Shelley mckinley rural broadband key to virginia’s future guest columnist gas nozzle prank


VIRGINIA HAS become one of the nation’s high-tech leaders, adding thousands of jobs in recent years as companies look to build their business within the commonwealth. The investments by the private sector mp electricity bill payment paschim kshetra are due, at least in part, to the investments in high-tech infrastructure. The connectivity enabled by fiber optics are in part why a full 70 percent of the world’s internet traffic flows through Virginia, supported by a growing number of high-tech data centers in the commonwealth.

The benefits of this gas stoichiometry high-tech infrastructure have yet to reach many Virginians. An estimated 660,000 Virginians still lack access to high-speed internet. Microsoft data suggests the problem is larger, with more than 3 million people not at broadband speeds in Virginia. Broadband is critical infrastructure in the 21st century, and much electricity billy elliot karaoke like a town without access to electricity or roads, communities without gastric sleeve scars access to the internet are at a sharp disadvantage.

We have seen this digital divide up close. Microsoft first invested in Virginia, and has continued to expand, because the commonwealth offers an innovative climate, an advanced workforce, excellent schools and strong infrastructure. These require ongoing investment and attention to keep them strong. Connectivity is at the core of this ongoing improvement — without it, students fall behind in the digital skills needed for today electricity experiments for high school’s workforce. That stagnation of skills limits the future potential of students, the gaston y daniela economic future of communities and the commonwealth and the success of businesses of all sizes within Virginia.

We’re committed to doing our part to close this digital divide. But the public sector must play a larger role. The recently released Commonwealth Connect Report outlines the kind of actions needed to deliver universal broadband coverage to Virginia within the arkla gas phone number decade. The cornerstone of the plan is significant increased funding for the Virginia Telecommunications Initiative, a grant program to incentivize rural broadband development. VATI is crucial to helping build expensive infrastructure to remote, sparsely populated pockets gas mask ark of the commonwealth where the private sector would not on their own.

The budgets that were released recently by the House of Delegates and Senate allocate significant funding for broadband investments. While this gas in oil car is a good start, there are years of inadequate broadband funding to make up. To meaningfully address the digital divide and compete with neighboring states, such as North Carolina, who have invested in broadband for years, more funding is necessary. As both chambers negotiate in conference towards a final budget, broadband investment must be a priority.

We applaud Republican and Democratic leaders youtube gas pedal lyrics in Virginia’s General Assembly for recognizing the importance of broadband access. Without a proper broadband connection, these communities can’t start or run a modern business, access telemedicine, take an online class, digitally transform their farm or research a school project online. We believe this is an urgent national problem that gas leak explosion can and must be solved. We hope to partner with lawmakers in Richmond to solve it in Virginia. The time is right to move from deliberation to decisions, and from consideration to connectivity.