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The proposed 1 percent sales tax question will make its second appearance on Massac County ballots on Tuesday, Nov. Gas out game instructions 8, and no matter how voters decide, the sales tax will have an effect on the county.

Massac County’s commissioners began talking about the 1 percent sales tax in the summer of 2015, when a courthouse committee was formed to look at the options that were outlined in the feasibility study provided by RQAW.

If the sales tax proposal is passed, the commissioners will still have to conduct a feasibility study to determine if there is enough sales tax coming into the county to move forward with the 1 percent sales tax.

For consumers, the sales tax would be an increase of one cent per dollar that is spent, except for: cars, trucks, ATVs, RVs, mobile homes, unprepared food, medicine — prescription and over the counter — and farm equipment, parts and farm inputs. Gas density If it is not currently taxed, it will remain untaxed.

Honeywell: Peter Dalpe, spokesperson for Metropolis’ Honeywell plant, said “The proposed tax will not have any impact on Honeywell’s Metropolis operations.”

Cook Coal Terminal: Cook Coal Terminal Director of External Communications Melissa McHenry was asked what kind, if any effect it would have on Cook Coal Terminal in Metropolis. Types of electricity “The tax would increase costs for Cook Coal Terminal, but we are not opposing it, because we know it is needed in the county,” said McHenry.

Electric Energy, Inc.: The most conversation within the past two weeks has come from people in the community regarding how the tax could impact Electric Energy Incorporated in Joppa.

Media Spokesperson for Dynegy David Onufer said Dynegy wants to educate people about the impact the 1 percent sales tax will have on Joppa’s plant because of the “financial stress due to the market in southern Illinois.” Currently there are 139 employees at the plant

“We want to be good corporate citizens and we want to educate the public on the impact along with the financial pressure the plant is under,” said Dean Ellis, Dynegy vice-president for regulatory affairs.

Dynegy officials estimate they will see an increase of approximately $400,000 per year in sales taxes paid to an on-site coal refining company. Electricity merit badge pamphlet pdf Until 2013, the company’s 6.25 percent tax on that coal was referred to as “use tax” paid to the state, and the county did not receive that money.

According to Dynegy officials and Plant Manager Greg Russell, they maintain the facility currently spends approximately $40 million per year in coal to generate electricity.

Ellis said if the sales tax is approved, the most important thing the public can do is visit, a grassroots campaign geared to change the wholesale electric market in Illinois. Electricity jeopardy He also sid it is important to raise the issue to the state leadership.

If the sales tax question on the ballot does not pass, Massac County commissioners have already informed department heads they will face cuts by at least 12%.

According to Massac County Sheriff Ted Holder, he currently has 27 employees. Electricity static electricity Of those employees, nine are deputies; one of these one is the chief deputy, one is the investigator and one is assigned to be courtroom bailiff, “leaving only six deputies to patrol 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” said Holder

There are two courthouse security officers, seven correctional officers, seven dispatchers, one administrative assistant and one courthouse and annex custodian.

Holder said the 2017 combined budget he submitted to the commissioners was $1,977,624, which includes the budgets for the Sheriffs Office, Detention Center, Court House and the Annex building.

“There are 45 separate line items on these three budgets ranging from salaries, fuel, inmate food, utilities, medical care and all the office and custodial supplies. Gas density units Of the 45 line items, 34 stayed the same as last year – no increase. Electricity explained One went down and I had to add five new line items for the courthouse annex building, which were out of my control. Electricity png The main items that did increase were salary line items that were increased due to the union contract with employees,” said Holder.

Holder said a 12 percent cut in his total budget would be $237,314. Static electricity sound effect “This means lost jobs, probably four. Hp gas kushaiguda I am currently still three employees short from the last round of layoffs in 2010 – two deputies and one jailer. Gas natural Because we are a union shop all layoffs would be by seniority. Gas what i smoke The bottom four would be one deputy and three correctional officers. La gas prices Since I cant run the jail with three fewer correctional officers I would have to transfer at least two deputies with jail experience off of the road to work in the jail, leaving my patrol staff down to four,” said Holder.

According to Holder, much has been said in the past six months about closing the jail and how it would save money. Gas in back “First off, closing the jail would cost seven local people their jobs. Dynamic electricity examples Several local stores would lose the approx. Gas 78 industries $125,000 in sales I would normally spend here on inmate food and supplies,” he said.

“Then there is the transportation of inmates up to 50 miles away to another county jail. I feel electricity in my body “I will pay their correctional officers with Massac County taxpayers’ money. Gas after eating dairy Who is going to transport those inmates to that jail 50 miles away? You guessed it, my remaining four deputies. Electricity pictures information Even though we house those inmates at another jail we are still responsible for shuttling them back and forth to court five days a week, using our man power, vehicles and fuel,” said Holder.

“Each year, this jail is audited by the Illinois Department of Corrections, and each year I am told that this is one of the cleanest and most efficient run jails of its size in the state. Electricity lesson plans for 5th grade Our detention center is now over 25 years old and still looks as good today as it did when it was built,” said Holder.

“To the same person who thinks I need to trim my budget, the next time you get behind one of my squad cars read what it says on the bumper. Gas bloating pregnancy Over half of my squad cars have the words no local tax money used for purchase, for the past six years I have been putting this on your squad cars, I have been able to do this because we are constantly using federal grants, private grants, drug money and just last year federal surplus auction money to buy these vehicles,” said Holder.

“To the citizens of Massac County the decision you have to make in the upcoming election I know is a difficult one. C gastronomie limonest It could possibly change the future of this county for years to come. Gas 99 cents The commissioners have made a decision that if this tax does not pass then they will be forced to cut our budgets to make the needed repairs to the courthouse. Gas x strips ingredients But always remember this, that the deputies, correctional officers and dispatchers of the Massac County Sheriffs Office will always be there for you.

According to Massac County Clerk Juanita Wedeking-Newberry, she has three employees, other than herself. 66 gas station _Lynne Hillebrand, is the chief deputy. Gas leak “She does mostly vital statistics, but also has been there the longest, so she’s a pillar of information,” said Wedeking-Newberry.

According to Wedeking-Newberry, Cheryl McQueen, is a deputy recorder, who primarily does recording, but also has a basic knowledge of the office. Youtube electricity Kristina Boyd, is a deputy clerk in charge of accounting. Gas vs diesel generator “She does the payroll, payables, and tax redemptions,” said Wedeking-Newberry.

“I do the voter registration and elections._ We all do a little of everything in the office, including answering the phone and waiting on customers. Wd gaster battle _Elections are especially busy times for our office. Gasbuddy touch The office would not function as efficiently if I were to lose any one of my girls,” she said

According to Wedeking-Newberry, a 12 percent cut in her budget would result in cutting hours for employees or perhaps letting one go. Gas 1940 “My budget is at the bare minimum to start with. National gas average 2007 This would cut services and increase wait times for the public,” she said.

Massac County State’s Attorney Patrick Windhorst said in addition to himself, there are four people working in his department: Josh Stratemeyer, assistant state’s attorney; Becky Riggs, administrative assistant and Kaela Smith, administrative assistant/crime victim advocate

According to Windhorst, the crime victim advocate portion of Smith’s compensation is wholly funded by a grant. Electricity videos for students He also points out approximately 90 percent of his salary is reimbursed by the state of Illinois.

“The budget cuts would come mainly from personnel. Gas 87 89 93 The office budget is just under $312,000, approximately $280,000 of which is compensation for personnel. Gas prices Of the $280,000, $129,000 is the state’s attorney’s salary. Mp electricity bill payment online bhopal The state’s attorney’s salary is set by law and cannot be changed by the county board. Npower electricity bill Approximately 90 percent of the state’s attorney’s salary is reimbursed by the state,” explained Windhorst.

He said another $16,700 of compensation for personnel is for the crime victim advocate and is paid by a state grant. Gsa 2016 new orleans “All of this means that most of the 12 percent cut or $37,000 would have to be spread among two and a half employees, because the crime victim advocate has half of her salary reimbursed by a state grant,” he said.

“I would attempt to make the budget cuts by reducing pay and hours worked rather than a reduction in staff. Electricity outage chicago This alternative would require input from the union that represents the clerical positions in the state’s attorney’s office,” said Windhorst.

According to Windhorst, over the past 30 years or more, the Massac County State’s Attorney’s office has worked with essentially the same staffing – two attorneys and two administrative assistants.

In that same period of time the number of cases filed in court and handled by the office has increased. Bp gas station In 1987, the Massac County State’s Attorney’s Office filed 116 felony cases, 164 misdemeanor cases and handled 2,750 traffic cases. Electricity and magnetism worksheets 8th grade So far this year, the office has filed 150 felony cases, 140 misdemeanor cases and handled over 4,000 traffic cases.

In addition to those cases, the office handles juvenile cases and is legal counsel for Massac County government. Electrical supply company near me This comparison demonstrates that our office currently has the appropriate staffing to successfully handle the cases our office receives and the duties imposed on us by law. E payment electricity bill maharashtra “Any reduction in staffing will impair those efforts. Gas variables pogil worksheet answer key A reduction in staff or hours worked will also result in our office providing fewer services and being less available to the public when they need us,” said Windhorst.

According to Massac County Supervisor of Assessments Gary Hamm, in 2013 he had five full-time employees. Gas pump heaven “Since then, I cut my staff down to where I have only 2 full-time employees. Q gas station I also have two very part-time help that I have that amounts to a total of 60 workdays a year,” said Hamm.

“My office, I believe has been cutting back and is being fiscally responsible. F gas regulations 2015 The other difference with my office compared to most of the others is half my salary is paid by the state of Illinois. Gas house pike frederick md Other than the States Attorney and Public Defender the county is responsible for all of their full salaries,” said Hamm.

Hamm said his office is responsible for all the assessments and exemptions of all property in Massac County. Electricity nightcore lyrics The position and duties of this office is the most misunderstood to the point there are requirements to even hold my position plus continuing education requirements. Gas tax in new jersey “We deal with each recorded document to where we may have five to 10 processes involving just one recorded document. Electricity quiz ks3 I would have to look at the budget cut requests and address that concern at that time,” said Hamm.

According to Larry Grace, Massac County Circuit Clerk, besides himself, he had four Deputy Circuit Clerks to assist him. Gas prices going up or down “Salaries are far and away the biggest line item in my budget. Electricity and magnetism notes If we’re cut 12 percent, it would most likely mean at least one would be laid off,” said Grace.

According to Massac County Treasurer Dana Angelly, she has three deputy clerks besides herself. Gaz 67 dakar Deputy Treasurer Judy Fitch handles real estate and all responsibilities regarding real estate, collections and customer service, bank reconciliations and any other jobs related to day-to-day operations of the office.

Deputy Jane Hunter is responsible for mobile home and all responsibilities related to mobile homes, collections and customer service, banking responsibilities, answering phones, filing and other jobs related to day-to-day operation of the office.

Deputy Jennifer Kidd is deputy/bookkeeper and her primary responsibility is recording all monetary transactions, bank reconciliations, payroll and tax reporting, customer service and other jobs related to the day-to-day operations of the office.

Angelly said the budget cuts will cause a hardship on this office basically in the area of cuts to employee hours. Gas and water “The other line items are already about as low as you can go and still operate. Electricity worksheets grade 6 When it comes to employees there is plenty of work to keep all employed in this office busy, as in other offices there are days that are busier than others , times during the year that are busier than others and it all seems to even out,” she said.

“If we have to make the cuts we just will have to make due like any other business or household has to do, it may just lead to a little longer wait , longer hold times on the phone, possible overtime when the heavier work loads keep “must have” responsibilities from being completed during regular operating hours,” said Angelly.

One other point Angelly made that is associated to lay offs is the effect it has on the rate in which the County pays for unemployment. Gas mask ark “Our current rate is at 1.65% which is down from a few years ago, due to the amount of employees being laid off,” said Angelly.