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Seattle Cremation Planning. The Neptune Society Seattle has provided cremation planning services in Northwest Washington since 2000. Our expert, dedicated staff is available to answer your questions and guide you in establishing a funeral plan. Cremation is a green and economical alternative to a standard funeral and burial. By developing a cremation plan, you will guide your loved ones to ensure your final wishes are met. If you are considering a cremation in Seattle WA, please call our caring, expert staff to evaluate your options. Seattle Affordable Cremation

Affordable Prepaid Cremation. After developing a cremation plan, the compassionate staff at Neptune Society Seattle offers the option of prepaid cremation to capture today’s price for tomorrow’s cremation. Seattle prepaid cremation allows you to finalize your funeral plan and removes the burdens of planning and payment from your loved ones. Prepaid cremation will bring you and your family peace of mind.

The Neptune Society Seattle is active in the Seattle, Tacoma, and Pierce County communities. Proud members of the Greater Seattle, Lynnwood, Auburn, Kent, and Tacoma Chambers of Commerce, the Neptune Society Seattle is also active with local charities. We donate teddy bears to the Ronald McDonald House, Children’s Home Society, Coal Creek Chapel, and more. The Neptune Society Seattle would be honored to meet your needs for funeral planning and prepaid cremation. Seattle WA residents trust Neptune Society Seattle to care for their cremation.

We set up the arrangements with Neptune Society for both my mom and my dad about four years back. We called to check them out and the guy that sold it to us was wonderful. They take care of everything like notifying Social Security, making the arrangements at the cemetery, picking up the body, and if you have a travel thing going on, it doesn’t matter where the body is in the world, they would bring it back here. I like that all it’s going to take when something happens is one phone call.

My mom passed away a little over a year ago and they took care of her arrangements. They were on it from the guys who came to pick them up and were so professional and caring. At that time, it was Bret that handled hers and he was just wonderful to us and responded to us on anything we needed immediately. Then this January 30th, my dad passed away and we had John, at Lynwood who was absolutely wonderful. The guys that came to pick up the body were also professional and caring. Our experiences were so good that when we went to pick up my dad’s ashes, I made my arrangements.

I have used Neptune Society twice in the past. Back in 2011, my father passed away and I didn’t know what to do. Neptune Society had a fire sale so I got a hold of them, made arrangements for him and it worked out well. The Neptune team gave the information I needed and they were pretty patient. I’m not the best with figures, so the local rep, Glen, spent a lot of time helping me understand this math. He even went a step further and got my husband’s military separation record for us since we also bought a policy for ourselves. Since I knew what I wanted, I went with a basic package. I brought in a couple of friends that signed up as well such as my girlfriend and her husband.

It was bizarre that Neptune sent the cremation urns when we purchased those packages. It’s off-putting and really nothing that we’re interested in storing it for 20 years. We would have preferred to buy our packages, get our little wallet-size cards with the policy numbers – which I’m waiting for delivery – and when we need to use them, we can specify which urn we wanted. When I bought my mom’s policy back in 2013, they sent that urn in advance, too, and that freaked me out. I bought it from the Reno office because my mom was down in Reno. I got a hold of the manager down there and sent it back to him. He was nice enough to keep it. Then my mom moved up here to Washington and I used her policy last month. I advised Neptune of that and Glen was great because he got hold of the Reno office and did whatever he needed. They provided an urn which was fine. Other than getting the urns in advance, my experience with Neptune was great.