Sean shaw gets the support of florida democrat leaders over ryan torrens in ag race electricity 2pm live


Currently wrapping up his first term in the Florida House, Shaw has worked as a private insurance attorney and previously served as Florida’s Insurance Consumer Advocate under former state CFO Alex Sink. Shaw is the son of Leander Shaw, the first African-American to lead the Florida Supreme Court.

“During my time as attorney general, Florida was known as a national leader in protecting the rights of our state and its people,” Butterworth insisted. “Whether it was consumer protection, keeping our residents safe from violent criminals, or taking on Big Tobacco to win more than $11 billion for Floridians, our office never rested when it came to protecting Floridians. So when it comes to candidates for attorney general, I need to be sure they’ll have the same active approach towards the office that I did. That’s why I’m endorsing Sean Shaw to be our next attorney general.

“Florida’s next attorney general will face many important challenges,” Butterworth continued. “Whether it is taking on the pharmaceutical industry, protecting consumers from scammers, holding the Legislature accountable, or standing up to the Trump administration’s ongoing attacks on our rights, we need an attorney general willing to fight for us. There’s no one I’d rather have fighting for me – and for Florida – than Sean Shaw.”

“I’m endorsing Sean Shaw to be our next attorney general because he has a proven track record as a fearless advocate for consumers and a financial watchdog for Florida taxpayers,” said Aronberg, who served in the state Senate and who ran for attorney general himself in 2010, on Wednesday. “I’ve seen firsthand the devastating impact the opioid epidemic is inflicting on our communities, and I know that Sean Shaw will target those responsible for this epidemic and will help local prosecutors keep our streets safe.”

Shaw does not have an open shot at the Democratic nomination as Central Florida attorney Ryan Torrens is also running in the primary. This week, as he tries to catch Shaw, Torrens promised, if elected, to launch a criminal investigation into Tampa Electric Company (TECO) executives over an incident last year at a power plant in Apollo Beach which resulted in the deaths of five employees.

“Five workers died, and another was injured due to TECO’s willful disregard for worker safety,” said Torrens this week. “So far TECO has only received a slap on the wrist in the form of a fine! This is not enough and will not cause TECO to take worker safety seriously. A criminal investigation must be launched into TECO for this and perhaps when some of the TECO executives are hauled off in handcuffs, they will start to take worker safety seriously.”

“TECO uses money from the bills its customers pay to buy political influence and has been making significant contributions to candidates for Florida attorney general. As the only candidate in this race refusing even a penny in campaign contributions from TECO, when attorney general, I will launch a criminal investigation into TECO’s epic failure to take worker safety seriously,” Torrens added.