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I’m writing this post to be of service to others who are suffering from painful post herpetic neuralgia due to shingles. I’d like to share my experience, strength and hope with you, so that hopefully you’ll have a better time dealing with the extreme difficulties this pain can present. I’ve been living with this pain for over electricity billy elliot karaoke with lyrics a year now. Please feel free to contact me if you’d ever like to communicate with a sympathetic person who knows what your going through.

In a nutshell, I had a very extreme case. I had 2 dermatones around the right side in the area of my navel get completely covered with sores. The pain I went through was so sever, I felt like I was beaten with baseball bats several times a day for the first few months. After about 5 months it was only once a day or so that the pain was really sever, though it constantly hurt. Now, 13 months later, the deep pain is gone, except for only a twinge every now and again. I do have constant pain on my skin that ranges from annoying to crying out loud painful. I say all this so that you’ll know I’m speaking from experience, not just making things up. And despite how bad things were, there are lots of reasons to be hopeful. Here are things I did that worked to help manage the pain.

1) Mediation gas oil ratio 50 to 1. This is by far the most important thing I did to get my life back to where I didn’t hate being alive. The results were not instant, but I started noticing good effects after only a couple of weeks. I started off using a guided mediation from the Abraham – Hicks book: Into The Vortex. It came along with a CD that had several 15-minute tracks of positive affirmations. All I had to do was just relax and breathe along with the tape, while trying not to think to much about anything. This was something I could manage as I was still pretty loopy from drugs a lot of the time. They had a track specifically on physical health and well-being. It was great!

I now mediate frequently using longer disciplines where I sit up straight (which was difficult early on). Not only did my pain significantly diminish, I had a much more positive outlook on life. I found myself getting more and more happy for no reason, even though I still gas 85 hurt a lot. So punt whatever beliefs you have about meditation and dive in. It’s the best thing I can recommend to ease your suffering.

Also consider prayer. There’s a ton of studies showing it works to improve healing, even when done remotely. Get over your skepticism as there’s good science showing it’s a powerful aid to healing. Please contact me with your real name and I’d be happy to pray for you at least several times a week. My girlfriend and I host a Blessing circle at our home every week, so you’ll get the benefit of a group of people praying for you once a week as well.

2) Drugs. Remember I’m no doctor. Be sure your medical provider is on-board before you listen to anything I say here. But for me, making friends with drugs was important. Neurontin (gabapentin) has worked best for me. The other major drug they use for nerve pain made me suicidal. I’m not kidding, the warning label even said this was a side effect for teens. I’m 54. Be careful if you take it. Start with low doses and make sure you have someone around to monitor your moods before you find yourself in too much despair.

Lidocane cream is pretty good, and can be used with internal drugs. The patches are best, especially since they cover the affected area and keep it from triggering a pain flash when it’s touched. One drawback though, is that you may feel good enough to move around while you wear them, which can cause a rebound effect of hurting for a few days afterward. My job is public speaking. So I needed these to get by and earn income. But be prepared with down time of a day gas efficient suv 2014 or two (sometimes three) in between consecutive days of using patches.

Aspirin. It was really helpful to me to supplement the Neurontin with over the counter pain pills. They all worked, but electricity flows through the ones with big chemical names can be hard on your liver. If you can take it, aspirin is a blessing. Even at extremely high doses, I didn’t suffer any ill effects, and felt like I could get through my day without much trouble. Hint, get plain old aspirin. Not buffered or coated. Just chew them up and take a big drink of water. It will be easier on your stomach. Get over the taste. You’ll find the nastiness isn’t so bad after about a week. It’s much better than all the upset the coatings and junk will put in your stomach.

4) Devices. Early on, using a TENS unit helped a lot. It gives mild electrical shocks to the affected area. I had deep pain below the surface of my skin, and the TENS eased this quite a bit. Once the deep pain subsided, the TENS didn’t do very much. Be sure you play with the amplitude and duration adjustments. Some settings are better than others. Not only will some settings not work, but they can actually make it hurt more, especially the origin electricity account surface skin pain.

I also used a device called an Alpha Stim. It’s expensive, unlike the Tens which you can buy for $50 bucks if you shop around. The Alpha Stim uses micro pulse shocks to your ear lobes to break up the patterning of your brain’s ability to feel pain. It worked really well when my pain was most intense, during the first 3 months or so of this ordeal. After that, not so much.

5) Compression. This really has been a good thing. I bought a rubber weight loss belt and put it around my stomach (the infected area) before bed. It let me sleep much better as I no longer had the sheets rubbing against me. I don’t use it anymore, as the discomfort it causes is now more than the pain it prevents. But for the first 8 months, it was a real blessing. You’ll have to wait until all the scabs are gone before you use this.

I also sleep on the side that hurts. This causes a few minutes of pain when I go to bed. But as long as I don’t roll over the rest of the night, it’s a better alternative that the cascade of pain that the sheets moving on me causes. By doing this I can still sleep with my girlfriend as she spoons me. The physical comfort is very healing when I get depressed.

I also went and bought the softest shirts I could find. Only buy cotton, the static electricity from polyester clothes will set you off and you won’t even know why. Those shirts can be really soft, but the non-natural fibers will make you end up feeling worse. I bought my shirts a little tight around the waist. This gives c gastronomie brignais me the trade off of having a little annoying pain constantly, versus huge flashes of pain when the cloth rubs against me. When I’m home, I just don’t wear a shirt.