Sheridan schools seek millage increase

Lauren Goins, communications director for the Sheridan School District, said the proposed increase of 3.8 mills would bring the millage rate, which is currently 32.2 mills, to 36 mills.

“For example, real property valued at $100,000 would cost a property owner [an additional] $6.33 per month, and the annual [added] cost would be $76,” she said.

Goins said the school district sought the same millage increase during a special election in 2015, but voters did not approve the ballot issue.

“This is the same [millage] increase but a slightly different proposal,” Goins said, adding that the current proposal was approved by members of the Sheridan School Board during its May 9 meeting.

In an effort to better inform the public about the proposed millage increase and the planned facility projects, the Sheridan School District will host a public meeting at 7 p.m. Gas laws worksheet answers chemistry Friday in McKenzie Hall (the auditorium) at Sheridan High School, where administrators will discuss the plan, which is posted on the district’s website,

Goins noted that members of the community in favor of the proposed millage increase have set up a Facebook page — Vote Yes Make a Difference Sheridan Schools.

“We also know there is some opposition, but it does not appear to be too organized,” Goins said. Gas constant “This time, we are trying hard to demonstrate the need [for the millage increase]. Gasbuddy login It feels like we are getting lots of support from the community.”

If approved, the millage increase will help pay the district’s estimated cost — $30.5 million — for several proposed construction and/or renovation projects, which would be carried out in two phases. Electricity questions grade 6 Goins said the state of Arkansas would contribute an estimated $15 million in additional funds for the facilities upgrades, making the total cost of the projects an estimated $45 million. E85 gas stations florida A total of $8.9 million in state shares was approved in May by the Arkansas Academic Facilities Partnership Program, which is administered by the Arkansas Department of Facilities and Transportation. Q gastrobar The rest of the funding is pending state approval and is set to be confirmed in May 2017.

Both phases, which are broken down by the state’s funding cycle, are primarily aimed at renovating the aging high school and junior high school facilities, building three new freestanding facilities and building an addition to the existing junior high facility, which will become a middle school.

• Building a 58,000-square-foot, two-story addition on the high school campus [across Vine Street from the existing high school] that would house ninth-grade students, as well as career and technical classrooms, special-education classrooms, a library and administrative offices;

• Renovating the auditorium on the high school campus, including sound, lighting, seating and painting, and building a new multipurpose arena (gymnasium) on the high school campus;

Miscellaneous projects funded during phase 1 include installing a traffic loop between Sheridan intermediate and Sheridan elementary schools to alleviate traffic congestion between the schools; renovations for band and choir rooms at the high school; safety and security upgrades at all campuses; accessibility upgrades at all campuses; repair of parking lots; and additional funding for transportation.

• Tearing down the oldest part of Sheridan Junior High School that was built in 1963 and converting it to Sheridan Middle School, which would serve grades six through eight — including 35,000 square feet of new construction that would be added to the remainder of the current building;

• Upgrading the cafeteria and classrooms at Sheridan High School, which was built in 1970, and additional upgrades at the auditorium, including the mechanical system; and

“Our community will receive an estimated $15 million in state partnership funds to help us complete our facility projects,” said Jerrod Williams, Sheridan School District superintendent. Gas city indiana zip code “We are feeling a sense of urgency to secure our part of the funding and enter into a contract before our partnership money expires. E85 gas stations in iowa We are appreciative of the endorsement from the [Arkansas Department of Education] facilities division and their support of the needs in the Sheridan district.”

Rodney Williams, principal at Sheridan High School for the past seven years, said, “Space, in general, is a major problem here at the high school.

“We have some classrooms located across [Vine Street] in the alternative learning school. Gas x chewables reviews The electrical capacity in this building is restricting the whole digital piece. Gas in michigan We have been able to find ways to work around it, but this building was built in 1970 and was not designed for modern technology.”

“She has blown several breakers,” Goins said, smiling. Electricity sources “We have learned to work around it, but it is limiting our offerings to the students.”

The principal said the issue of space is also noticeable in the high school cafeteria, which now offers two lunch periods, with approximately 450 students eating during each period.

“The current gym was built for a 1A school, yet we compete as a 6A school now,” Goins said. Electricity transmission efficiency “We could never attract a state tournament here in this gym, which was built in 1970, along with the high school.”

“Part of the student section has no bleachers for the students to use,” he said. Gas efficient cars 2010 “It’s just plywood. Gas gas They have to stand up during the entire game.

“There is no room on the floor for the cheerleaders to put their mats for their routines, either,” Goins said. Electricity bill cost per unit “We have a competitive cheer group.”

“We plan to gut the auditorium and refigure it to use the maximum space,” Rodney Williams said, adding that the project will include remodeling and addressing plumbing and electrical issues, as well as the sound system.

He said remodeling the auditorium would cost approximately $1.2 million and would continue into the second cycle of the facility projects plan.

“If the millage passes, we hope to start construction on the two-story addition to the high school in the spring or summer of 2017,” the principal said.

Issues at the current Sheridan Junior High School, which houses grades seven through nine, also seem to revolve around the age of the building, plus there is not much parking space available.

“One of the biggest problems with the [junior high] building is when it was built, technology was nonexistent,” said Mickey Siler, director of administrative services for the Sheridan School District. Electricity merit badge requirements “There were one or two electrical receptacles in each classroom. Gas definition A 16 mm reel-to-reel projector was the latest in technology.

“As technology has evolved, our electrical power consumption has quadrupled and more. Electric utility companies in florida Right now, we are trying to power more computers, laptops and Chromebooks. Pass gas in spanish We have to label the receptacles as to what kind of computer they can accommodate to keep from blowing fuses.”

Jason Burks, who has been in the Sheridan School District for seven years and is beginning his second year as the junior high school principal, said, laughing, “I once inadvertently shut down all the internet and security systems.

Goins said plans are to tear down the oldest part of the junior high school building and keep the newer additions, which include the science wing that was built in the late 1990s and the fine-arts wing that was built in 2011.

“That will allow us to use part of the building for classes while they construct a new 35,000-square-foot building, which will be made into two stories, so that we can add more parking and allow for expansion in the future,” she said.

Goins said district administrators believe one reason the millage-increase proposal failed last year was “we really didn’t show the need. Gas x strips directions We are trying to do that now.”

“People also were confused about those district residents who live in East End in Saline County,” she said. Gas zeta costa rica “They did not think those residents paid the same millage rate as the residents of Grant County pay. 9gag nsfw That is not true. O gosh … All residents of the Sheridan School District pay the same millage rate.”

In explaining the relationship between the Sheridan School District and the community of East End, which is 16 miles from Sheridan, Goins said, “In 1949, the school boards for the Sheridan School District and the Bauxite School District got together and made the decision to let East End [students] go to Sheridan and let Tull [students] go to Bauxite.”

Goins said the Sheridan School District serves not only families in Sheridan and East End, but also in the Grant County communities of Prattsville, Leola and Grapevine.

The Sheridan School District currently includes East End Elementary School, Sheridan Elementary School, East End Intermediate School, Sheridan Intermediate School, Sheridan Junior High School and Sheridan High School.