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SCP-049 is humanoid in appearance, standing at 1.9 m tall and weighing 95.3 kg; however, the Foundation is currently incapable of studying its face and body more fully, as it is covered in what appears to be the garb of the traditional “Plague Doctor” from 15-16th century Europe. This material is actually a part of SCP-049’s body, as microscopic and genetic testing show it to be similar in structure to muscle, although it feels much like rough leather, and the mask much like ceramic.

SCP-049’s touch is invariably lethal to humans. After contact with SCP-049’s hand(s), the victim (hereafter referred to as SCP-049-2) dies within moments. SCP-049 will then produce a bag containing scalpels, needle, thread, and several vials of an as-yet-unidentified substance from somewhere within its body and begin to dissect SCP-049-2, as well as inserting various chemicals into the body. After approximately 20 minutes, SCP-049 will sew SCP-049-2 back up and become docile once more.

Once the player enters the monitor hub portion of the surveillance room, SCP-049 will follow shortly after in pursuit, due to SCP-079 reopening all the keycard locked doors. When within range, SCP-049 will extend its arm and attempt to catch the player. It is advised that the player avoid SCP-049 as much as possible. It is not particularly difficult due to the fact that SCP-049 is not very fast.

Even if the player escapes the area, SCP-049 will still follow the player throughout the entire facility. When traveling through its containment chamber, the area’s power will malfunction, forcing the player to manually reset it. Upon turning on the generator and reaching one of the now-active elevators, SCP-049 will emerge from the elevator that the player gets in close proximity to. The player should quickly run around SCP-049 and escape through the elevator, as it is very easy to become trapped between it and the SCP-049-2 instances.

If SCP-049 manages to gain physical contact with the player, they will fall over and die. A scene then plays out depicting the player, now an instance of SCP-049-2, hobbling towards three Nine-Tailed Fox members. Shortly after, they will start shooting the player, killing them.

If the player is wearing SCP-714, SCP-049’s touch will not cause the player to die instantly. However standing in front of SCP-049 for too long will result in the ring being taken off, making the player vulnerable to SCP-049’s touch. Despite this, SCP-714 will remain in the player’s inventory.

A few minutes after SCP-049’s surgery, SCP-049-2 will resume vital signs and appears to reanimate. However, SCP-049-2 seems completely without higher brain functions, and will wander aimlessly until it encounters another living human. At that point, SCP-049-2’s adrenaline and endorphin levels increase to approximately 300% as it attempts to kill any human beings it can find, before returning to its mindless state and wandering until it comes across more humans.

When the player first arrives, two SCP-049-2 instances will be inactive, lying on the ground. Upon activating the generator inside the area, the SCP-049-2 instances will reanimate themselves. Both will pursue and attack the player. SCP-049-2 will raise their arms and bludgeon the player to death if close enough.

Currently, there are only two instances of SCP-049-2 that can be encountered in the game. Both instances are very slow, and are easy to evade. However, if they trap the player in a corner then they will be able to drain their health quickly. In addition to damaging and killing the player, they can also slow them down, allowing SCP-049 to easily infect the player. Therefore, it is advised that the player avoids the instances.