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U.S. Oil, Appleton has announced a first of its kind partnership in Wisconsin to provide GAIN compressed natural gas (CNG) to the Murphy Concrete & Construction (MCC) asphalt plant in Seymour. GAIN will stage CNG trucks at the plant 24 hours a day to provide the fuel needed as the facility is converted from burning waste oil to the more environmentally friendly and cost effective CNG.

“We’re excited about this business opportunity as it’s never been implemented in Wisconsin,” said Mike Koel, Vice President of Business Development for U.S. Oil. “We are able to provide a solution that helps a rural business take advantage of the benefits of compressed natural gas, while also helping to reduce emissions. Essentially, this solution removes the barrier for businesses that currently don’t have access to natural gas.”

Due to its location, MCC was unable to link to a natural gas distribution pipeline which required the plant to operate on waste oil as its fuel source. “Linking to a gas pipeline was just not an option,” said Joe Murphy, President of MCC. “However, we wanted to take advantage of the many benefits of natural gas and the partnership with U.S. Oil provided that opportunity. The company is great to work with and has provided a way to improve our operations.”

The process involves having one GAIN CNG truck linked to the plant, with another parked nearby. A third is stationed at U.S. Oil GAIN fueling facility in Green Bay. When the first GAIN truck runs low, the second vehicle is linked to the plant and the first returns to Green Bay to refuel. During this time, the third truck is dispatched to the plant to ensure there is never a gap where the plant doesn’t have natural gas. “It’s really a simple solution and provides a great way for MCC to utilize CNG,” Koel said.

MCC’s plant is currently using both CNG and waste oil as a fuel source and plans to have the plant fully converted to CNG by spring 2014. “We’re looking forward to completing the conversion and seeing all the benefits of using natural gas to power our operations,” said Murphy, citing the economic and environmental advantages of a cleaner, more-reliable, domestic fuel source, with significant energy cost savings for MCC.

MCC, Inc. is headquartered in Appleton and has been serving northeast Wisconsin for over 85 years. The company operates asphalt plants in Mackville, New London, and Seymour. With nearly 400 employees, MCC, Inc. specializes in ready-mix concrete, aggregate, construction, and asphalt services throughout northeast Wisconsin. For more information on MCC, Inc. please visit

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