted with pain as to use found medicine picked up off the sidewalk, and the thought of some child or small animal mistaking them for candy or food was sufficiently disturbing to prompt the action.

I haven’t really picked up anything in a quite a while. When I was still in college I lived in an apt that was right next store to a apt bldg that had been torn down and in the midst of being rebuilt from the foundation up. One of my roommates at the time was not shy about going next door to liberate scrape building material. gas 87 I didn’t go onto the site but I did end up with a few concrete cinder blocks and 3-4 ft boards that I assembled into shelves. gas constant mmhg I put atop some coffee table that for the life of me I can’t remember how I got. Anyway, it made for a very chic/urban/minimalist stand for my stereo equipment. I can’t remember at what point I got rid of it but it did survive two moves.

One day I got on the elevator and there was a fairly new vacuum with the owners manual and note that said, "Free!" I did have a vacuum but have always felt they tend to last about a year and then lose sucking power. I had thought about leaving it for someone else who may’ve been in more dire need but then feared that my vacuum would konk out in the next couple of weeks and be regretting that I didn’t grab this one. I figured it musta belonged to someone who was moving so I grabbed it. gasco abu dhabi location I did think more than twice about what it may’ve been used to clean up before the owners decided it wasn’t worth it to bring it back in. It looked clean, but not too clean, and couldn’t smell anything so I brought it in and had two working vacuums. I think about six mos later either a friend posted or we had some random convo in which she mentioned needing a vacuum. power outage houston today I told her I had two and could have one. She said she just needed to borrow it for the w/e until she had a chance to get another one. It was either for a production or vacation spot she was going to. I said she could use it indefinitely but if my other one gave out right before company was coming I may need to borrow it back. k electric bill payment online I did fully disclose that it may’ve been used to sweep up uranium yellow cake powder but since I hadn’t gotten sick, I don’t it was too much. She was cool with it. I was just sorta glad I could help out.