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yesterday i but sentry pro xft on my tan pug for flea and tick protection. when i left for work this morning, she was scratching her sides and biting at her tail, which i thought was odd. when i came home, she was still scratching at her sides and panting non stop. i thought she must of got fleas on her some how, but i searched her and found none. then i googled the situation, and read about expressing anal glands, which i then did, and there was still no relief. next i found myself reading about mites and scabies. finally, i read an article that mentioned a dog having an allergic reaction to a flea extraction, and thats exactly whats going on with sasha. i put the liquid down her spine and onto the first inch of her tail, which are the areas that she is trying to scratch at. after realizing this, i bathed her and fed her, and she seems a little better. shes not scratching as frequently and isnt panting as much. this product should not be sold in stores. the box has a picture of a pug on it, and it gave my pug an allergic reaction. the manufacturers are ###ing skum bags

Yesterday I asked one of the managers of the store I was working in about alternatives to Frontline – due to cost, as I’m caring for my mother’s dog in addition to my own two. She has used Sentry Pro XFT with no problem on her two labs who are hiking in the woods on a regular basis.

Within 10 minutes my 6 month old retriever mix girl was scratching. She ‘progressed’ to pacing, whining, even digging on furniture! She was showing great anxiety and distress. I began checking online and because of these well written descriptives I was able to make the connection to the Sentry Pro XFT.

I used Dawn, rinsed – puppy shampoo, which I let sit for 5 minutes or so before rinsing – and one more good amount of Dawn, which I also let sit. I followed up with Benadryl and spent the night on the couch next to her crate to listen for anything out of the ordinary.

My heart breaks for those who went before us. I lost my beautiful Golden girl last August and took a long time before rescuing this sweet baby. She’s normally a happy little goofball. During this event she paced and whined 100% of the time. No $ amount saved is worth this happening to even one more dog. It would seem that some do OK on it – but SOMEONE needs to put a warning on the box at the very minimum!!!

This morning I made the mistake and put Sentry Pro XFT on my perfectly healthy Puggle in order to protect her against fleas as they so advertize on tv. Well, about 4 0r 5 hrs. later she was going crazy. She was constantly scooting across the rug, biting at her feet, scratching any place possible, drooling, and doing anything a dog can do to try and comfort itself. I bathed her twice and then after seeing the reports on this site, I shampooed her again with Dawn. It doesn’t seem to have helped yet so I’m off to the drug store for some Benydril. This product should by no means still be on the market. Petsmart or any one else should be totally embarrassed to sell this. It’s heartbreaking to watch a family pet go through this agony. In calling the Sentry people at 1-800-224-7387 the customer service people seem to be quite satisfied with their product. I suggested she wash her hair tonight with this wonderful stuff and return my call. I don’t believe she was to happy. Tomorrow Petsmart will be giving me a 100% refund. Jocko

I can’t believe this product is on the shelves. Pet owners please do your research!!! I failed to do mine and i certainly paid for it. I bought this product because it was more affordable than the product i normally buy so thought i’d give it a shot…big mistake! After 30 minutes of applying this treatment to my 56lbs dog she was scratching like CRAZY! I gave the treatment to her in the evening and she was up all night long scratching & panting…she couldn’t sit still and was drooling all over the place, wouldn’t eat or drink anything. I took her to the Vet the next morning and they told me she had a severe reaction and had to have a shot of steroids. We also have a prescription of prednisone that she will have to take for the next couple weeks. I was just trying to save a few bucks but in the end i ended up paying a $200 vet bill plus the amount i paid for the awful product. I will never, ever use this product again and have told all my friends and family not to buy it either…it is certainly not worth the risk.

Please dont use this product. We put Sentry Pro XFT on our puppy on Tuesday. Within a minute she was scratching and going around in circles. She was up the whole night so uncomfortable scratching like crazy. I called my animal hospital and they said to give her a bath. We did she wasn’t better. She was up 24 hours and didn’t sleep actually acting like she was in heat walking back and forth in circles and scratching. My husband called the number on the box and they said to use dish washing liquid to bath her of use vitamin E liquid to rub her body down. Didn’t do anything she was still in agony. For 2 nights I was wiping her down with cold compresses. I went to the vet this morning and they shaved her body in two places. She has huge burns from this product I will attach the pictures later. They gave her a shot of steroids. She has to be on a antibiotic and a steroid also a steroid cream. She is still so itchy. She is resting now but I am so mad. After seeing all these posts this product should be off the market. I went into Petco and they said it happens with all these products. Yea right! My poor little puppy is so sad and I feel like we are bad parents for not looking into this horrible product. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!!! Valentine is on her way to recovery and i hope someone reads these comments before they use this product!