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According to one minor a level physics electricity questions and answers source in Armada, when any Transformer converts to a jet, he is called a seeker. [1] But the closest specific characters to the Generation 1 Seekers are this universe’s own Starscream/ Thundercracker/ Skywarp trio. All three even used the same toy mold in their first release, although Skywarp was heavily retooled from the others (including getting an entirely new-mold Mini-Con partner). While new Decepticon-allied jet characters named Thrust and Ramjet were released in Armada, they each had their own unique molds. However, whereas Ramjet was simply the Mini-Con partner of Tidal gas exchange in the lungs occurs due to Wave, Thrust was a bulk who even had a VTOL engine in jet mode, a conehead and vertically-oriented wings in robot mode. Although Thrust’s original gas in back shoulder toy was green, one of his redecos looked much more like his G1 incarnation while the other redeco looked like an inverted version of G1 Dirge. It was also redecoed into Universe Sunstorm.

Though only Starscream appeared in the follow-up franchise, Energon, several Seekers appeared in the final portion of the Unicron Trilogy, Cybertron. Starscream z gas tijuana telefono was back in a form heavily inspired by The War Within Starscream design (itself based on the tetrajet (see below)), while Thundercracker received a completely different body. A Skywarp was also released as a redeco of Thundercracker.

Years later, the mystery was finally solved with the discovery of multiple department-store advertisements from the 1984 holiday season in which 4 gas planets the word Seeker appeared. The J.C. Penney catalog (sometimes called a wishbook) featured a page dedicated to Transformers that included this statement in its description of Starscream: Airplane with sensational F-15 styling scours the countryside searching for Autobots. When they’re found, the Seekers set out to destroy them. It also said Soundwave sends out messages to the Seekers and other Decepticons. [3] J.C. Penney and (now-defunct) chains Zayre and Dahlkemper’s put out ads in November 1984 listing Starscream and either Thundercracker or Skywarp as Decepticon Seeker. In addition, one of the earliest types of electricity pdf known ads for Transformers toys period is a Zayre circular from April 1984 that uses the term. [4] The term even appears as late as 1985, in a toy-ordering catalog for (now-defunct) Western Auto, a specialty retail chain for automobile parts and accessories, which lists all the standard Transformers releases from the gas unlimited houston 1984 line-up, among them the Decepticon (Seekers) Plane assortment, with Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp depicted. [5]

Presumably, then, the term Seeker was likely handed down by Hasbro in promotional materials, and those retailers happened to run with it. It’s impossible to know with absolute certainty, but the most curious aspect of the whole story is that members of the online Transformers fan community were gasco abu dhabi widely and independently using the term largely without question since the early 1990s, when the fandom was just getting on its feet, not dissimilar to the way the term Generation 1 was coined. Were those obscure toy ads truly widely seen enough, and a strong enough part of the fandom’s collective memory, to determine common parlance almost ten years after the fact? Or were there gas efficient cars under 15000 more official usages that have since disappeared? That is a mystery we may never solve!

The most obvious alternate name for these Transformers—and the one generally used by toy pack-in catalogs—is Decepticon Planes gas and sand. While usually clear enough from context, this term has the weakness that there are many Decepticon planes who do not share this body-type. Also, the term is rarely, if ever, used outside of toy-specific contexts. The first UK toy pack-in catalog referred to the group as strike planes. [6] The 1985 European Milton Bradley catalog calls them Decepticon Aeroplanes gas leak. [7] In Japan, they were called Jetrons.

Within the fiction, the cartoon episode Atlantis, Arise! features Brawn calling Thundercracker a Deceptijet. And the 1985 Listen ‘n Fun audio book Sun Raid has Megatron ordering the Deceptiplanes (Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker) to break off an attack. The audio book Jaws of Terror referred to them as Decepticon superjets. The multipath adventure book Dinobots Strike Back has Megatron order his warrior jets to attack the grade 9 electricity Autobots, just before a good ending which they fail to prevent.