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Sure we need more renewable energy, he continued. But we need carbon capture, sequestration, utilizing the carbon, making it a valuable product. We’ve had a piece of legislation called the Future Act signed into law, we had a hearing wb state electricity board bill pay on another one last week all related to carbon capture. And the other is nuclear power. New age nuclear power where the reactors are smaller, better, safer, that is all part of it.

SEN. JOHN BARRASSO: Well electricity symbols ks2 worksheet, the Democrats are going to continue to block anything the president wants to accomplish, and the president is doing wonderful things for the country in terms of economy, regulatory reform, tax relief, two judges on the Supreme Court. I’m really proud of the record that President Trump has, but the Democrats continue to take this hard left turn, kind of over the cliff. The Green New Deal electricity symbols is a part of it, but also with border security is a big issue.

BARTIROMO: Let me ask you about the broader set of issues here. We’ve got this SXSW conference going on and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is defending her position on the Green New Deal, basically saying what’s such a big deal about going gas monkey live from 10% better than garbage. She actually called U.S. policies right now garbage. How do you react to that?

Individually, the consequences are everyone is going to lose their job, it is going to be $65,000 per family per year, plus higher energy costs, higher heating costs, they want to get rid of airplanes gas stoichiometry formula. Anybody that works in the airline industry, they’re going to be out of work. The energy industry, out of work. And what about the Air Force? You get rid of airplanes, Vladimir Putin is not going to get rid of his Air Force just because we get rid of ours.

Right now, in terms of emissions, global emissions, the U.S. puts forth only 13% of those. China and India, 33%. So you can’t power the country on wind turbines and solar panels alone, that’s only 8% of our energy. We just can not allow ourselves to follow this chicken little, sky is falling national gas average 2012, approach of the socialist Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and these Democratic presidential candidates. We can not follow them over the cliff. it is going electricity 101 to hurt jobs, hurt peoples’ ability to pay their mortgage, hurt our nation in terms of national security…

BARTIROMO: I’m glad you mentioned all of this, because you worked with your Democratic colleagues on this. You recognize climate change as an issue. Do you think [Ocasio-Cortez] just doesn’t understand the issues? How is it possible that the party seems to be being gas and water llc led by her and her ideas? The whole conversation we are having is based on her ideas. What do your colleagues on the left say about this?

BARRASSO: Some are very concerned with the position the party has taken and some of the presidential candidates have taken. Nancy Pelosi is unnerved by this new group of Democrats in the House who are trying to take the entire party, and are succeeding at taking the entire party on this sharp left hand turn, that, as the New York gasset y ortega filosofia Times said today, careening off a cliff, that’s wher they’re headed.