Shani saturn in putra bhava-5 bp lama jyotisha electricity and magnetism study guide answers


"Accumulating merit" can be approached from a psychological perspective that lends itself to experiential verification or from a spiritual dimension that requires some faith."Merit" can be understood as "spiritual power" that manifests in day-to-day experience. static electricity in the body effects When merit, or spiritual power, is strong, there is little resistance to practicing Dharma and practice itself is empowered.

To the growing child it seems to be in one’s pragmatic self-interest to display (5) qualities of non-centrality, lawfulness, conformity, and conventionality in the expression of personal intelligence and charm. Only the most highly structured and supervised forms of creative play are allowed. Romance is acceptable only as a brief and innocent precursor to marriage, and romantic love that damages the sober public reputation may be punished by social censure.

Professor Shani teaching in classroom-5 must accept responsibility in place of romance; diligence in place of drama; and sobriety in place of self-expression. Children become the justification for marriage, and social responsibility is the ultimate justification for children. Unless Surya is very bright and auspicious, there may be very little pure delight in this life.

As a result, the adult is typically a plain person who eschews the glamour and the trappings of celebrity. (Adjust if other graha in 5.) The adult may seem to lack natural charisma almost entirely, unless Rahu or Surya influences mantrasthana. Little interest in getting praise for creative efforts, and may experience one’s own progeny as mainly a social responsibility rather than a joy.

Professor Shani teaching in classroom-5 does not prevent getting rich. Shani and Zukra are the very closest of friends. Any influence between them will generate wealth, artistic talent, and social grace. electricity formulas physics However with duteous Shani in divinely intelligence and authentically joyful 5, regardless of the external luxury, there is little real joy in life.

Professor Shani teaching in classroom-5 is possessed of stamina and endurance in matters of bureaucratic political process, showing a remarkable capacity to endure long meetings with creative directors or fellow performers (5); endless conferences with attorneys and advisers (7), and drawn out legal proceedings (7, 9) including decisions made in family council (2).

Native may experience resentment regarding the limitations upon enjoyments that are imposed by one’s social obligations (Shani) toward the children. gas prices under a dollar Romantic love seems unreachable, and marriage settles into a dutiful work program. Children are raised ‘properly’ according to the strictures of the culture, and when SHani is even reasonably well disposed the children generally turn out to be good citizens, effective workers, structured and reliable personalities — but there is little sincere happiness in the task of child-raising. However, a favorable placement for Chandra (parenting) could eliminate all but the most difficult karma in this placement. Chandra in 11 can remediate the laborious, scarcity-effect of children very completely. gas knife lamb As usual, many factors must be considered.

Professor Shani teaching in classroom-5 is immature emotionally, children may be perceived as a burden rather than a gift. Depending on role of Budha, this native may encounter obstacles to successful communicative relationships with children. The intelligence is somewhat blunted by material survival concerns, either for oneself or for those toward whom one bears responsibility.

= an" intelligence functionary" who works within the socially approved system for regulating individual creative expression and speculative ventures. This person must apply sustained effort with limited resources (Shani)oward the maintenance of conditions supporting the literary, artistic, theatrical, political, philosophical and other speculative genius that spearhead the advance of civilization.

Nature of the difficulties is determined by whether and how much Shani’s drishti into yuvati bhava is welcomed. wb state electricity board recruitment Shani’s drishti into 7 is neutral in most cases but it is an oppressive experience for the Vrishabha and Thula lagna where Mangala Maturation required before obtaining agreement in marriage (7), community/ fruit-attainment (11), and the family history (2).

Negative expectations regarding the outcome of the child-conception, child-birth, and child-raising processes. Difficulty in conceiving children, or heavy expenses in their upbringing. Much physical and moral work involved in raising children, focused inordinately on discipline, inculcation of responsibility and reinforcement of routine. A sober and suspicious view of creativity in general, expressing an aesthetic preference for strict lines, austere forms, and cold space. Imposes the law of the majority upon the tastes of the minority. May be a gifted engineer or clean-up agent in environments where amusement, frivolity, or personal uniqueness have become overgrown.

Strong, favorable graha in these domains will significantly override the prognosis for frustration and interruption in domains 5, 7, 11 and 2. k gas constant Yet the presence of Shani’s drishti will be subtly noticeable. E.g., total blockage may turn to delay, or material handicap may manifest as psychological resistance – but Shani’s karmic drishti will never be completely erased.

Professor Shani teaching in classroom-5 also feels that 4-things are not developing. Jyotishi may hear a complaint that one’s education (4) or home life (4) are constrained and wonder what is the source of that complaint when Shani resides in 5. Well, it is a mixing of effects of the roots + the fruits of a situation, between which many people cannot discriminate.

Professor Shani teaching in classroom-5 may be perceived to slow the progress of establishing a home (4), completing exams (4) license or diploma (4) property titles (4) fencing and defense of properties (4)one’s parents (4) socializing education, property ownership, and full social security (4) . Financial profit (11) from investment in professional education (4) is limited or occurs only later in life.

A lifetime of slow and careful development of a network of conventional interlinking associations, through business, religion, family connections, education, etc., is a typical and non-controversial path. electricity nyc Profitability is steady barring other adverse conditions re: bhava-11. electricity distribution costs However there will be no flashy, short-term success; no"big wins "; no remarkable coups.

It is strongly recommended to try to"catch" negative thoughts "in the act". If habitual, fear-driven thoughts of failure, ignominy, and zero-option despair (Shani’s specialties!) are caught and identified at the mental level, then they can be dealt with quickly. They might not be able to be completely extinguished because they are the result of past-life karma. They will have to be understood and accepted before they can be eradicated.