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It really sounds like ibs and I got a pain so bad one time I felt like id pass out, was driving when it happened. Scarey–ran into bestbuy and went then all went away. More water more leafy vegetables, milk is bad for me, cheese, cottage cheese. The worse time I just spoke of was day after jalapeno"s which I love to eat– now I am afraid to eat them. My spell of ibs seems to have improved though lately, but ive had it off and on for years. Last time lasted about 8 months it was really bad spell, even ended up with some kind of inflamation in my internal organs with it. Since then its been really good actuallly with only a few mild crampin spells. My constipation gets worse, and my belly gets all swelled up and bloaty. Then I get this bout of diarhea for no reason and go like 6 times in one day–and it seems to get better after that. Like body trying to clear itself out. Real bad cramps with the diarhea also. Ibs is identified by constipation and diarhea together usually. Or one or the other

Hi, I am and 18 year old female and i have the same pain problems in my lower abdomen after i eat!! Sometimes this pain gets soo bad i cant take it i cry i fall to the ground its soo bad and soo uncontrollable!! I have had my gallbladder as well as my appendix taken out!! I have plycystic ovarian disease, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, ovarian cysts, blind in my left eye, and one other possible because the emergency room in my town is retarded they told me i had DIVERTICULITIS! Well later i went to my primary care physician and they told me that it wasnt in the records, well i found my paperwork thankfully!! Anyways i may or may not have this and it has to do with the bowel area! It mostly happens in people 40 and up which is why my case is rare!! Basically Diverticulitis is pockets that end up on your colon and intestines and this is called diverticulosis but then when these pockets get filled up they get infected and this is diverticulitis! Which bad cases some part of the Diverticulitis may be taken out in surgery! I dont know though i need help because i collapsed at work the other day because my pain was soo bad!! I dont understand!! And i always have diarrhea green and umm sometimes red and dark dark brown!!!

I read earlier as well somebody was talking about a son that had his appendix out and a sister or something that had their gallbladder out!!! As for getting sick because of taking you appendix out is wrong your appendix has not function none at all!!! Your gallbladder though i understand that part because they tell you that you can get a little sick after your gallbladder has been taken out!! They say that you can have diarrhea but theres not supposed to be bad bad bad pain like what i have!! Also when your gallbladder is taken out some people develope whats called dumping sydrome its kind of like when everything just goes right through you!! As for your son getting sick i would take him in and get his gallbladder checked!! They seem to walk hand in hand for some strange reason!! My younger sisters friend had the same thing as me she had her gallbladder taken out and then her appendix like 3 months later!! Strange i know but very possible!!! When you take your son to the doctor, however, absolutely ask for a HIDA scan because ultrasounds dont show the function of the gallbladder they check for it being enlarged and for gallstones, but a HIDA scan checks the function!! Your gallbladder is supposed to function at 40% or more but mine was only at 13% so it wasn’t working and they never would have known if the HIDA scan wasn’t done!!

Well, I still have my appendix and my gallbladder and I have had the same symptoms for about 2 years now. Last year I spent all of my time at the hospital and they told me there was nothing wrong. I don’t get it really you would think that its crones disease because thats when your body attacks food and thinks it needs to get rid of it but I was tested for that and it came back negative. But In December I had a colonoscopy and I felt great for about 3 months and then everything came back. I don’t want to go to the doctors again because they don’t seem to care down here. I was in the emergency room one night and I was lying doubled over in pain crying and the doctor walked in asked if I smoked I said yes and he said its the cigarettes and walked right back out and then a nurse came in and told me I was leaving. Just like that. So I don’t know what to do but I’m sick of living like this I’ve cut my diet in half and nothing I don’t eat but once a day now because of fear of getting sick, but now I weigh 200lbs and can’t lose one pound and when all this started I weighed 130, so constantly having diarrhea and vomiting made me gain weight? If anyone else is having similar side affects let me know.