Setting the record straight a day in the life of a pastor gas up


I usually help with homeschooling our children for 2 hours. After lunch I usually block off a period of 3 hours for studying, sermon work. After studying, is time with the family, miscellaneous planning, scheduling, prepping for events and then dinner. About 5 nights of the week we have some sort of activity at the church such as outreach, band practice, midweek church service, concert scene, or fellowshipping. —We do try to have one night at home a week as a family.

Pastor Tim Schmoyer: What does a day in your life as a pastor look like? I drop my kids off at school around 7:30. wd gaster battle Then I study Scripture in my office. I meet with people and pray, and give directions to volunteers. Every day is so different. I lead many Bible studies including one at our nearby retirement home. I attend denominational meetings and train future pastors in a church based education called the Antioch School.

We have used the Gospel Illusion show, from several churches in Oregon. I was skeptical at first, would this be an effective way to portray the gospel? Would it be so cheesy people would leave? Does it cater to the weirdness of “magic”? These men do a fantastic job. They use various illusions to tell the story of what Christ can do in a life, they walk through various transformations and tell their own testimonies throughout the entire show. It has garnered an overwhelming response from the community. It’s geared toward young children, and parents have expressed such gratitude for something their kids can attend that doesn’t push boundaries or dabble with elements they don’t feel comfortable with. We have hosted these events in our church, out in the parks and in our local YMCA. 7 gas laws All of them have been heavily attended and have had a great response at the altar call.

Pastor Kevin Obermeyer: As a pastor, it’s usually filled with people asking all kinds of questions about personal needs and problems, some with appointments but often just walk-ins or catching you at the store or just as you’re walking out the door. A few Bible questions come up from people who want to debate, and a couple of regulars are always trying to overcome some vice that you just talked to them about a short time before. People become very codependent on you, so you have to learn to draw boundaries.

In between all of this, you piece together preparation for the next sermon or decision regarding an upcoming church event or procedure before your thoughts are interrupted again. You try to block out scheduled staff meetings because you need that for church operation. And you try to spend as much time as you can with your family, until that next 2 a.m. phone call takes you away again. Then you get up early the next morning or just stay up through the night because it’s late, and start the next day all over again.

Janet Foley, on behalf of her husband, Pastor Kevin Foley: My husband leaves the house to go to his office at 5:30 a.m. He has breakfast and reads his daily Bible reading. From 7:00 to 8:00 a.m., he attends prayer meeting. Sometimes he invites men out for coffee the next hour if any are available before work. Then he returns to the office to do all the bill-paying, accountant work, filing, mailing, church finances. He finds it necessary to do a lot of reading, Biblical studies and current events, historical information etc. as input for his sermons, (four per week plus Sunday School).

He schedules upcoming events, plans advertising. electricity reading comprehension He oversees the upkeep of two huge buildings and a downtown parking lot, dealing with city officials, police, street people, security, vandalism, etc. He oversees the upkeep of the church van and strategizes for impact teams to the greater Northwest states. He counsels at his office throughout the day on phone and in person, also answering emails etc. He has a lot of interruptions and is available 24-7 to any requests, phone calls or texts that come his way! He meets with the local area pastors (from 5-6 churches) on Wednesdays and has sermon sessions as they brainstorm and put together that night’s sermon (helping them learn strategies for sermon construction etc..)

On top of all that, he is the area leader for Northern CA, Oregon, Idaho and Washington. He hosts an area-wide conference for a week in the Spring and an area-wide pioneer pastor’s rally in the Fall. He also hosts an area-wide marriage retreat in February. grade 9 electricity test He is called on to preach marriage retreats, conferences and revivals at times throughout our nation and overseas as well.

I feel as if I need to write the equivalent of three research papers per week—which includes citing sources and takes 1- 2 hours reading the Bible and studying and researching it and an additional 2-3 hours a day of compiling and editing the sermon idea Pastor, on average how much time does it take you to put together a sermon, including research, study, etc.?

Pastor Kevin Obermeyer: Hard to say. Sometimes it just comes to you almost completely laid out, so maybe a couple of hours just to get it written down. Other times you can spend several days of researching before starting to put it all together over a couple more days. I know some pastors who spend at least 40 hours on a sermon. I’ve never spent more than probably 20 hours total, unless I start to question myself and try to rewrite things, which usually ends up a disastrous mess.

Pastor Chad: This is very difficult to put a number to. This is because from the moment my last sermon is over I am thinking about the next one. I am meditating on the passage of Scripture in my mind while I go throughout all other activities with ministry and family. If it was just giving a speech, I would be able to give a number of hours. But, since a sermon is much more than a speech, involving a spiritual battle the only answer I can give is that I am preparing all the time. electricity distribution vs transmission How much time do you spend in personal Bible study, prayer and reading, a day?

Pastor Chad: I will answer this question the same as the previous. For me, sermon prep and personal devotions go hand in hand. The approach that God humbled me with from the beginning was that I always am preaching to myself—this is true every time I preach. Thus, I am always spending time in my mind on my personal Spiritual walk and reflecting on what God is teaching me.

Pastor Tim Schmoyer: Although we have a church treasurer who handles the day to day finances, I do a lot of financial paperwork to report to our elders about where our church is financially. Also, when we were building a new part to our church building, I did a lot of financial paperwork to secure our mortgage and also made a lot of decisions regarding the building itself. I also take time to meet with other church planters in our denomination.

Janet Foley: I guess I feel like I spend 6-8 hours a day on church business. I note what is needed on the building and act as a liaison to help organize and make sure maintenance is done on our facilities. I do a lot of public relations and advertising (graphic arts). I like to plan and think ahead; I am an idea person and love to rethink everything that we do. p gaskell I am an event planner! Recent wedding, bridal and baby showers for church members. I love thinking of ideas to reach people and to help connect relationships. Things like Book Clubs and Youth Rallies, floats in the parade, writing tracts, making flyers, Meet and Greets after church etc. Beautification Ministry! (Ha!)

Spent all week last week picking out colors for the exterior of our building…working with painters and community leaders for historical commission planning. Picking out light fixtures/ working with electricians. Designing cupboards and cabinets / working with carpenters. I love helping renovate our buildings from looking sadly dated to fresh and inviting!

The takeaway—since the responsibility is so similar, you can draw your own conclusions. But mentally I feel a responsibility that never leaves me, the needs are always on my mind. electricity experiments for preschoolers For me being a pastor means I don’t punch a clock at 5 pm and go home. Weekends aren’t a break from my job either, as you can imagine. What are some things your church could do to lighten your load or refresh you and your family so you can better serve God and them?