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This cooking school in Chaweng, Koh Samui is incredibly professionally run. We were la gas prices map all seated around a long table to start with, served with icy cold drinks, while the chef introduced the class and discussed what we’d be making. I cannot stress too much as to how organised they are! There were at least six extra kitchen staff, all in immaculate uniforms, to help us (and wash up!). All the fresh ingredients for each dish were explained in detail and presented on individual trays for us to prepare. We made four dishes, the stand out one being the roast duck breast red curry. We were then divided into two groups to go to the cooking room, full of gas burners and woks. Participants are asked to bring guests if they want, to share the meal upstairs in the dining room afterwards – and there was so much food! We were all given recipe books and a DVD to bring home. I think it cost about A$70 each and was worth every cent – you need to book early over the internet as it’s very popular for good reason.

This was the 2nd of 4 cooking schools that I attended in Thailand j gastrointest surg, and the first in Koh Samui. On arrival I was greeted with a cool drink, followed by a cool face and hand towel. This school was air conditioned throughout which made it very pleasant for cooking, especially as this was an afternoon class. I was asked to remove shoes at the door so was cooking in bare feet, which I really liked. Today there were 4 other students, so 5 of us in total. This was a set menu so we were all cooking the same dishes. We started with the curry paste and preparation of vegetables. The teacher was keen to tell us about the vegetables and flavours used in thai cooking, and she was very knowledgeable, though I did have a bit of trouble following her accent at times. However, the recipe book had most electricity symbols worksheet of the information about the steps required for the dishes so I didn’t have to take too many notes. I did ask the teacher to explain some things again, and asked her questions when I didn’t understand, but I had the impression that some of the others did not understand her accent and just followed the actions. In terms of cooking the dishes, following the actions is fine! The teacher first demonstrated the chopping of vegetables and then the students followed. All ingredients had already been washed and measured, so we only needed to chop. This did mean that some ingredients were not recognisable for where they came from, but the teacher did her best to explain and in one instance took us to her computer to look at photos to help our understanding. Then we were taken into the cooking room, which is separated from the main room by a see through partition. We were set up in a semi circle around her, again with the ingredients and tools set out for us, and we cooked at the same time, following step by step gas station. There were helpers behind us making sure the heat was right and that we added things at the right time. Then we would take the dish back to the table to add decoration for presentation and taste our dishes. The teacher got distracted briefly by a parking office putting a ticket on her car right outside, and some of the others started eating their dishes. But this was supposed to just be the tasting, as we ate all the meals together in the upstairs dining room at the end. I invited my husband to join me for the dinner, which was encouraged by the school. We were given rice to go with the dishes and there was exactly the right amount for the two of us. We were given a CD as well as the recipe book, which just had photos of the dishes as they were supposed to look, to remind us when we get home. However, the website has free videos, which are available gaslighting examples on a channel on youtube. There were some leftovers but the staff didn’t offer to pack them up and seemed to be keen for us to stop talking and leave. The teacher had already left at this stage as she had a young child to take home and it was a school night. But we had had a good feed, a good experience, and great conversation with the other students around the table, so we were happy to go. This was probably the most informative class in terms of the history of Thai food, the ingredients and all their uses, though I didn’t understand everything and have forgotten now that I am back home. However, I do remember one comment that I thought was amusing and that was when the teacher explained that the demo videos on youtube are free because gas after eating pasta she wants everyone to learn Thai cooking. She hopes this will result in people ordering more Thai ingredients for import, and consequently provide more work for Thai people and this will help the King as he is so tired from helping people. I can honestly say I don’t feel the same way about the English royal family! The school has a western style toilet, encourages hand washing, is friendly, offers plenty of drinks. It also offers packaged ingredients to buy and take home for those who don’t have as strict quarantine control as Australia. They were very used to Australians not being able to buy the ingredients after a class, but happy r gasquet to sell to the Americans. I wasn’t quite sure about some broken tiles in the kitchen which looked like they could harbour germs, but the place looked very clean so I think they do a good job.