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Michael Meier, designer of the M+M Industries M10X, is originally from Switzerland, so it’s no wonder that he favors reliable and accurate rifles. But he’s had experience with third-world logistics and also has an American mindset towards affordability. Applying his real-world firearm knowledge, along with fifteen years of experience in gun manufacturing and engineering, he designed a rifle that’s efficient, simple and yet still ergonomic and accurate.

The genius of the M+M Industries M10X rifle is in the parts electricity symbols ks3 count: 49, the same as the famously simple Sten MKII submachine gun. For comparison, the AKM has around 80 parts and the AR15 around 100. Unlike the STEN, the M+M Industries M10X achieved this simplicity without sacrificing ergonomics or accuracy. The M+ M 10x is chambered for the common 7.62x39mm and fed from inexpensive and robust AK-47 gas station car wash magazines. The mag latch is also in the same location as it is on the AKM, allowing AK owners to load and seat mags similarly. However, in an improvement on both the SIG Sauer 550 and AKM, it offers an ambidextrous rotary safety selector and charging handle swappable to the left or right side.

True to its name, the M+M Industries M10X is quite accurate in deliberate fire, its nitrided barrel capable of 0.7-MOA groups with match-grade ammunition. The unfortunate catch is that optimum accuracy requires single loading or using a drum magazine with single-column feeding. When fired semi-automatic from the standard AK double-stack box magazine, the gun shoots two distinct small groups electricity rate per kwh philippines adding up to 1.5-2 MOA. This inconsistent cartridge position is typical for all double-stack semi-autos with two-lug bolts, and it’s only less pronounced but not absent in multi-lug designs like the AR-15. M+M is now developing a magazine with a single-column mouth specifically for precision shooting.

An adjustable gas regulator and a Magpul Zhukov folding stock reduce felt recoil. The M+M Industries M10X is a long-stroke gas-piston design, but the piston is separate from the bolt carrier. They are held together by the charging handle extension. At the front, a FAL-style rotary gas regulator has six total positions: standard (1), more gas for a dirty gun (2) and no gas for straight-pull grade 6 electricity quiz operation, using subsonic rounds, for example (0), plus three more positions for semi-automatic fire using suppressors, with each setting generating various amount of back pressure. The piston with the recoil spring wrapped around it runs inside a removable gas tube with AK-style gas vents for a degree of additional self-regulation to account for the wide variation in powders between various 7.62x39mm loads.

When used with a suppressor, the vents dissipate back pressure before it can affect the shooter or foul the bolt. Extensive ventilation of the fore-end and a separate gas tube insulating the return spring from the barrel beneath prevent the return spring from grade 9 electricity test and answers binding up, even on the hot-running, rapid-fire test gun. The return spring is a regular wear item lasting around 5,000 rounds. The nitrided barrel has excellent life, retaining 2.5 MOA after 15,000 rounds of steel-jacketed 7.62x39mm ammunition shot through it rapidly during endurance testing. A replacement barrel is only $225 at the web store and is user-replaceable with basic hand tools.

The monolithic rail on the M+M Industries M10X is above the stock comb, so lower optic mounts are possible than with an AR-15. With a low-mounted red dot, the bore offset is 2/3 of an inch less than on the AR-15, helpful for dealing with the bore-offset issue electricity number experience with close-range shooting. A snap-on cheek riser is available for using a taller optic with an integral base. The front of the rail swells into an integral handstop with QD sling openings on both sides. Two more such receptacles are in the back of the lower, plus another two in the Zhukov stock.

Using a return-to-zero mount made by Bobro Engineering, it’s possible to run the rifle with an unmagnified red dot for speed, swap for a magnified scope for precision, and then go back to the red dot in seconds. An offset or angled red dot mounted as a backup to the magnified optic or a night vision scope is also possible. Recoil is light enough and goes mostly straight back, so 100-yard hits on steel can be easily observed through the optic.

Unlike most folding stocks on AR-15 rifles, the Magpul Zhukov used on the M+M Industries 101 gas station M10X allows firing the rifle when stowed. It is easy to fold with one hand and as easy to snap open, with neither action likely to happen by accident. Once folded, the stock gives access to the take-down button in the lower. Push the button forward to allow the upper to hinge open. With the stock open, the button may also be pushed with a tool through an opening in the lower. Unusually, the hammer goes forward when the upper is hinged open. To field strip, unscrew the retainer of the charging handle and withdraw it to the side from the bolt carrier. That also disengages the bolt carrier electricity grid map uk from the piston. The carrier and the rotary bolt come out of the back of the upper.