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The boat crew fed us some yummy pineapple, chips and dips… Decided to do the Shark Ray Alley Tour with Coral Breeze tours for my Dec 16th NCL cruise from N.O. Took my own snorkel gear and was 1940 gas station photos allowed to use my own snorkel vest. Mark, the owner, responds to emails very quickly. The operator meets just outside the terminal gates, There will be a guide with a sign who will take you to the office. Hennie and crew were all excellent and informative about the local area. If you have any back issues, I would not recommend the tour since it can be bumpy. You first go on a high speed ride to the first reef which is about 20 miles away. The la gas prices map boat was small and only offered limited protection from the sun. The first reef, was excellent with plenty of fish in about a maximum of 20 foot of water. Please listen to the instructors and avoid hitting or touching the coral as it can be destroyed. The 2nd stop was with the sharks. The water only came up to our chests. Saw about 4 nurse sharks and plenty of rays which would brush your feet. If you take the lunch option, then you may have about 60 minutes to walk around Caye Caulker. If you want more time then avoid the lunch option. Caye Caulker only has about 2,000 people and is very pretty and safe. The boat crew fed us some yummy pineapple, chips and dips on the return trip. We made it back to the port with about 2 hours to spare, This is an excellent tour operator which I will use again in the future. More gas after eating pasta Show less

If you’ve already been to Belize once and seen the River Wallace tour or if you’re not interested in something with sun and sea, this is a good option. Also, if you have a hankering for the real Belize, this could fit the bill. In short, the tour consisted of a refreshing drink of coconut water (straight from a coconut), a stop on Belize City’s south side at Michael Finnegan’s Market to sample unusual fruits (such as sapodilla – texture of a soft pear and similar taste to a sweet potato – and gas engine efficiency green tangerines), KC’s deli to try johnny cakes and meat pies (ground steak in a tomato sauce, spiced with pepper and a dash of cayenne), Traveler’s Rum Factory where 3 sample shots of various spirits (try the Rumpope Cream) can be had for a dollar, and then back to the dock for a short cooking class where you’ll learn to make a tasty ceviche with lime-marinated conch and cooked shrimp. Overall, a nice half day excursion, and though we seemed to skip a stop to taste freshly made tortilla, our guide, Melvin electricity prices over time was incredibly gracious, informative, and did everything he could to make sure everyone had fun. Who would like this? Epicures, of course. People interested in getting good deals on One Barrel Rum or hard to find spices. People who want to venture into the locals’ area electricity usage calculator of Belize City instead of the tourist zones will like this as well. Who might not? People who want to view beautiful natural scenery, people more interested in history and sightseeing than culinary culture, people anxious about eating unusual food because of allergies or because their stomachs are easily upset by exotic ingredients. One thing to keep in mind is that while Martha Stewart might have wished for better facilities at the dock cooking class (such as a place where people could wash their hands or use Purell electricity related words before dicing and mixing vegetables), they did take hygiene into account. The waterfront restaurants use filtered water so vegetables would be safe and the lime juice and vinegar are also natural cleansers/health preservatives, so you should be able to sample your creation without worry. Highly enjoyable.

Did the Coral Breeze Tour when in port on a cruise. We prebooked and paid a deposit online to take the day trip to Caye Caulker which would include a guided reef snorkel trip and stop to swim with the rays and sharks. No problem tendering into the port and then was easy to follow the instructions for meeting our guide at the gate to the port complex. He was there holding a sign up with Coral Breeze printed on it and had a list with the names of people who had pre booked and paid the advance deposit. Some others who also joined the day tour and had done it previously went to the Wet Lizard in the port area which was apparently where electricity symbols worksheet pickup used to be. The Coral Breeze team no longer operates inside the port area, so be sure to go to the gate leading out of the port area, to meet the guide. Once everyone was located, we boarded our boat with the crew who were very attentive, safety conscious and informative; clearly they have gas city indiana a passion and respect for the environment. We had a beautiful boat ride out to Caye Caulker where those who were not going to snorkel were dropped off. Then the rest of us headed to the reef where we were divided into 2 groups of 8 to swim with our guide through the reef. Snorkel equipment was provided to those who did not have their own. All were required to wear life jackets or strap one onto our wrist. The snorkeling was mediocre with some interesting sea life but not a large volume. After the gas hydrates are used snorkeling we got back in the boat to go to a shallow sand bar area. We stood in chest deep water while rays and sharks swam around us. Lots of fun to play with them. Snacks were provided when we were back on the boat and then we headed back to Caye Caulker. Those of us who had preordered lunch, ate lunch at the Paradise Hotel and then we had about an hour to wander around Caye Caulker. Overall, this was a great day on the water, capped off as we were returning to the mainland by having a pod of dolphins swim alongside us.

We chose this tour and this company on the recommendation electricity and magnetism notes of friends who recently went on it. We made sure to choose the later of the two offered tours so we would have enough time to catch the tender to the main land. I have seen many reviews complaining about being left behind and something tells me this ‘may have been’ why they were left behind. It was impossible to miss our meeting point. The Wet Lizard Bar is unmistakable and the Coral Breeze meet up point was right at the entrance where the website stated it would be. Hennie was very pleasant and gas vs diesel truck we were booked in in no time. NOTE: -They are a CASH ONLY business in port. This is listed in the small print in your reservation e-mail. Only deposits can be put on a credit card. -Another review mentioned they operate on Island Time but we did not find this to be the case. In fact, we started boarding the boat right on time. My only criticism are these: 1) Some of the equipment is in poor condition, mainly the fins were worn and dry rotted but worked. The masks and snorkels I saw were in good working order. 2) The boat was packed and offered little room for movement, getting gear on etc. With a large group you have to be wary of other snorkelers or risk being kicked in the hp gas face. Please Note, these are not complaints. If I wanted top notch gear I would bring my own and I know gas prices are expensive so the tours want to take as many people as possible wd gaster battle to make cost. This is just something to be aware of before you arrive. The two snorkeling spots were very nice and we saw quite a lot of sea life, including lobster, eels and barracuda. Shark Alley made the trip worth while. We were surrounded by nurse sharks and tons of rays. It was an amazing experience and worth the trip. Our guides gave us some extra time at Shark Alley so our visit to Caye Caulker was very limited. If I had to complain about one thing it would have been this as we would have loved to have spent more time exploring Caye Caulker than sitting back in Belize City with several hours to spare before our ship left. Over all, the tour was very enjoyable. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Water and fresh fruit were provided on board. The price was very reasonable esp. when compared with cruise ship tour prices. I saw nothing that led me to believe they operated this tour in an unsafe manner as some reviews have mentioned electricity use in the us. I would have no problem recommending this tour or this tour company to anyone. Enjoy.