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Johnson should step down for lying. Yes, we all hate Hillary. Yes, she is evil. But 9 people on the CFIUS council approved of the Uranium sale. Most of them were department heads of our highest security agencies. Look up what CFIUS before you throw Clinton under the bus. They all approved. Most of them are Republicans. Further, the Wyoming Uranium mine belonged to a Canadian company. It is not "our" Uranium. In the USA we do not own our own natural resources. Private energy companies own them and sell to us. The Wyoming Uranium mine is still functioning as it was before the transfer of 51% of its stock. If this deal is so bad, where are the power outages? The reports of diverted Uranium? The Russian mining conglomerate is one of the few companies in the world that even bothers with the Uranium business. If a Canadian company wants to sell its shares and they are the buyers, that’s called capitalism. The US can not interfere without good reason. It’s been five years. What bad came from the deal? Tell us on what grounds does Johnson feel the deal is unsafe? Why didn’t anyone protest back in 2010. This was no secret. The review of the deal involved heads of every security agency, and they all approved. BTW- Uranium mined in the USA is highly regulated. It can not leave the US. If Russians or anyone else wants Uranium they can get it from where we get 80% of our supply: in remote places like Uzbekistan. No reason to smuggle Uranium outside the US when plenty of resources exists in the world that are far easier targets.

Where does 80% of the supply or Uranium powering US cities come from? Remote places like Uzbekistan. Places where it is much easier to get Uranium than by smuggling out of the US. I don’t think you realize that nothing changed except shares in a company. The same strict regulations apply. No Uranium can leave the US. And the company didn’t fire the workers and ship in a fleet of Russian terrorists to work in Wyoming mining Uranium. The company that bought a controlling interest in the mine already owns Uranium mines outside the USA. They are one of the biggest mining conglomerates in the world. It may upset you to know that a very successful company is owned by Russians- not Americans. But that jealousy has absolutely nothing to do with the Wyoming mine. You need to educate yourself on a few things if you want to comment intelligently on the subject. Start with looking up CFIUS. Then research the seller and buyer. Don’t just learn their names. Look up their profile and discover their business interests. Also, you should read about US Uranium supplies and regulation. Then you can discuss what concerns you have about the Wyoming mine.

The committees in the House and Senate are NOT doing their jobs. Some have now stopped doing their jobs to look into another matter that has already been investigated to death, and no wrong doing was found. None of those Republican committees can be objective about any of it. Nunes keeps trying to sabotage the House committee. Why? He was supposed to be recused from those hearings, and Ryan refuses to stop him from interfering. Unlike you, Johnson, Mueller can be objective about the investigation. That’s his job; one he has done his whole life. He knows how to be objective. If our police, jurists, and people charged with upholding the law did not have the ability to be objective what kind of a legal system would we have? You, Johnson, have no ability to be objective. Why haven’t you been doing something about Russia’s interference in our election last year and making sure it never happens again? What have you done about it? What are you going to do about it? Someone needs to do something or democracy ceases to exist as we know it.