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UBuildIt – Schertz – Our team of Construction Consultants will assist you in managing your building or remodeling project like seasoned professionals, all while saving 15% to 20% in the process. If you are building in the San Antonio metro area, Hill Country or beyond, UBuildIt-Schertz has the education and experience you need to stay on budget and on schedule. Our consultation services range from the early stages of home planning, include finding land and plan development to buying and installing the final finishes.

Rest assured with hundreds of satisfied UBuildIt clients in the San Antonio metro area, and thousands of satisfied UBuildIt clients nationwide, the UBuildIt® system is the perfect alternative for providing you with COMPLETE CONTROL, contacts to competitive quality subcontractors and suppliers and SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS…. along with expert guidance throughout your home building or remodeling project.

That’s fine but you may ask the question… “Do you guys know anything about GREEN BUILDING?” We are a Certified Green Professional with the National Association of Home Builders so we are very knowledgeable and versed in green building practices. “Green Building” is more that a check list with us…it’s the use of quality building practices that promote sustainability to make a home healthier and more energy efficient. Interested in ICF, spray foam insulation, tankless water heaters, or high efficiency heat pumps?…We build with these products every day. We endeavor to assist all of our clients to secure energy efficient, clean and environmentally friendly homes. Again, green building is the “rage” with green everything these days…” but you may ask… “How do I get more savings with you folks versus working with my favorite local San Antonio Home Builder?” Another good question! In addition to our reputation for having a quality and competitive subcontractor base, UBuildIt has also partnered with National, Regional and Local suppliers, such as Sherwin Williams Paint and Sears to offer you substantial discounts. You will also get full builder discount pricing on your building materials.

The UBuildIt-Schertz team brings over 50 years of construction knowledge and expertise as well as state of the art technology to your new home or renovation project. We are proud of the accomplishments of our UBuildIt clients in building their dream homes over the last 12 years in the San Antonio metro area. Helping them to achieve their goals has been a very rewarding endeavor!

“My initial fear and trepidation of building my own home with no knowledge disappeared quickly. UBuildIt exceeded my expectations in regards to their construction knowledge, their ability to find the best bids, and their continuous and excellent service. As a bonus, we were shocked by the instant equity we already had in our home when the final appraisal came back from the bank. I am very happy and thankful to UBuildIt.” Honore Ligarde, A UBuildIt Client.

At UBuildIt-Schertz, we strive to provide a level of service that our clients will want to brag to their friends, family and even complete strangers about their experience! Why not find out more about this unique service today by calling our office for a FREE, no-obligation, one-on-one consultation at 210.655.3373, toll free at 1.866.UBUILDIT or email us at Current UBuildIt- Schertz Projects

Call us today FOR A FREE GUIDED TOUR of some of our UBuildIt projects under construction or we can set up a walk through at some of our completed new homes and renovations. We will provide contact information so that you can meet and chat with our current and previous clients.

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