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We are pleased to offer this gorgeous cased glass vintage atomizer for sale. Standing 6 3/4" tall, it is cased glass in hues of Blue, Yellow, and in some places is Green from the mixture of the two colors. In excellent condition, retaining the metal drawtube I suspect that it is Czech glass with French hardware. I have not seen a perfume atomizer with such pretty and unusual colors as this one in all of my years of collecting.

Oui, Oui! This is another perfume bottle that I am pleased to offer for sale. gaston y daniela Standing 6 1/4" tall this beauty was manufactured in France. The theme used is a cascade of enameled flowers trailing down the front of the bottle, mingled with vines. The background is a Smoke Grey color, the colors used for the flowers are shades of Yellow and Bronze with Black used for the vines. This is a very pretty and unique hand painted French perfume atomizer… Unsigned, the metal collar is impressed with, Made in France. ID= AM63B

I am pleased to offer another hand painted French atomizer for sale. This lovely bottle stands 5 1/4" in height. The motif is flowers, which are hand painted enamel. The colors used in the design are Yellow, Blue, and White with Black leaves and vines. list of electricity usage by appliances This atomizer is signed, Paul Dupont. The metal collar is impressed with, Made in France. This French perfume bottle is on consignment. It is from an estate of a lady who retired in Carson City, Nevada after living most of her her life in Europe. ID= AM68A

This lovely perfume atomizer stands 6" tall. It is Sky Blue, with gorgeous hand painted Yellow Roses and green leaves and vines trailing down the sides of the bottle. electricity laws in india These decorations completely encircle the bottle. In excellent condition, the gold metal collar is embossed, "Czechoslovakia". electricity and magnetism review sheet On the base of the bottle is a paper label which reads, Made in Czechoslovakia. This unusual 1920’s perfume atomizer would be a prize for any collection of perfume bottles or Czechoslovakian glass. ID= AM69C

Made in Czechoslovakia … This Art Deco inspired perfume set consists of a perfume atomizer and perfumer. The perfume bottles are a vibrant Blue with applied enamel decorations done in Black and White. The metal collars are embossed with art deco designs which can be seen in the photo. gas exchange in the lungs occurs due to These perfume bottles are gorgeous, and are completely ORIGINAL dating from the 1920’s. They are signed on the bases, Made in Czechoslovakia. This unusual set would be an asset to any collection of perfume bottles or Czechoslovakian glass. ID= AM72B

Attention FENTON glass collectors! This 1950’s perfume atomizer stands 4 1/4" tall. It is White opalescent in color done in a hobnail pattern. The hobnail pattern was quite the rage back in the day and Fenton had several lines which were available in various colors. This Fenton perfume atomizer might look familiar to you as as you might have seen it in this or another color sitting on your Mother or Grandmother’s vanity tray. This lovely perfume atomizer is in excellent condition, with all of the original parts intact.

This Art Deco inspired Devilbiss perfume set is stunning! The set consists of a perfume atomizer and a perfumer. h gas l gas brennwert The perfume atomizer stands 6 5/8" tall. It is green cased glass with gold decoration. It has the original metal hardware, the ball and cord have been replaced. The matching perfumer has the same body, only it has a dauber for the application of your favorite perfume. This set was acquired from an estate in Virginia City, Nevada. k gas station jobs It would be an asset to any perfume bottle collection.

Standing a stately 7 1/4" tall, this FRENCH perfume atomizer is a transparent iridescent pearl hue. There are two bands of Gold with Black outlines on the top and on the foot of the bottle. The Gold bands have gorgeous hand applied enameled decorations of flowers in relief. The colors used were Pink, White and Green for the foliage. This perfume bottle is completely original, with the silk crocheted atomizer present and in excellent condition. This perfume atomizer is without flaws of any kind. The metal collar is impressed with, made in France. This perfume atomizer would be a treasure for the most advanced collector.

This is another perfume set from my personal collection. It was produced by the DeVilbiss Company of Toledo, Ohio during the 1920’s. The set consists of a perfume atomizer and the matching perfumer. maharashtra electricity e bill payment The glass is tiered and is Azure Blue in color. The metal hardware features the very hard to find wave like embossed collars, one of which is stamped DeVilbiss. In fantastic condition, this unique set would be a prize for any collector of perfume bottles or Art Deco enthusiasts. ID= AM79B