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I have some good friends who’s kids enjoy hanging out with me. Since I play with them so much the parents often call me "The Toy" as I entertain their kids so well.. The boy who is 12, is a very tall lean one. grade 9 electricity unit He already has a fairly deep voice, wears size 13 shoes, and from what the parents tell me his has quite a crop of fuzz down low, and he has been caught in his room wanking. That was a huge embarrassment for Mom, but I can’t tell that story since I was not there.

Anyway, he is a great kid, very kind and affectionate, aside from our romps in the pool, or other outdoor activities, he likes me to sit by him while he plays video games, and he loves it when I stroke his hair a bit. At night when we say good-bye or good-night he gives the absolute biggest and firmest bear-hugs you can imagine. There have been a few occasions when I am over at their home and he denies his friend who calls and wants to come over. gas unlimited He actually prefers my company over his best buddy. electricity meme Kind of makes my head spin a bit when I think about that.

Last weekend I was at their home, all of us playing board games at the kitchen table. So were just playing any normal type family game, no TV on, no outside distractions, but I noticed his lap, kind of on accident. He wasn’t rubbing there, and actually never seems to do the usual tug and prod at his junk like so many early teen boys. But from the bumped up mass tenting his shirt, I could tell he had a full random erection. I didn’t want to be caught staring at his crotch, so looked back at the game for a bit, but my eyes had to confirm was it really that? I took a sip of my drink and glanced down, indeed I could see the shape of the shaft coming up his Basketball shorts, and then the rounded lump right where it should be for a full-on boner. a gas has no volume I will add that although he is advanced in body size over-all, this apparent shape was indicating the typical 12-er sized unit under there.

I put the whole derelict boner out of my mind and we finished the game, then convened to the living room so he could play his vid games on the big TV. I sat by him and watched, while the other adults having no interest in gaming, so they retired for the evening. static electricity sound effect By the glow of the screen, I caressed his hair and rubbed the back of his neck for a bit.

He was content with that for 10 minutes or so until he declared his legs were hurting again. I recalled they had caused him some discomfort earlier in the day while we were playing outside climbing trees and such. gas monkey monster truck body So I rubbed some in the general area he described, until he pointed to the underside of his thigh, saying that was the area I needed to work. By this point, I am well inside the leg of those nylon shorts. Working the tender muscles of his long lean thighs with both hands. Partly massaging deep to locate a tight tendon on the underside and moving around to the larger muscles of his inner thigh gently working the tension upward. electricity year 6 We were alone and bound in trust by an affectionate friendship. Considering the casual invitation for my hands to soothe and calm his aching legs, to me it was purely therapeutic, yet outwardly, I knew it looked invasive, and perhaps improper. I honestly expected the boner might pop again. what is electricity It didn’t and I was okay with that.

I had a nice relaxing evening, in the company of a treasured young fellow, yet I developed a bit of a gooey mess in my shorts from the warm luxurious contact I was afforded in rubbing those long smooth legs. I believe the massage was all innocent enough, I truly enjoy the personal contact and soothing nature of taking someone to a state of peaceful relaxation, even if he’s killing Zombies at the greatest of ease.