Seattle city council asks state to deny kalama methanol project local gas numbers stove temperature

First of all,the fact that there is foreign investment involved is not a critical fact in the decision of the permitting process. This process has been going on since the Nixon administration. It has been government policy to allow this for that long. If you don’t like it,write your congress person. In the second place,Seattle lacks stand in on this issue because they don’t submit any data or facts to back up their position. Do you think Kalama (or any other project in the pipeline for that matter) are writing and researching these environmenmental impact statements for their health? Seattle with their hubris asks without any documentation and bloviates their political opinion on projects they aren’t involved in and seem to pontificate on without any merit whatsoever. Do you think that the EIS process only goes one way? If Seattle thinks they need to interject their *standing* let them submit documents to the DOE on their own. I don’t take anything Seattle says at face value and neither should anyone else.

So let me see if understand this correctly. Many of you are saying that the Seattle City Council has no business involving themselves in this issue because they’re outside of this region. How about applying the same argument to the Chinese who are behind this whole project? They’re out of our region too. But people seem to be totally comfortable that a Chinese-backed company, not an American company, is going to reap the bulk of the profits and benefits of this project. We’re going to be using massive amounts of our own fracked natural gas to allow the Chinese to produce plastics, making it unavailable for us to use for our energy needs here in our own country. It’s going to be American citizens losing our private property to serve the interests of the Chinese when eminent domain is used to take our land to build the additional pipelines that will be needed to bring in the gas. And it’s we Americans who have to bear the economic burdens of the environmental impact of the refinery – not just private citizens but also the fishing, timber and other industries as we see higher levels of toxins in our fishing waters and air pollution contributing to tree-killing acid rain here in our state. By building the refinery here in the US, China gets a free pass to decrease its own pollution problems and continue as the world leader in developing renewable energy rather than fossil fuels for its own energy needs. Ironic.

But sure, you’re welcome to make the Seattle City Council the bad guys here if you’re not willing to look at a bunch of larger issues related to this proposed project that will impact a lot of different people (Americans!!) living outside Cowlitz County, including Seattleites, which makes what’s happening here very much their business.

Whether it’s unit trains of coal, or using and needing infrastructure for a third more fracked gas than the state already uses, the demands and pollution of heavy industry in Cowlitz County affect the rest of the state and the globe. Increased Columbia River tanker traffic and industrial pollution affect river habitat and the sport and commercial fishing industry. GHGs, ocean acidification, rising sea levels affect us all. Air pollution and noise pollution knows no state boundaries.

The 1.25 million metric tons of CO2e from the Kalama NWIW methanol refinery just from where it will sit in Kalama will be the 4th largest industrial emitter of GHGs in the state, if you exclude the paper mills. It will increase GHGs in Cowlitz County by more than 25%.

We’re not even talking the upstream or downstream emissions from the fracked gas feedstock for the methanol, or its possible combustion as a fuel. Sorry Brian but Boeing Co manufacturing plants in this state totaled don’t come anywhere near a million MT GHGs, though they certainly produce other pollutants. Amazon does not even make the list in the state inventory of industries with enough GHG emissions to be reportable.