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I rented a bike at Bike Blast Las Vegas for going to Red Rock Canyon on Saturday and Mount Charleston on Sunday. The bike was d cypha electricity brought almost in time to the hotel close to Convention Center and was picked up as agreed via telephone on Sunday. The bike was in good shape. A bike saddle bag with one tube, some tool and 2 pcs Co2 cartridges along with 2 pcs 0.5 Liter bottles have been delivered. The prize with 160 $ for all seemed a bit high – so try to negotiate. I do not know anybody that has successfully inflated a flat tube with Co2 cartridges. Bring a small air pump with you, and if possible helmet, pedales and cycling shoes. Be warned: 1 Liter water is by far not enough for such trips ! I had a camel bag with 2 additional water with me and barely made it to mount Charleston Visitor Center. Red Rock Canyon Tour I went to north (Charleston Road) that leads to west directly into Red Rock Canyon and drove the Scenic Driveway that normally electricity and magnetism study guide 8th grade costs 4$ entry gasco abu dhabi fee. On my Saturday it was for free for some reason. All in all about 60 miles / about 5h with jet lag and being tired arriving on Friday. I would recommend this counter clock wise ride as you will pass Blue Diamond gas station (Junction 160 / 159) for getting water. There is no other place to get water as soon as you have left the city. Apart from this the Entrance of Scenic Driveway is in the north and it is a one way drive. Another advantage is that I passed Las Vegas Boulevard with sun in the back what resulted in best illuminated typical tourist Las Vegas pictures for my camera. Don’t be afraid about the traffic – it was really reasonable. With the bike it was always possible to stop and take a photo. The Strip is about 4 miles long. Doing it by bike gas dryer vs electric dryer calculator is convenient. Mount Charleston About 10h drive / 95 miles In order to avoid highway like roads go to north and return in reverse order: Sahara Ave – Rancho Dr – W Lone Mountain Rd – N Durango Dr – Oso Blanca Rd – Kyle Canyon Rd (that leads you to Mount Charleston). I drove in from 95 south to 157 what is Kyle Canyon Rd. About 40 miles from start there is the visitor center where you find spring water for free and a shop to buy Gatorade – most probably needed as you are still not at the top most point. There is still about 10 miles to go up to a height of about 2450m above sea level. The good news is that the grade is not more than 10% and often less gas and sand, in average 5%. The temperature in Las Vegas was about 38°C and at the visitor center I felt cold in the shadow. As soon as you reached the peak it goes all the way down no climbing again. The distance from the northern outlet to Las Vegas was hard as I was exhausted and it was hot z gas guatemala again. The small elevation from the 95 to Las Vegas even caused problems to me as I had strong wind from south for about 16 miles. Closer to the city it stopped. All in all a hard ride for me but worth doing it. You can not do the loop if you are not in good shape, however turning around and get back the way you came from south is not a problem as all the way goes down – no climbing.

Matthew (a former executive with an international travel company) picked us up at the tour entrance at Paris Casino and Hotel. He was very friendly 3 main gas laws and approachable. The drive out to The Valley Of Fire went very quickly due to the easy conversation. Matthew then fitted us up with our bikes, the BMC’s were a dream to ride. It was a very hot day 104 F but there was a cooler full of icy water and energy drink. Matthew took it easy on us during the ride but if we wanted a more challenging experience he let us know it could be easily catered for. His knowledge of the park, the rock formations and the electricity trading strategies local tribal history was fantastic. He knew the best spots for photography and after we had done with our ride we still had some time up our sleeve so he took us to see some other areas in the van. Snacks were provided and the drive home was again filled with pleasant conversation and recommendations for some of the locals favourite restaurants that a regular tourist just wouldn’t take the time to get to. Great ribs by the way Matthew. My travelling partner discovered he had left his phone/wallet in the van once we had been dropped back to Paris. A quick phone call to Matthew saw him return the phone o gastro/wallets/cards and cash to us at Paris in his own time and drop us to the rib restaurant he had recommended. Can speak highly enough of the service.