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Shopping in Belgium is a pleasure, with shops in affluent Belgian cities – such as shopping in Brussels and Antwerp – selling everything from high-end designer wear to no-nonsense (yet stylish) household goods. Belgium’s shopping has reasonable prices and a decent supply of international goods and foods wd gaster website, which is good news for foreigners shopping in Belgium.

Belgian shopping provides all kinds of experiences, with luxury shopping arcades and atmospheric pedestrian streets gas upper stomach in major cities, and quirky antique and flea markets dotting most towns. Hundreds of open markets operate in small city squares throughout Belgium in the week, with the biggest markets usually held Sundays. Shopping in Belgium

As a rule, shops are generally open Monday to Saturday, with many inner-city shops preferring a 10am opening. They are exceptionally open on certain Sundays allowed by law, for example the two Sundays before Christmas and New Year, although you will see several independent shops open most Sundays, as well gas constant for helium as some supermarkets (typically in the morning only), bakeries and restaurants.

There are a number of expat and international shops around, particularly in Brussels. For those outside of Brussels, most will take orders online or by phone gas and water and offer home delivery. Almost every nationality is catered for and it makes things a little easier when trying to find that little slice of home, wherever that may be. Grocery shopping in Belgium: Food and drink

For day-to-day grocery shopping, there are plenty of large supermarkets d cypha electricity futures and hypermarkets to choose from, such as Aldi, Carrefour, Delhaize, Lidl and SPAR, many of which have international food sections. The main supermarkets and hypermarkets carry everything you’d expect, plus they usually have an excellent range of wine at decent prices. Supermarkets in Belgium tend to close on Sundays, but usually open for at least 12 hours every other day of the week until around 8pm.

You may recognise a few of the main supermarket chains in Belgium. The Carrefour group is the largest; you’ll find the largest hypermarkets gastritis located out-of-town but the company also owns several other brands which may be more conveniently located. The other major chains are operated by the Delhaize Group and Colruyt; the latter is similar to discount chains such gasket t 1995 as Aldi and Lidl, of which you’ll also find several in Belgium. Many

When it comes to furniture and furnishings, logistics can be an issue. Many of the bigger furniture, textile, kitchen and bathroom shops are located outside city centres, with relatively poor public transport links. City centre shops typically comprise cheaper (less-tasteful) goods 3 gas laws or high-end designer pieces – and not a lot in between. Although, Habitat can be found in Brussels and Antwerp and IKEA is always an option with several stores around Belgium.

Vanden Borre and Krefel are the two principal options, with little to choose between the two of them but useful to make comparisons for special offers. Both companies electricity of the heart also offer lowest price guarantees. For computers, television and hi-fi, Photo Hall is ubiquitous throughout Belgium with some excellent-value monthly offers and free shipping. FNAC (Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Liège) also has a stylish electrical department.