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I booked the car for two full days through King Fisher Resort to be picked on Fraser Island itself at the outrageous price of $340 a day. I knew I was paying a premium but assumed that at least I’d be getting a decent car. What a mistake. The rental day is supposed to start at 8am but I only got to the rental office to pick it up at 9am. The car wasn’t there so the guy at the renal office stalled me a bit then sent me to watch the driving instructions video and buy electricity sources uk the permit at the hotel front desk. In the mean time he went to get the car which came from the mainland on the ferry, so eventually I didn’t have to wait. I assume that if I actually came on time at 8am I would have had to wait at least an extra hour until the car arrived. Now to the highlight of the car itself. We rented the Toyota Land Cruiser. The car we got was so beat up it reminded me of 30 year old army Jeeps I used to drive in my army service. Everything was torn down, from seat covers to the engine (see my photos). Although it was winter the car gets hot in the mid day sun, but the air-condition didn’t work and even the fan only worked on the passenger side. I hate to imagine what it’s like to drive electricity generation by source by state one of those in summer. The engine was so weak that the only way electricity bill average to climb the small hill going out of Fisher Bay Resort is in first gear when any half decent car could easily do it in third gear (I was so surprised that I confirmed this with the rental company and they confirmed that was the only way to climb that hill). This means you have to drive almost all the time at 4WL and at high RPM to get enough engine power with the annoying side effect of being unable to hear what the person next to you is saying because of the engine noise. And a special word about the smell, the car smells like the exhaust pipe is connected directly to the air conditioning system (maybe that’s why the air condition doesn’t work). You don’t even have to start the engine to smell it, the fumes must have fused into the fabrics in the electricity measurements units car over time. My wide who tends to get car sick just had a terrible time because of this smell in the car. When I asked to replace the car with a different one I was told there was no point in doing that because they were all at the same condition and around 10 years old. I can say that while driving on the island we saw cars from other companies, some looked just as bad as ours while other were new and shiny. I was a fool for ignoring the warnings in TripAdvisor and renting from this company, don’t be one too and DON’T RENT FROM AUSSIE TRAX (or King Fisher Resort that works with them). When you do rent make you to ask how old is the car and how many kilometers it’s done (ours had ~140K).

Dear Erantravel, This is adventure travel, not a premium service. The reason only a handful of companies hire cars to Fraser Island is because upkeep of these vehicles in these conditions is extremely expensive hp gas online booking no and insurance on these vehicle provides a better analogy for the use of the word ‘outrageous’. This is why the large road hire companies (Hertz, Thrifty) do not allow their cars on the island; and why our Landcruisers are hired at $320 per day from Kingfisher Bay. On arrival to the office at Kingfisher to collect our vehicles, you must watch a 30minute safety video, collect your own permit from the resort reception, and have the vehicle controls explained to you. This is not stalling but a regular practice, representing our commitment to our customers safety. I’m sorry if this was not all 4 gas giants names previously explained, but this is standard. Our office opens at 8am and the car would have been at the island at this time (even if it was parked 200m away at the barge landing). The next boat does not arrive until later than when you departed; so you were not waiting for a car to come from the mainland; our staff member was managing his time to collect the car from the barge landing, around book outs with other customers. The car you took was 10 years electricity video bill nye old; and it has spent 8 of those years on the island. Our vehicles maintenance schedule is extensive, roughly x8 that of a regular vehicle. No one will hire you a brand new Landcruiser to drive on Fraser Island; simply due to the wear and tear that they experience in this environment daily. The straight 6 diesel that you hired provides low-lugging power for off-road terrain; not 1 of our vehicle would get up the Kingfisher hill in 3rd gear. Low range is there for a reason, and it sounds like it served you well. During dry periods, when conditions are extremely boggy, it is not uncommon to drive the entire inland in low range. We do apologies for the air conditioning not working. We are in the process power outage houston zip code of overhauling this component in all of our vehicles. The fine silica sand of Fraser Island clogs the compressor of this component and we have a significantly reduced lifespan for this. As a result we must commit to a complete air con overhaul every year during the winter 5 gases emitted from the exhaust pipe months. Which any mechanic would tell you is an expensive and time-consuming job- hence why our rates are more expensive than regular vehicle rates. Safe travels.

Hi Florent and Elodie, Thank you so much for taking the time to review your experience with us! We are a family owned and operated business; whom have been hiring cars to Fraser for 22 years! We like to think that when you travel with us, you travel with people that know what they are doing in terms of 4wding around beautiful Fraser Island. We understand the cars go through A LOT on the island, and our business is not about recuperating money on minor damage (wear and tear). So long as the car is returned in roughly the same condition it went out in and gas laws it’s full fuel- we are happy and the car can be checked and prepared for our next guests. It can be a daunting experience hiring a car to 4wd in, but we are a respectable operation; ensuring guests have a safe, memorable and fun time on Fraser is our priority. We’re so pleased you found this to be the case in your travels, and hope you have many wonderful memories of the trip. Thanks again for sharing your experience with us. We wish you all the best in the future!