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In September of 2016, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) published a news story displaying the 2015 American crime rates. Split into major categories, including murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, motor gas station near me open vehicle theft, burglary, and larceny-theft, America’s crime rates have been a big problem in the last few years; and there has been little done to stop it.

It’s the sole reason why cameras are installed in the first place, but many businesses tend to cheapen out on this important security feature. Ideally, it’s best to operate a camera security system that runs high-end cameras followed up by a robust camera system software that can monitor areas, send alerts, and record when motion is detected.

Typically, when you use enterprise grade tools in consumer settings or for small business, many of them rely on the user inputting code, data, or configurable settings that they may not understand. That’s not the case here. Once DiskStation is up and running, Synology makes their application installation process even easier than the DiskStation setup.

On the Surveillance Station desktop, there are the five major application tools that you’ll be using. Live view, which gives you a live view of any connected cameras, Timeline for watching recorded video, IP camera takes care of settings and configuring the cameras, Recording is a file explorer of recorded data, and then the excellent Synology Help Wiki.

Using Surveillance Station on a day-to-day basis is done through the web-based interface. Since it can be connected to by any computer on the same network, user profiles can be added which grant individual access gas dryer vs electric dryer singapore and controls to people. This is best for businesses who will be looking for managers to have access to live feeds, but not past recordings.

My daily browser is Windows 10’s Microsoft Edge and, unfortunately, Surveillance Station doesn’t play as nicely with Edge. To view video recordings, or use camera functions, the browser needs to support an NPAPI plugin. I swapped over to Internet Explorer and, after a few plugin installs, everything functions as intended. Optionally, users can choose to use Synology’s Windows desktop which pushes out the use of the z gas el salvador empleos web-based OS for a Windows/Mac application instead.

Given that the cameras are installed and running, Surveillance Station offers some neat functionality for the cameras. Each camera is independently controlled and monitored for certain actions. If the camera supports it, Surveillance Station can send movement commands so the camera can look in a new direction. Additionally, two-way audio can occur or if placed in a store, you could record audio as well.

What I enjoy most, is that if you have multiple cameras in this system, each camera can be told how much electricity bill nye data it can keep and record. A front door camera may want to have 100GB of data and hold 30 days of data. Whereas, a rear walkway would need 30GB with seven days of data. The data limiters are first-come, first-served, meaning if the 30-day mark comes first, then the recording from 30 days ago will be deleted. Whereas, if 100GB of storage is used first, then the oldest recording will be deleted. This is, of course, all user-defined and changeable.

Watching old recordings is, again, a somewhat straightforward process. The default timeline viewer is great for when you want to watch video from a certain day and time. However, since my cameras are set to record for 30-minute intervals and it’s constant recording, finding what you are looking for may be difficult. I would advise using the Synology motion capture that records when motion is detected.

Looking closely at the quality of each camera and it’s recording, everything is surprisingly clear and crisp. My testing was done in a home environment electricity production in china, but even my front door camera could see the make of a car driving by or the face of the mailman. When watching live view, there is just the slightest bit of delay and the past recordings are just as smooth as a YouTube video.

Inside my recording folder, I can see that both cameras capture a 30-minute video which provides me with four days’ worth of video on both cameras. This four days of video is limited by my preset 10GB data limit; increasing this limit would give me significantly more days’ worth of storage. Each file is approximately 200 MB, which I find to be quite small for how well these cameras perform and one even recording in 1080p.

In the end, this system is full of customization and functionality, but the main usage of it will be to sit quietly unless it’s called upon. While I don’t own a business, the fact that there’s something watching the perimeter from threats is nice to know. It’s a product that you don’t want to use, but when you need it most, you’re very thankful that it’s there.

The Synology Surveillance Station would be best used in small business. It doesn’t require 1 unit electricity cost in india an IT team to operate or use and it just simply works without complications. Plus, when using the Amcrest cameras mentioned in this review, the 1080p recording allows you to see even the smallest details both in live view and recordings. Also, given the movable controls and audio recording, it would make catching the criminal fairly easy.

On the surface, the Synology Surveillance Station may look like an inexpensive device, but it can become pricey, quickly. The DS416j that I used in this review is $250 gas prices in michigan and including two hard drives adds another $200. In most scenarios, four to six cameras would cover a home or small business well. Therefore, if you pick up a four-camera license pack, it adds another $200 to the price or $50 per one. (Note: Two licenses are provided for free when installing the software.) The entire system would be an investment of $650, not including the cost of the cameras.

It may be a serious investment, but it’s an investment that every business needs to consider. Theft, robbery, and other major crimes won’t go away and the police may not always be close enough to stop the crime. I have used other business surveillance systems before and none of them were as pleasant or robust as this one. Just like my past Synology review, there aren’t any complaints here.