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I checked with them about selling my timeshare. My timeshare is with Wyndham @ Smoky Mountains. I’ve owned it for over 10 years. I spoke with the Wyndham reps about the value of my timeshare. They said that the very same package that I own sells today for $12, 500. Boy would I love to get that for it.

The rep from told me that based on thier information that my timeshare would sell for between $12, 000 and $15, 000. This sounded very promising and I was excited to sell, especially if I could get anything close to $12, 000.

I questioned him about this and he said that the owner can set the price lower for a quick sale and that’s why some were on there for a very low price, but he said that he’s sure that any of those shown at low prices are already sold and the website just hasn’t been updated, Bla bla bla bla bla bla…Bla bla bla, he said.

I did not buy into it and I’m not going to. I mean, if they actually found a buyer then it definately would be worth the $500.00 for them to take care of the transfer and all of the paperwork, but it doesn’t cost them very much at all to ad your timeshare listing to thier website and once it gets listed, then they don’t give it any more thought. If somebody sees it and wants it then that’s great, but if nobody ever buys it… well then, for them that’s great too because they’ve already got your $500.00

I have also been burned by numerous companies but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I live in Ontario Canada and purchased a westgate timeshare in orlando about 6 years ago. I of course bought it at westgate where they pulled me in with free incentives and to make a long story short I purchased a timeshare I didn’t need. Just like most of the stories above I paid a handful of listing companies. Here is a short list of them: GMAC, Timeshares Only, Timeshares by Owner, and Timeshare Goldline. All of these companies said the same thing "We will get your timeshare rented/sold for this much"…and all of them did the exact same thing…nothing. Let’s just say I lost a lot of money with these listing companies. We all have fallen for great sales pitches and for the most part that is what you pay for a great sales pitch. All of these companies just give you advertising and that is what you pay for…problem is they make it seem like it will sell but that is what we want to hear…Well the good news is that I did finally get rid of my timeshare. I got a call about 6 months ago from Timeshare Sell Now, not to be confused with Sell my Timeshare Now. I of course was skeptical as everyone should be when getting these calls. When they called me the first time they were just looking to see if I still had the property and if I still wanted to sell. Basically, what they did was match a buyer with my property. Families that are looking to buy timeshares go straight to them where they then find the properties and match them up. When they match the families with the properties they put the family through financing to see if they are approved. If the family is approved they make them sign a right to rescission form which ensures that the family cannot back out of the sale. The only thing I paid to get out of the timeshare was my transfer fees which came out to about 1, 600. Bottom line is I had to come down on what I originally wanted for the timeshare but it was completely worth it considering how the economy is right now. You also have to keep in mind that when you are not using the timeshare you are still paying maintenance fees and that can be costly after a couple of years. So my advice is to research the companies you are dealing with and you will not get scammed. I will not leave Timeshare Sell Now’s number but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Here is there website: Good Luck out there…