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Bryce Harper has been penciled in to be a New York Yankee for about three years now. Fans of Harper and the Yankees have been circling this offseason in anticipation of the MLB the Show 19 cover star signing the largest contract ever. It is destined to happen. Harper was a Yankee fan since childhood and dreamed of patrolling center field at Yankee Stadium.

The Yankees did everything to prepare for this last season. Even with acquiring the richest contract in baseball, they managed to get under the luxury tax threshold to prepare for large spending this winter. However, it does not seem that Harper is in the plans. The outfield is already filled with Aaron Judge, Aaron Hicks, Giancarlo Stanton, Brett Gardner, and allegedly Jacoby Ellsbury is still under contract.

That list does not include Clint Frazier and Estevan Florial, who are young prospects who could be great outfielders one day. Frazier, if he ever becomes healthy, has already outgrown the minors and is looking for a spot on the MLB roster. electricity facts label Barring a trade (which will likely happen), the Yankees have seven outfielders of value within their organization. There is no room in the outfield for Bryce Harper. That is why the early reports about the Yankees’ interest in Harper have been minimal. It is highly unlikely that the Yankees will sign a 10-year deal to a player without a position, in the short or long-term. electricity facts ks2 However, what if Harper does not play in the outfield? A History of Position Changing

Does anybody remember what position Bryce Harper played before he was drafted? If not, it was catcher. In high school, Bryce Harper was a catcher. The former MVP outfielder used to be considered a solid catcher when he was a draft prospect. However, the fear of catching ruining his offensive development started his shift to the outfield. So, when we talk about Harper moving from outfield to first base, it is not a completely ludicrous idea. Granted, it is not the best idea, but Harper is capable.

Bryce Harper is an athlete. More specifically, he is a baseball athlete. Outside of pitcher, I would not doubt his reasonable success at any position if he were to shift. Will he win a Gold Glove at any position? No, of course not. But he could be serviceable without taking anything away from a team. Especially with first base, it is not the most defensively critical area. Can a great defensive first baseman be helpful to a team? Of course. electricity experiments However, it is seen more as a bonus rather than a necessity. youtube gas laws As long as the first baseman can field a ground ball and scoop the occasional bad throw, that meets the requirement.

The Yankees had three options at first base, and all of them were failing. Between Chris Carter (who has struck out even as I write this), Greg Bird, and Tyler Austin, there was not a great option for first base. This called for some radical ideas. At the time, the Yankees were having great production out of four outfielders. Aaron Judge was at the beginning of his historic rookie season, Brett Gardner was a solid leadoff, Aaron Hicks was shaping into form, and Jacoby Ellsbury was having his best season in pinstripes.

With four productive outfielders and no production from first, the Yankees considered moving one of their outfielders to first. Aaron Hicks started fielding ground balls at first during practice and batting practice during the 2017 season. Nothing ever came of this, but the thought process was certainly in motion. Bryce Harper is Considering the Move

It has been reported that Harper is considering a place at first base. In 2018, Harper began practicing at first base while with the Washington Nationals. gas in oil pan Now, that was allegedly due to the injury of Matt Adams. However, Harper’s agent Scott Boras has said that Harper’s ability to play first base improves his versatility. That versatility increases Harper’s value to clubs. Boras also stated that this interest in first had nothing to do with the New York Yankees.

If Bryce Harper wants to move to first base, it is conveniently timed when the only true hole on the Yankees’ roster is first base. There are other teams who are interested in Bryce that would easily have a spot for him in the outfield. The Philadelphia Phillies and Chicago Cubs come to mind. However, he is still considering a first base move. Interesting. electricity 101 The Hole at First

First base is a hole for the Yankees. Although starting pitching is still the largest hole, first base is a close second after the trade for James Paxton. Currently, Luke Voit has the starting job with Greg Bird going to try to remove him during Spring Training. Since his rookie season, Greg Bird has not been productive. When he has played, Bird is slashing .196/.287/.399 with 120 strikeouts in 481 plate appearances. Over two seasons, Greg Bird has been bad. Plus, he has been injured almost nonstop since 2015.

Over his seven-year career, Harper has a career slash of .279/.388/.512 with 184 home runs and one MVP. If those numbers do not indicate a player who is worthy of baseball’s richest contract, you would not be alone. However, part of Harper’s (and Manny Machado’s for that matter) value is how young he is. Harper will only be 26 during the 2019 season. Signing Harper to a 10-year contract will bring him to his age 36 season. That is an age where he will be closer to being worth his contract that most free agents who receive 7-10 year deals (ask Jacoby Ellsbury).

Still, is Bryce Harper a $300 million man? Personally, I would say no. electricity outage sacramento He has not been the same player year after year. Since 2015, Harper has alternated between great and mediocre seasons. His MVP season in 2015 was followed by a season where he batted .243 with 24 home runs. It was a drop of 87 points and 18 home runs. In 2017, Harper once again batted above .300 in an injury-shortened season. However, last year Harper again saw his batting average dip (.249) and his strikeouts rise to 169. Should the Yankees “Kick the Tire?”

When it comes to looking at Bryce Harper at first base, it is an intriguing option. I think the Yankees need to address the first base hole more so than the hole at shortstop with Didi injured. Remember, Ronald Torreyes has filled in great both times Gregorius has been injured before. There is no reason why the Yankees cannot turn to him for the first half of the 2019 season.

With that said, I do not think Bryce Harper should become a New York Yankee. He is going to be too expensive for inconsistent production. One season you might have an MVP candidate then the next he is an average batter. Yes, he did walk a lot last year, but batting average is still an important statistic. His average cannot be under .250 and earning over $30 million per season.

There are other options for first base that will not cost the Yankees that much money in salary. gas x coupon 2015 The team should not be concerned about the total salary of the 2019 roster but, they should be concerned about the $30 million they could be paying a mediocre first baseman in 2029. Instead, the Yankees should look toward Daniel Murphy, Jed Lowrie, or Josh Harrison.