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Ingwelala Private Nature Reserve in South Africa was shaken with the screams of a man who was attacked and killed by Pride of Lion in private game reserve near the Kruger National Park. Before the lions were dispersed with the help of gun-shots, they had eaten most of the body barring the head that was untouched. Police initially thought that the victim was a tractor driver who worked in this private reserve. But later on when the driver appeared alive the suspicion began to grow. A hunting rifle was recovered near the remains of the dead that almost confirmed it to be a poacher who had sneaked into the private reserve. The man was killed electricity kanji viciously and the incident had been very disturbing and terrifying. Nevertheless, sympathy does not stand with the victim who had been hunting in the private reserve. The man had killed 3 Baboon families and spread the bodies around to attract and distract the lions to make them easier to hunt.

Man, there’s nothing better than seeing animal killers eaten by animals, huh? Karma just keeps kicking ass all over the planet, man. Cheetahs mauling wanna be selfie-takers, bears eating their human tormentors, the list continues to grow. And now we have this poacher who killed baboon families to bait lions, only to end up as the bait himself. It’s poetic really, and it made my freakin’ day.

The amazing thing about basketball, and high school sports in general, is that it’s not all about getting a college scholarship or even becoming a better player. It’s about learning life skills that’ll help players throughout their entire lives. It’s about learning teamwork, sacrifice, perseverance, leadership, and a hundred other positive qualities.

Every really good team gas oil ratio for weed eater I ever coached had one thing in common – although they were comprised of players of different personalities and talent levels, they all put the good of the team ahead of themselves. Sure, some members of those teams were harder to coach than others and some needed to be pushed and prodded a little more. Some fought the role I was trying to get them to accept, but in the end they all put the group as a whole first.

The best teams I ever coached didn’t care who scored the most points or grabbed the most rebounds. They just wanted the team, and as an extension Paint Valley, to succeed. We won with those teams because every player accepted his role. I’ve had players whose only role was to rebound, set screens, and/or guard our opponent’s best player. Other players were asked to be on the scout team, to emulate our opponent’s best player or run their offense.

And when I talk about a team I’m talking about the entire team. On successful teams every player plays an important part. Believe me, one disgruntled player can poison a team’s chemistry, so each and every player is important. One of the most difficult aspects of coaching is having a senior who has given you 8-years of his life, from little league to varsity, only to not get a lot of playing time his final year. This usually happens when younger players have progressed to the point where they’re better than the senior, and it takes a ton of character for a 17-year old to accept this. After all, they’ve worked as hard as the players on the floor, they’ve attended que gases componen el aire y su porcentaje all the camps and workouts f gas regulations r22, they’ve done everything asked of them. In addition, a lot of these players are hearing a lot of negativity at home. Shocking I know.

So given all this, it’s asking a lot of a player to accept his role of limited playing time while remaining a good teammate. Still, I had players who did exactly that on my best teams, players who worked hard at practice to make the starters better, supported the team and coaches on and off the court, and kept a positive attitude in the face of trying circumstances.

Long, 33, had driven over 3,000 miles from his home in Waterville, Maine, to the headquarters of Google, which owns YouTube, in California. According to his wife, Samantha Long, her husband became angry when he discovered that a YouTube video he’d uploaded on how to get rich quickly had been taken down, along with his account. However, Samantha didn’t tell him that she was the one who took down the video, not YouTube.

Gee, Samantha Long, you’re concerned about your husband’s mental health because he filmed a “bizarre” video for YouTube? What about the fact that he drove 3000-miles to confront Google? Was that a red flag for ya? And nice job sounding level-headed in a national publication with the phrase “losing his shit.” Something tells me Kyle Long isn’t the only wackjob in that household. Good Lord.

Note: I only saw my Dad get angry at a business one time in my life. He was buying something at Sears and the cashier loudly and dismissively told him his card had been declined. This was a mistake, not to mention rude, and Dad calmly told her to cancel the card. He then tossed another Sears card on the counter and told her to cancel it as well. Dad was the Purchasing Manager at Mead Corporation and it was the company card. The idiot electricity and magnetism review lady complied, and by the time we got home the President of the company was calling to apologize. True story.

StreetStats- Pedestrian deaths were up 35% last year, compared to a decade ago. This is due to the rise of heavy SUVs, population growth in regions that do not prioritize walking and distracted driving, a new report shows. The Governors Highway Safety Association estimated that roughly 6,227 pedestrians were killed last year, the highest pedestrian fatality figure since 1990 and 35% more than were killed 10 years ago.

Gee, ya think? This has to be the most unsurprising statistic of all-time, man. People don’t pay attention anymore. Hell, I don’t even to stop to make a turn without keeping my eye on the rearview mirror due to all the damn people texting and driving. During my travels over the past couple years I’ve witnessed people not only texting and driving but watching movies on their iPads, doing gas water heater reviews 2013 their make-up, reading a book, and sleeping. I’m dead serious. I once passed a guy, glanced over and saw his eye closed, blew my horn, and he proceeded to nonchalantly give me a thumbs-up and proceed onward like it was perfectly normal. Hell, people aren’t looking for anything in front of them, human beings or otherwise. Keep your head on a swivel, folks. People are nuts.