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People who like adventurous and test your strength KP trekking is the right spot. I had been doing trekking for quite long electricity review worksheet answers time , but never planned for KP trekking. In beginning 2015 me n my trip team planned KP trekking by end of 2015 year and we accordingly signed off 2015 with a great success of KP trekking. A team of 19 members agreed for KP trekking n accordingly v planned all the necessary things. Huge team getting for trekking , assume . I would suggest to book train to subramanya road rather going on bus/cab/own cars as journey would be tiring n u vl have to save lot of energy for trekking as KP trekking is not that simple as u would thought of. We booked train n on early morning of Saturday v reached the Subramanya road station n boarded a jeep to Kukke which is 14kms. Lot of buses r available for same cost (20rs 1 unit electricity price india/head). V had our power packed breakfast by 7am n by 7:30 am v started our trek journey. Whole team was on their toes to do it. . It is 14 kms trek route! From trek base to Battru Mane it is 6 kms n from Battru mane to KP peak it is 8kms . Battru mane is the place one can rest n have food . Battru cooks only rice sambar n charges 100rs per plate. Around Battru mane one can do camping at night has water resource is available .. These gas tracker days camping at KP peak is strictly prohibited due to environment being polluted by visitors there. After Battru mane, forest dept is there n one should take permission there by paying 200rs per person. (Hope it is correct amount). Almost 2 kms trek is easy as it is just a landscape . There after moderate trek difficulty starts. In between there is a water source (small stream) n one can refuel there n take rest at Kallu mantapa. From kallu mantapa to Kp peak it is almost 5kms and trek route is difficult. One can see people literally climbing the mountain at 80 degree from below. Don’t loose hopes gas stoichiometry problems n strength . Out of 19 , 14 made to peak crossing all the hurdles. There is only one path available through out the way to peak , so no worries , keep following the path. Almost 2 kms from peak difficulty range will increase more, once u cross that next is rocky plan land n u r almost there .. U can Karnataka flag hosted at peak and that is the destination n celebrations starts. We took great risk on that day be covering 22kms trekking in just 10hrs. Once we started to getting down the hill to Battru mane it was pitch dark n luckily few of us had torches from electricity per kwh which v were able to make it to Battru mane. Else stay in middle of the mountain without anything (food,camping kit,water) till the morning assuming v will not encounter anything up there . I would suggest people to plan wisely like 1. 1 day trek till Battru mane n rest n next day early morning reach peak n return to the base. 2. On 1st day if u plan to reach peak then make sure by 4pm u start getting down from where u r so that safety u can reach to Battru mane. Else be ready to take risk which v took. 3 hrs trek one can do in visible light, we took almost electricity physics pdf 6hrs as it was pitch dark. And while getting down one will not have that strength too. We returned to Battru mane by 9pm with great difficulty had dinner there n got our tents plugged n rested. Do wake up early morning to enjoy the nature n weather (it will b awesome) . We had breakfast n stated our journey back to trek base by 9:30 am n reached the base by 12:30pm. Everyone was exhausted no strength , legs were paining n even though all had smiling face as it was an achievement for All. Hope this helps others to plan accordingly.