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It has come up in a couple of threads here, a few of us have bought some of those Ebay Stainless, in various different tube sizes and pipe length/header style variations. I’ve also tracked it some on other forums, and the consensus opinion seems to all be alike.

So here it is…they are very surprisingly well built, as good (or dare I say it)even better than common USA header manufacturers. As you’ve noticed, much better flange thickness than typical USA manufacturers. The furnished header gaskets are rather cheap, as are the stainless bolts that come with them, but for the price they are a smoking deal. Plus, they are stainless!!!

I bought the long tube 1-3/4" for the GM G-body cars(78-87 Malibu, Monte Carlo, etc), it is a direct copy of the Schoenfeld Street Stock header as far as pipe lay-out. Header flange is 9.5mm(about .364") which is thicker than typical US and thicker than Schoenfeld uses.

Brand I bought had a DNA label/logo on the box, but from looking at ads on both Ebay and Amazon it appears that there are just 1 or 2 manufacturers, with the headers sold private label to whomever wants to add their name as there appears to just be a handful of copied designs with a bunch of shared product under different label names.

I’m actually rolling around the idea of buying a couple other sets with an eye towards my future project ideas….if I don’t use them myself I can always sell to someone local or a friend. This kind of stuff has a habit of vanishing from the market once the initial boatload is gone, and if they do stay on the market the second boatload is often at a much higher price point….a couple of the SBC turbo headers have already done that. First batch at $99-110, second batch is now over $200+ for the exact same set.

thats funny cause i was going to pm you about what you thought they would look like! my engine compartment is s.e.m. frame black so i think plain stainless would probably accent that better than the black. but i really want. as in want but not need, but really been drooling over those proform orange aluminum valve covers with bright aluminum chevy on them. the slanted kind for around $210, but as much as i want those, i have the same chome stamped metal jobs that some of the more common scoggin-dickey GM crate engines have already (alittle worn but still shiney), and what i REALLY NEED, is to spend another $400 on a rebuild/new GM limited slip carrier for my 14 bolt rear end that i welded up and is KILLING my gas mileage! so if i think with my brain, instead of my rooster, i would just keep my chrome valve covers, which, I think, would go better with black stainless because in my mind again, the stainless would maybe clash with the chrome? F i don’t know. I’ve spent too much time thinking about this already for something i probably wont drive more than 10 times a year. but alot of that is because of the mileage and drivability i lost from that rear end. to be truthful i should just junk this engine and put an LS in it or a 454 but really i don’t have that kind of scratch, OR more importantly, time, or even my give a damn factor. i guess since i’ve had this thing since 89 maybe i need to sell it to some bagdaddy for a pile o $$, but then i dont have A/C either! there’s just nowhere around here to 4 wheel because all the roads either have logging trucks comin down them or are locked up on the weekends and the one offroad park is basically jeeps only unless you want to pound the crap out of yur body on rocks, fallen trees, tree trunks, tree branches, or slide off an off camber loggin road in the snow and roll 1000 feet down a hill!! i hate big trucks that never go off road, but where i’m at there isn’t really nowhere to even do diddly! but drive down the street and every little kid that sees it jumps outta their skin. still, i probably put 50 miles on it last year. not to mention rain that i don’t take it out in cause a) wipers are crap; and b) dont want water standing in the bottoms of my doors rusting them out. so…. it be a giant lawn ornament! i been thinking o pussin it out so i could sell it for whatever and buy bitcoins! anyway, looking at engines for 20 minutes…the black seems to just fade away to invisible in a black engine bay. the orange v/c’s seem to look better on aluminum heads, which i dont have so mine are orange. decisions decisions. aaackk!