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Key Features: This one-hectare garden produces the flowers and spices used to flavour the liquor distilled here. These include bespoke gins and absinthe, flavoured with traditional botanicals such as juniper berries – the key ingredient for gin – and garden angelica (Angelica archangelica) seeds and roots. gaslighting Australian native spices such as cinnamon myrtle (Backhousia myrtifolia) and lemon myrtle (Backhousia citriodora), are also used, and flowers such as German chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla), roses (including Rosa ‘Duchesse de Brabant’) with citrus notes provided by orange jasmine blossom (Murraya paniculata).

Gin is mostly made by passing alcohol through a steamer basket filled with fragrant plants, thereby extracting and holding the essential oils. (Perfume is made in a similar way.) With more delicate flowers, however, their oils are extracted by a process known as enfleurage, whereby flowers or botanicals are laid out onto a layer of solidified coconut oil so the perfume is diffused into the fat in its purest form.

Bill is certainly right in how simple, in theory, it is to make money from stocks. That is, only own stocks that are going up (the reverse for shorts of course). gas key bolt carrier And congratulations Bill on your results – well done and I mean that genuinely. Unfortunately I wasn’t very good at this despite a lotta, lotta education, trading tools and a few years of trying. electricity test physics I suppose I just don’t have the psychology for it and that is the most important part. Also I felt I was just replacing one job with another (ie it’s not passive investing). gas natural inc Finally I wasn’t game to commit the capital needed to make serious returns let alone cope with a string of mostly albeit small losses when trades went against me.

So in my case I proved to myself that I wasn’t cut out for trading. gas efficient suv 2008 And with it being a zero sum game (even worse than that if you take transaction costs into account) you really have to be in the top few percent of traders to really do well. Bill and from what I gather, Sunfish, are obviously some of those elite few percent so I think they deserve congratulations rather than criticism. But the vast majority of traders will end up losing and many out there may be lead into thinking the game of trading is easy – it’s hard, damn hard.

Then there is fundamental analysis. electricity videos for students Again despite my best endeavours I haven’t found fundamental investing of much use either as it requires too much work on my part and even relying on analyst recommendations can sometimes end up in hit or miss results. But here again, IV’s hard work seems to be paying off so he also should be congratulated. Crikey I’m starting to sound like a Flora margarine TV commercial.

“Another situation requiring wide diversification occurs when an investor who does not understand the economics of specific businesses nevertheless believes it in his interest to be a long-term owner of American (Australian) industry. That investor should both own a large number of equities and space out his purchases. By periodically investing in an index fund, for example, the know-nothing investor can actually out-perform most investment professionals. Paradoxically, when “dumb” money acknowledges its limitations, it ceases to be dumb.”

So putting myself in the dumb category I like the above quote because it makes me feel, well, less dumb Hence given my limitations what can I do other than have money in cash and property (but I also find property too much work and not without its risks either)? I choose to stick mostly with proxies of the broad market such as LICs and listed index funds. At least with these being diversified investments there is highly likely to be dividends and distributions to some degree always coming into our bank accounts and it removes the stock specific risk that Sunfish describes in his above quote. electricity physics definition Sure the price can go up and down (maybe even down, down and down – umm Japan ) but for better or worse this is the best that I, the know-nothing investor, can do.