Shoshone news press – records, kpd roll call april 24-may 1 la gasolina lyrics translation


•Dispatched to a possible burglary in the 900 block of S. Division. Reporting party claimed items were missing from the residence. Reporting party told me they locked the residence prior to leaving and I was unable to find any forced entry. Report was taken.

•Traffic stop on 100 block Station St. for no light on bike at night. Male subject was very argumentative and uncooperative. Apparently he just got out of jail, maybe that had something to do with it or that was why he was in jail in the first place. Cleared verbal.

•Traffic stop under the I90 overpass on Division St. for no turn signals coming out of the Cameron Conoco or turning onto division from Cameron. Tried conducting a search of the vehicle, but male subject was very adamant about not letting me search his vehicle. Due to his behavior K72 had a few guesses as to why. Cleared, verbal for not using turn signals.

•Traffic stop Division/Railroad. Vehicle did not have lights on after dark. Driver pulled over to sleep and was preparing to resume travel westbound, confused about how to get back on the interstate. Lights were activated and directions given to continue journey. Verbal.

•Called to 100 block of Riverside Ave. for people moving traffic cones (not ones for road construction). Told caller that we can not enforce the, “put a traffic cone in front of your house so no one can park there” rule. Cleared, agreeing to disagree.

•Another disturbance 100 block of W. Riverside. Someone pulled in front of the residence and threw one of the cones against the residence. No damage and subject gone on arrival. Vehicle information was given to dispatch and a search of the area yielded no results. Will give the information to oncoming shift as this will likely spill over to daytime when the business is open.

•Citizen contact on Railroad. Subject sitting in his vehicle running waiting for Dave Smith Motors to open in the morning. Advised he is good to go staying there if tired and cannot drive safely, requested he turn off his headlights (due to the weight of towing a trailer, it was blinding coming and going). No issues and nothing to assist with vehicle wise.

•Stopped and talked with about six riders of off road motorcycles. They were told to push the bikes in town for the rest of the day. Riding on one of the two designated wheels was not going to cut it in town. They were very understanding and apologetic for doing such. Verbal for the three that were able to pull it off.

•Called to Silver Mt. water park for a theft of a back pack. Was able to track a phone that was in the backpack for a while, but they must have turned it off. Silver Rav 4 with WA plate AZZ0516 a male driving it covered it tattoo’s. Seen leaving the parking lot and phone tracked with car.

•Responded to the 400 block of W. Mullan for a verbal domestic. Upon arrival, it was apparent that some pushing and shoving had gone on, neither party wanted to press charges. While attempting to keep the peace in this incident, K72 and K74 discovered that one of the involved parties in this incident turned out to have a felony warrant and left the area prior to our arrival. Attempted to locate the individual with no success.