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When we setup our scales at the shop, or wherever we do it, we must level the scales. Electricity will not generally cause If the floor is relatively level, say in a commercial building, things will be easier. Gas efficient cars under 5000 If you are in a garage intended to house a car, the floor will usually slope towards the garage door. Electricity storage handbook This allows any spilled water to flow out the door and not accumulate.

It is less important for the scales to be level front to rear. Electricity deregulation choices and challenges It is extremely important for the scales at each axle to be level side to side. Electricity use estimator So, if we have leveled the scales side to side and the front to rear were off level by an inch, it’s not the end of the world. Arkansas gas and oil commission When we raise the rear of the car ten inches, the front weights only change by a few pounds, so one inch won’t make an appreciable difference.

To level the scales side to side, we can use a simple bubble level resting on a wood two by four that is eight feet long. Electricity projects for grade 6 Make sure the board is straight and position the level in the same place for all measurements. V lab electricity Also, make sure the ends where they rest on the scales are positioned in the same spot each time. Us electricity hertz Move the board from end to end in the same orientation, don’t turn the board around. Gas in chest Place spacers under the lower scales to make them level to the other side.

For teams who want to be more accurate, you can use a simple construction laser level and tape measure. Electricity word search printable These are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at any hardware store. Electricity merit badge worksheet answers Even if the laser level is a little off level, it provides a constant plane whereby all four of the scales will all be on the same plane and level to each other.

Weigh the car with all of the fluids and driver weights it will have when on the track. Electricity billy elliot chords Many teams will put lead in the driver’s seat, but when doing this, you should put about 30% of the lead in the foot well and the other 70% in the seat. Electricity towers in japan And you can place lead on top of the fuel tank to simulate a full tank. Gas in back and stomach Fuel weighs about 6 pounds per gallon.

Bring all of the tires up to race pressures because they will grow differently front to rear from cold pressures and affect the height of the wheels which will affect the loading on the scales. Electricity prices per kwh 2013 And make sure the front wheels are pointed straight ahead. Electricity games If you have high rebound shocks on any corner of the car, wait till they stabilize before you take readings.

Disconnect the sway bar while you are taking scale readings. Grade 9 electricity unit test answers You can load and/or preload the bar later on. Gaston yla agrupacion santa fe Now you can read the scales. Tgas advisors company profile If you are using modern electronic scales, the side, front and rear as well as the cross weight percentages will be displayed.

When using grain scales, or similar, add the four wheel weights and record the total. Electricity icons free Then add the left side wheels and divide by the total for the left side percent. Power outage houston today Add the two front wheel weights and divide by the total for front weight percent.

Add the RF and LR wheel weights and divide by the total for cross weight percent Subtract the left side percent and the front percent from 1.0 to get the other percents, right side and rear.

Changing the loads can be done one of two ways. Electricity voltage in germany Either you want to move or add weight, or you want to redistribute the weights that are already in the car to different wheel loadings. Electricity worksheets ks1 Moving weight or adding weight will change the loading on the four tires and change the front to rear percent, side to side percent and the cross weight percent.

If you want to change load distribution, but not total weight, there is a way to do that and not change the ride heights appreciably. Electricity and circuits I say that because there will always be a little tweaking needed to fine tune your ride heights when changing loading.

If you need to increase the cross weight (RF and LR added as a percentage of total weight of the car), you will force down the right front and left rear springs and ease up on the left front and right rear springs. Electricity vs magnetism venn diagram The most common device for doing that is a screw jack or adjuster rings on a coil over shock.

So, if the springs are similar in rate from side to side like at the front, you can add turns to the adjuster at the RF in the same amount as you take turns away from the LF spring. Electricity 2pm lyrics Then we go to the rear. Gas law questions and answers Most rear spring rates are different side to side. F gas regulations If you divide the softer spring rate by the stiffer spring rate, you get a percentage number.

If the LR were a 200ppi spring rate and the RR were a 400ppi rate, the percentage would be 0.50. Z gas cd juarez telefono If you want to turn the LR spring down by four turns, you would turn the stiffer RR spring by the percentage times that, or two turns. Astrid y gaston lima menu prices That is because the same number of turns on the stiffer spring will move that corner twice as much as the same number of turns on the softer spring.

Try to record how much the cross weight changes as you make changes to the front and rear spring adjusters. Gas under a dollar This way, when you want to add cross at the track, you’ll know exactly how much you need to turn your adjusters for the percentage change desired.

If you follow this rule, your ride heights will remain close to what they were when you started. Find a gas station near me Now you can hook up that sway bar. Electricity number If you want to preload the bar, do it now and see how much cross percent it adds per turn. Electricity quiz 4th grade This way, you can make adjustments to return to the original cross weight when you add turns at the track.

If you are running on bumps, when the car goes down on the bumps, there is a good chance that your bar will load differently and affect the load distribution on the four tires. V gas llc This would change your handling if not corrected.

Set the bar to neutral at ride height. Gas finder near me Push down on the car till it is on the bumps and then note how many turns it takes to go to neutral again. Rahal e gas card This is the amount of cross weight percent that must be accounted for when you initially set cross weight with the bar unloaded.

Track scales are almost never level, period. Gas dryer vs electric dryer calculator Get your loading percentages at the shop and trust those numbers. Electricity production in usa When you get to the track, re-weigh the car on the track scales and note the difference in cross weight percentage and maintain that difference.

The front to rear and side to side percentages should not change much at all because we stated at the top of the article that it would take more than an inch or so of difference in level side to side, or slope in the floor, to make a percentage difference in readings. Gas variables pogil answers It is the cross weight percent where the unlevel scales really show a difference from your shop scales.