Short sleepers why some people need less sleep all 4 gas giants names


My husband and 2 older children seem to require 9+ hours daily myself and my younger son need less than 7. physics c electricity and magnetism study guide My youngest son sleeps about 6 and half hours daily, while depending on my needs I sleep between 4 and 6. gas or electricity for heating I do not feel tired throughout the day, and never felt I had a sleep problem. gas weed It was only after talking with a friend who said she thinks I might have short sleeper syndrome should look it up. electricity 2pm mp3 I know I get enough sleep normally, but on the nights I have been interupted and get less than 4 I feel tired and sluggish, or if I am awoken a few times during my sleep I feel more tired, but normal nights not at all. gas company I have always been a cheerful, optimistic and quite talkative person naturally who just needs less sleep. I find it quite amusing that there is a syndrome for my sleeping cycle, which has never caused me problems.

As a teenager I never slept more than 6 hours a night and I used to be really confused by people who said they had stayed up all night studying and were so tired the next day, I put in the same study time I was not tired, I always thought these people struggled with stress more than me. v lab electricity Actually throughout life I generally thought people struggled with stress more than myself and thought it was my upbeat personality and that is why I did not suffer tiredness and felt fine after 4-6 hours sleep where as they seemed to struggle. So after 41 years I now know, and my father can now know also as he has the same sleep needs as myself between 4 and 6 hours per night.

My name is Robert Anthony Gomes at this date I am 84 years old, birth date is March 10 1932, I feel I’ve had a sleeping problem, longer than I can remember, but the last roughly 20 years, but I’m more conscious of it in the last 10 years, when I fall asleep it is a minimum of an hour or so, the long as I sleep is 3 hours, I have no problems with my helped, my Dr. hp gas online payment I am a veteran and the government pays for everything, I take a thyroid, and a cholesterol, every day and have been taking it for years, I am very active, when I’m awake, I’m always looking for something to do, someplace to go, things I find interesting I really get into it, I have a short I should say very short memory, but some things I can remember from day one when I was a little boy, I have figured out, (my thoughts) what I configure it is, if it’s not important high don’t remember it, and the SP and can be a short as an hour or two I don’t keep track of it, I’m in perfect health, physically and mentally, after reading your article, it makes no sense, but I enjoyed reading it, I never went to high school, worked most of my life, retired it 52, I have no problem meeting people talking about any subject, which I know a lot of some things, and nothing about others, like I said if it is not important to me when cannot remember it from yesterday, but things that are important for me 70 years ago I can remember in actual detail, I just thought I would drop you a line, if you would like to chat, all would like to know more about me drop me a line, otherwise you have a good day and a better tomorrow, I must say I have a fantastic sense of humor, I talk to thousands of people all over the world, and most of them will remember me, for a long time to come, I’ve had a full life, you would not believe what I have done, a long ways six wives and a lot of traveling, I’m sure I’m getting ready to die, and it will happen eventually, I don’t treasure the idea, but they are hundreds of people from all walks of life, if my name is mentioned to them, they will have something to say, something’s good something’s not so good, so my computer and my basically living alone, I am enjoying what that is left, but I’m always looking for a new adventure and I will try anything at least wants, anything you can imagine I am willing to try or probably have tried, I’m available 24/7 drop me a line.