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I have been overweight my entire life (technically, since I was 12 or 13, if my memory of the awful junior high/high school years serves me right). I have been fighting my weight – i.e. dieting, exercising, etc. my entire life. I’ve also never had any other health issues (high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.). I have also been menstrually “normal” my entire life, i.e. never more than 27-29 days between periods, etc. with NO fertility issues whatsoever.

After 5+ years of trying to conceive, using different fertility meds, and three rounds of artificial insemination, my fertility specialist suggested we look into IVF. His exact words, “If we can get an embryo in there, I have no doubt it will take and you can have a healthy baby.”

I just love how people can so blithely says “yeah, its fine to discriminate against someone” simply because they are overweight. To all those of you who’ve NEVER had to deal with being overweight, sometimes it is not just as simple as “getting in shape.” And being overweight does not AUTOMATICALLY make you UNHEALTHY. While I would love to be thin, I live in the real world, and I know – Its. Not. Going. To. Happen. But I also know that I AM healhty, and I DO take care of myself, and do whatever I can to keep my weight down (I’ve lost 45 lbs in the past five months). I gained only about 10lbs with each of my pregnancies, did water aerobics during both and never had any problems with either pregnancy.

So, after all that being said, my short answer is NO. Overweight (even obese) women should NEVER be automatically rejected from an IVF program, simply becasue of their weight. I think each person’s situation should be examined carefully by their doctor, and the decision made based solely on their situation and their odds of conceiving/carrying a healhty baby.

@ACC (#32)- Sounds like we have very similar situations. I feel so blessed that our doctor did not paint me with the “you’re fat, so too bad for you” brush, but rather took the time to get to know us and our situation. As I noted in my first post, were it not for the illness that nearly killed my husband, we AND the doctor had no doubts that we would have been able to conceive naturally.

@Elaine (#27) – we’re not talking about “demanding that doctors do whatever we like as patients.” We’re talking about looking at each person’s case on an individual basis, and looking at what their specific issues are before just blindly saying, you’re obese, so no IVF for you.

To everyone who has NEVER had to deal with weight/body issues …. please think before you make these snap judgements about people. Whether you choose to believe it or not, there are MANY of us for whom weight has been a lifelong issue, and why we may be physically bigger than most, many of us do care deeply about our health, and do our absolute best everyday to make sure we are active, and healthy – regardless of our pant size. Discriminating against overweight/obese people seems to be the last bastion of discrimination – and most people think that it is ok to discriminate against us. Might I suggest that you think how you would feel if someone routinely discriminated against you over something you had no/little control over. Remember that a little compassion toward your fellow human beings can go a long way.

No!… Women should not be denied IVF because of their weight! Sometimes there’s certain circumstances that leads to obesity. I had a tubal reversal and six months later I went to an infertility clinic and tried ART, well that treatment failed and due to the medications that I took it made me gain weight. I have been struggling with my weight for the past seven months and have been searching for another infertility clinic to go to and because of my weight issue that I now have I cannot be seen. I exercise on a daily basis and loosing weight gradually, but I feel like my biological clock is ticking. Me and my husband are finacially ok and if I meet all of the other requirements that doctors seek for treatment besides that one then it really shouldn’t be a problem. The way I look at it is that it’s my money, I know the success rates of IVF, and if I’m still willing to go through it then there shouldn’t be nothing wrong with it. By the way there’s plenty of obese women that gets pregnant normal and are considered high-risk and have a healthy baby with no complications during pregnancy!…..Why not us!

I don’t feel that it is ethical role deny every overweight/obese woman the option to do ivf just simply based on that mere categorization. For most of my life I maintained a normal weight. It wasn’t until my sophomore year in high school that I began to gain weight which was a result of birth control. I now have two children; boy and girl. Both pregnancies were healthy and I was categorized as overweight with both. My youngest is about to turn 9 and now I am married to my husband who has no kids. We have had two ectopic pregnancies: 11/2012 and 04/2013. Both resulted in the removal of my Fallopian tubes. The second one was a result of medical negligence by my OB/GYN. I have an upcoming appt for ivf consultation and I’m very concerned that I will be denied because of my weight. Other than my weight, I have no health issues and it’s considering how hubby and I managed to get pregnant twice within a 6 month window, I don’t believe we had any conception issues. You know, it’s often times very easy for others to voice their opinions about overweight people but unless you’ve personally struggled with it then it’s not a good idea to judge others.